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How to take the interest-free credit in shops of electronics?

With emergence the Internet - shops of household appliances and electronics real shops began to test fierce competition. The prices in the Internet - shops are often much lower, than in national networks of supermarkets of electronics therefore people gradually give more and more preference to purchases in virtual shops.

But still offline shops are not given and attract buyers with what only it is possible. In this case it is about the zero credits which are often mentioned in advertizing, especially on the eve of holidays.

In advertizing 0% the credit for the majority of goods in shop are promised. That is any overpayment, monthly payment pays off just by division of the price of goods for the term of the credit. For example, the washing machine for 10 months in advertizing goes beyond 9999 rubles exactly on 999,9 rubles. And whether so it actually? And whether it is possible to take goods in pure payment by installments in general?

We will begin one after another. At once I will tell that to take the zero credit very not easy, and on it there are several reasons. The first - to shop it is unprofitable to give goods for the zero credit because in this case it is necessary to do kickback (remuneration) which in a small measure compensates lack of percent for bank for bank, but reduces a margin indicator for shop. The second - to bank it is unprofitable too because the shop though gives small remuneration, but it does not even cover a deposit rate under which the bank takes means in the form of deposits. The third is not to favourably credit specialist as for the zero credit and bonuses almost zero turn out. And what sense with you to spend time if the employee of bank receives nothing for it?

Here also look, to nobody, except you, 0% the credit is favorable. Therefore at conversation on desire to take the zero credit consultants will impose you additional services. Among them - a various insurance and guarantees for goods. For example, the producer provides the 1 year guarantee, and the shop for an additional fee (10-15% of goods cost) will provide you the guarantee for 3 years. But do not think that it will protect your goods from breakages for 3 years. Here the same scheme works, as in the sphere of insurance - “we will make everything not to pay“. Some consultants say even that the goods go to the zero credit only with an additional guarantee or an insurance from theft or flooding. But all this inventions of the consultant, you can safely say him that call to the hot line of shop and specify this moment.

Well and, of course, the employee of bank will make everything not to give you the zero credit. In - the first, first of all the standard credit from 2-3% of an overpayment a month will be offered you. There will be a lot of text about advantages of this credit, but remove all noodles from ears and refuse. After that to you the credit, but with an insurance will be offered 0% (in this case there will be an insurance of the borrower on a case of death and disability). Again - we remove noodles from ears, and we say that the insurance is a business voluntary (it is so stated in the insurance contract) and once again we say to the credit specialist that came for the zero credit without overpayments. You will be just told, most likely, that without insurance of payment by installments do not give out, and each representative of bank so will tell if them in shop a little. And you be not upset, and you take the offensive.

I advise approach to begin with the credit specialist. You can safely demand the zero credit, and otherwise promise to address the director of shop or to call to the hot line. In 50% of cases of it it is enough for receiving desirable result. If the employee of bank everything is is impenetrable, we approach on cash desk and we demand the administrator or the director. We explain him a situation. In most cases it will pressure the employee of bank for receiving the desirable credit by you as the managing director cannot release the dissatisfied client.

In the most exceptional case when even the director cannot influence the representative of bank, you have the last step - a call to the hot line of shop. Of course, it is better to warn the director or the administrator that for them it did not become surprise about a call. Perhaps, after the prevention the director everything is will find a common language with the representative of bank, and you obtain the credit even without call. If without call all is not to manage, then safely call and describe a situation. It is option trouble-free. Of course, will watch at you how on the traitor, but the credit all of you - receive 0%.

I described an absolute method for capture of the zero credit for all, but it, as you can see, is quite difficult as you should communicate also with the credit specialist, and with the director of shop, and, perhaps, to call on the hot line.

But there are also simpler options. The first - to come to shop at the beginning of a month (1-5 number) when at the staff of bank all promotional programs are connected (0% the credit) and when they pursue crediting volume on any credit products. The second - if acquaintances or relatives work for you in shop, then it is worth approaching them and to ask the help. For ““ the zero credits always are.

Here, it seems, and all three options of receiving the interest-free credit, everyone can choose for himself suitable.