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Meyn - kuna - a big cat or a little lynx?

in recent years cats of breed meyn - kuna, despite rather high cost, won great popularity. What does this breed of fans of cats attract with? The hobby meyn - kuna is a craze or recognition of advantages of breed?

the Meynsky enotovy cat, or meyn - kuna, - one of the oldest breeds of North America. In our country the first meyn - kuna appeared in 1989.

It is the largest cat breed. The muzzle with a massive jaw, a small nose and brushes on ears reminds a lynx. Because meyn - kun sometimes call pass - a lynx though there is no communication with this predator.

Cats are much larger than cats. Some individuals reach 14 kilograms. For meyn - kun late maturing is characteristic. Animals are finally formed only by three years.

The name of breed meyn - kuna (English Maine Coon) comes from two words: “Man“ - names of the American state where once long ago these cats were found much, and “kuna“ - a component of the word “rekun“ that in translation “raccoon“ means. It turns out that, it agrees one of legends, this cat was born from love of a cat and an enotikha. The exact origin meyn - kun, as well as many other cat`s breeds, is unknown.

The color at cats can be the most various: striped, white, red, black, spotty, marble, there is a set of other options. Today kitten cost from a family tree reaches forty thousand rubles. But it does not reduce a flow of persons interested to gain this breed in nursery.

Last year at us in a family appeared Archie`s - a cat of a marble color, dlinnolapy, clumsy and silly (teenage age!) . A year later Archie turned into a beautiful large impressive animal - the favourite of all members of household.

So, I will list all advantages of this creation. It has no advantage - because shortcomings.


Kot - the handsome with a strong well-muscled body and a long tail. The dense falling wool. A color - black marble. The large head with big clever yellow eyes, cheeks are decorated with unusually long funny twirled moustaches. Very powerful paws. When the cat goes, footfall is always heard. It owing to big weight. Other domestic cats go silently. Archie so far nine kilograms with small “tail“ weighs …


Is curious that even if Archie is hungry, he does not beg. But we, certainly, never hungry also leave it. When the family has dinner, the cat peacefully sleeps nearby on the sofa or sits side by side. And even if owners eat something very attractive - the cat does not stick, unlike two chihuahuas living with it. Archie eats a special forage for meyn - kun, and also likes to regale on chicken breasts.


Self-assured, with feeling of a step - never climbs, does not disturb. Usually just is present. The cat tender with us, owners, and with strangers observes a distance.

Does not offend children though those sometimes abuse his patience. At first I was rather afraid that the cat will be scratched or bite that with his force, the sizes of canines and claws is fraught for the offender. But our handsome affords nothing of that kind, and prefers to get away and sit out in shelter.

Very independent and independent, character quiet and balanced. However, when to it will take in head to play - the roar in the house costs impressive. Running and jumping, Archie carries out quite amusing tricks. Quite often sleeps in ridiculous, unusual poses therefore we always keep the camera in readiness.

Often the thought comes that Archie knows about us much more, than we think.

Communication with other pets

At Archie remarkable temper. The cat easily became friends with two dogs of a chihuahua living in the house, and later perfectly found a common language with the sheep-dog and a laika living in the yard. It is interesting that rather large dogs treat a cat with obvious respect and even caution, probably understanding that Archie is the guy not a miss if that - in offense of will not give!

Practical advantage

is actual

For many inhabitants of private houses a problem of invasion of mice. Happened that we did not sleep the whole nights from rustle, a gnash and still any sounds of an unclear origin. Never thought earlier that these tiny beings - mice - the disaster is simple! Therefore when read on the Internet that meyn - kuna great hunters, were even more approved in desire to gain this breed.

The first attempts of a three-months kitten were unsuccessful. But, gaining strength and experience, Archie caught the next victim nearly every night. So proceeded months eight. Today in the house there are no mice. The cat equaled our hopes!

Meyn - kuna inherited the lines inherent in their wild ancestors. Watching Archie`s games, involuntarily you admire his unrestrained force and dexterity, his prompt and graceful movements. Meyn - kuna became for all family the loyal friend and the ideal partner.