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How to get to prison? About horrors of our kindergarten and it is a little about love of

right after a breakfast Today our teacher Marya Ivanovna told that we will not play the doctor, and all we go to group on a patriotism lesson. We, of course, rustled at once. Like, we want to listen to each other through a tubule, and any unclear patriotism it is not interesting to play to us at all.

On what Marya Ivanovna, having terribly shifted eyebrows, told ice as soon as she it is able, voice that to play patriotism nobody and so will allow and who will not go to group to a lesson now, to that there will be an additive of cream of wheat with blackberry jam tomorrow.

And nobody, of course, agreed to such option.

In group on our small stools sat: some thick aunt with a red rose on a breast, the uncle in a blue uniform with shoulder straps and big moustaches and one more uncle with bo - about - about - a lshy beard and too, as the aunt, in a dress. Only in darkly - red. And the aunt was in a white dress. And the uncle in a uniform had about two big asterisks on shoulder straps. And the uncle in a dress had a big cross on a breast.

Marya Ivanovna by a loud solemn voice as soon as she it is able, told:

- Children, to us came guests, - here the teacher put on glasses and began to read on a piece of paper. - Ekaterina Yurevna Biryulkina is the deputy chief of our justice for youth. Semyon Semenovich Barabashka is the police lieutenant colonel. And the father Valery is a prior of our temple. They will tell us now as well as why it is necessary to love our Homeland.

The first the aunt rose from a stool and, having corrected a rose on a breast, told:

- Good morning, future uncles and aunts.

And to us such address very much was pleasant, and we began to squeal from delight, and Kostik Egorov in the fulness of the heart set me a leg.

But the aunt, having put a finger to lips, continued:

- We live in the biggest and most free country...

Better she would not tell it. Right there Kostik Egorov declared:

- And my father sits in a tyulma!

- As in prison, - the aunt was taken aback.

- It levolyutsionet, - is proud Kostik put the father. - And when I to a vylast, I will sit in a tyulma too!

And all of us with envy looked at Kostik. Because our fathers in this mysterious prison did not sit yet. And ourselves would also like to get there, but did not understand yet how it could achieve.

Here Marya Ivanovna put in a ward:

- Kostik, now about your father, and especially about the uncle Seryozha, it is not necessary. Or you forgot about an additive of cream of wheat?

- The real levolyutsionela are not afraid of tortures, - having looked fool in the face to the teacher and so that that took them aside, Kostik declared. - All right, a plodolzhayta, I will keep silent so far.

And the aunt continued:

- All of us live richly and happily thanking...

- To Putin, - Kostik finished for it and pointed a finger at the big picture hanging over a little table with toys. In a picture some uncle embracing a little tiger cub was represented. Earlier we thought that it is the tamer from circus. But Kostik obviously knew more all our group combined.

- The good fellow, the boy, - the aunt smiled and patted Kostik on the head. - But why only to the President Putin? The big role in our good life was played also by our party. You know, children how it is called?

It would be better for this aunt to go to some other kindergarten today.

- Paltiya of swindlers and oxen! - loudly rapped out in reply to Kostik.

Marya Ivanovna strongly hiccupped and became gray the person. Uncles on chairs quietly giggled. One in moustaches. Another in a beard.

- The boy, go out from a class! - loudly the aunt with a red rose cried. - And tomorrow with parents to the director!

- I cannot with loditel, - tried to calm the aunt Kostik. - My mother sits in a tyulma too. But it did not levolyutsionet. She is a pledplinimatel. Tax ran over my mother.

And we decided that some car of type of fire ran over Kostik`s mother, and that was lucky as it was brought not to hospital, and at once to the father in mysterious prison.

- I can pliyt only with the grandfather, - Kostik continued.

- It is not necessary with the grandfather! - Marya Ivanovna cried. - It at them too from prison!

- Ran away? - efficiently the uncle in shoulder straps took an interest.

- No, it worked there, - the teacher answered. - Somehow time the grandfather took away Kostik. Then all group spoke week prison slang.

- After the hair dryer, so botat, - the uncle in shoulder straps shook the head. - Well, well...

- Yes, the grandfather did not run away, - right there agreed with the teacher Kostik. - The uncle Seryozha ran away. From a stage on Vladimilsky tsentlat.

The uncle in shoulder straps validly tut-tutted.

- And the grandfather worked as the chief of a tyulma, - Kostik continued. - And there were big communications. And when the father and mother were put, the grandfather agreed, and now they sit not just like that, and on protection. And the uncle Seryozha could sit on protection too. If did not run away. It now in London. And I so dreamed that all of us sometime gathered. At least and in prison...

- Stop! - almost the aunt with a rose began to squeal on Kostik.

But here we interfered and explained to the aunt what about patriotism with Kostik to listen much more cheerfully to, than without it. And the aunt was given. She told for a long time about what good country at us that everyone already has the car, the apartment and the TV with the computer. And earlier at our fathers and mothers were only long. And that each of us who the boy, will be obliged to go in army to protect the Homeland.

However, here long silent Kostik did not sustain and asked:

- And yours?

- What yours? - the aunt did not understand.

- And your children were in army?

- We have a flat-footedness and meningitis, - the aunt scaredly answered and for some reason furtively looked at the uncle in shoulder straps.

That quietly hemmed to himself in moustaches.

- Otmazali, so - Kostik right there rendered a verdict. - All right, give further about love for the country.

Here the aunt finally did not sustain, began to cry and escaped. Our teacher Marya Ivanovna began to catch up with it. It was heard as she apologized in a corridor for Kostik, and the aunt with a rose in reply shouted something about money which our garden from a justice will not see for a long time.

Here from a chair the uncle in shape rose:

- Give children, I will tell you about fight against the organized crime in our area so far.

- Give, give, - Kostik agreed. - I feel, we have something to share in this area.

The father Valery scaredly looked at the lieutenant colonel and three times crossed him. He perfectly understood that there will be also soon its turn to answer Kostik Egorov`s questions.

And the most beautiful girl in group, that is I, Masha - that which told all this to you drew a camomile and presented it to Kostik. I always liked clever and courageous boys. And if when Kostik grows up, he is put in prison as he dreams, then I will go together with it there. We will be as his mother and the father, are always unseparable. And then we will run away to London as the uncle Seryozha...

And still. And the truth is said that love from kindergarten the strong and true? And?