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Invitation to a brunch. Let`s remember traditions? As much we lose

from - for eternal haste, a lack of time, fear not to be in time somewhere, general nervousness! “There`s nothing to be done - the 21st century who was not in time - that was late“, - and we helplessly make a helpless gesture. The relations spoil, related communications weaken, traditions turn into fetters which want to be broken off...

“Such is life“, - we sigh. But so there is no wish that among other such good tradition as a family lunch or a dinner, consigned to the past and remained only in memoirs!

Of course, it is not so simple to bring together all family at a table. It is good when children small - they can be given for the handle; it is good when children absolutely big, live separately and with pleasure will come (or will not come) to try a mother`s cooking. And try to remind the teenager: the sonny, do not forget, at us on Sunday during seven traditional family dinner. Most often in reply you will hear: “I - a pass, the mummy, we here with children gathered...“ Mother purses lips, the father is inflated, the child is nervous, and, as always, all can be understood, all are in own way right.

And if to try to change approach to this problem? I mean to change time of a family meeting. To turn a problem family dinner into a trouble-free family breakfast, or rather during a brunch. Now this word clear and obshcheupotrebitelno, and arose it quite recently.

A brunch (merge of two English words “breakfast“ and “lunch“) it was approved in a slang of the British students in 80 - x years of the 19th century. As his creator consider the Charles Lyutvidzha Dodzhson better known under a name of Lewis Carrol, the author of the book “Alice in Wonderland“. Nearly 26 years he gave lectures on mathematics in Krayst - Chyorch, the most aristocratic college at university of Oxford. He noticed that students and teachers for more productive work need the standard time to relax and have a bite in an informal situation. Known for the talent to think out new words, Ch. Dodzhson connected two words in one and sent the letter to the rector of university with a request to enter into a daily routine “brunch“, that is the meal uniting a breakfast and a lunch which should be given between 11 o`clock in the afternoon and 4 hours p.m. This offer was accepted, and soon the brunch became new tradition of Oxford.

Curiously, as in Russia rich Muscovites in pre-revolutionary times liked to sit behind a long morning meal. Even simple transfer of what was given for breakfast at the well-known restaurant “Slavic Market“ (which A. A. Porokhovshchikov, the grandfather of recently died actor constructed), occupies half-pages. The breakfast in “A Slavic market“ began at 12 o`clock in the morning and proceeded to 3 o`clock in the afternoon. It was called to have breakfast “to gold cranes“. Gold cranes ornamented here crystal decanters in which gave excellent and expensive cognac. Who paid for cognac, that also received an empty decanter for memory. Among frequenters even collectors of these decanters were brought.

But we will come back by a family brunch. In my opinion, in transformation of a family traditional meal into a midday breakfast there are a lot of pluses. In the day off at 11 - 12 o`clock all members of the family of the house. Nobody hurries anywhere. All slept, all in good mood. And besides - all got hungry. The brunch can be tasty, plentiful (because “Eat a breakfast itself“). The table for it can be laid beautifully, than to turn in slow, really family, a meal. Hardly in the morning in day off unexpected guests will be declared. At last - that is time is quiet to talk to children, to joke, but not to instruct on the run, on the run, by phone.

Now we will think of mother of family. Is more useless it since early morning to stick out at a plate, preparing various a miracle - dishes. It has a day off too!

The magnificent decision for a brunch - pancakes with various stuffings and sauces. As a stuffing will approach salty pancakes the boiled meat fried with onions and greens, cheese, ham, chopped eggs, mashed potatoes, stewed cabbage, caviar red, caviar black. Eggplant caviar, seems to me, too will approach. Though... I did not check.

In sweet pancakes cottage cheese with raisin, jam, yogurts, condensed milk, honey and one thousand more and one option can be a stuffing. It is easy to prepare any of the listed stuffings in advance. Even not in a day, and some days before a treasured brunch.

And pancakes? And pancakes too. They are perfectly frozen and can remain in a deep freeze to 2 - x months. For this purpose I recommend to put ready pancakes a pile, shifting them paper for pastries, to turn in a foil (the brilliant party inside) and to put in a plastic bag. It is better to put not all pancakes in one package, and in small lots - it is admissible, on ten pieces in everyone. In a night before a brunch we take out pancakes from a deep freeze in the evening and we put on the average shelf of the refrigerator. Let to themselves are slowly defrozen. We take out pancakes from a package in the morning and we put, without developing a foil, in the oven which is in advance warmed to 140 degrees on the top level for 15 - 20 minutes.

And the fact that members of family will not be required to be convoked for a brunch I am absolutely sure. Will stretch on a tasty smell of food and aroma of svezhesvarenny coffee.