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How to sweeten a diet?

It is ringing at a door. I open - on a threshold my neigbour. She holds a plateau in hand, and on a plateau of this under a napkin something is so nice - appetizing that at me rough salivation right there begins. And - at once questions: how is my diet as I feel, what progress. I sighed about myself: “Means, at first there will be a communication, and then an entertainment“.

the Neigbour listened to my full report on how I keep to a diet, and sympathized with my efforts. And then grievously shook the head: “Yes, dashing you, the gourmand, chose for herself a diet. I represent how to you it is heavy without farinaceous food and without sweet“.

I mournfully agreed. Then the neigbour without long subsequent talk removed a napkin from the brought plateau.

“Here, decided to facilitate your formidable share. Be treated on health, my darling. Here all natural, so - useful“.

Wow! My favourite fruit candy! The beautiful candies sprinkled with coconut flakes, and in core of everyone - an almond nutlet. Tasty! You will lick fingers! And I can try it, despite a diet?

“You remember, I promised you to give the recipe of the candies resolved at all diets? - the neigbour asked. - And so they. Quickly, tasty, it is useful, beautifully. I recommend. And if you want, I can give also the recipe“.

“What to do earlier - to try or write?“ - I thought. The habit to an order, and also the belief inspired at the beginning of youth that to a fun - hour won. And I began to write down sosedkin the recipe, continually askancing at appetizing pastils and involuntarily sglatyvy saliva.

Fruit candy (15-20 pieces)


- 1 bag green (or any fruit) tea;
- 300 g of dried apricots (or a fig, prunes, a quince);
- lemon juice and a dried peel of one lemon;
- 50-70 g of coconut flakes (or any ground nuts);
- 50 g of almonds.


1. To make tea in 1/4 glass (Art.)
2 boiled water. To pour out the received infusion in a saucepan, to add the washed-out dried apricots and to cook 15-20 minutes until all liquid is absorbed in fruit.
3. By means of the blender to make smooth mashed potatoes.
4. To add about a half of the prepared coconut flakes, juice and small polished dried peel of a lemon to hot mashed potatoes.
5. To cover a form paper for pastries, to powder with coconut flakes, to lay out mashed potatoes, to level it, to powder with the shaving rest.
6. A knife slightly to plan small squares and slightly to press an almond into the middle of each such small square.
7. To dry in an oven at 60 degrees, to cut on small squares, to dunk cuts into coconut flakes.

And if to dunk pieces of a ready fruit candy into the kindled bitter chocolate and to allow to stiffen, the festive option of a dietary entertainment will turn out.

All! Having finished business, I passed to a fun. Yes, it is necessary to recognize that my neigbour - the real skilled worker. Prepared a dietary fruit candy, calmed my suffering soul. And stomach too. And the neigbour, admiring how I depart from surovosty dietary life, showed a bit of generosity on one recipe.

“And here still bake - still cake from pumpkin. It is the fine decision for those who, like you, keeping to a diet, suffer from shortage of sweet. As all cakes, it prepares easily and simply. It is convenient to hire it with himself, in school or in university, to the road“.

Cake from pumpkin


- 1/2 Art. of vegetable oil;
- 2 eggs;
- 1/3 Art. of maple syrup;
- 2 Art. of largely polished pumpkin;
- 2 Art. of coarse flour;
- 1 teaspoon (h l.) soda, extinguished lemon juice or vinegar;
is 1/4 h l. polished nutmeg;
is 1/4 h l. salts;
is 1 h l. cinnamon;
- 1 Art. of largely cut walnuts (it is possible not to add if less high-calorie option is necessary).


1. To separately mix all dry ingredients: flour and spices.
2. To shake up eggs, to add oil, syrup, pumpkin.
3. To connect contents of both bowls, to mix before receiving homogeneous mass, to pour nuts.
4. A baking dish slightly to oil, bake cake at a temperature of 180 degrees about 45 minutes.

Seeing as I write down the recipe and I swallow of slobbers, the neigbour finally showed a bit of generosity on a bonus: the last recipe from the series “Tasty Diet“.

Muffins with nuts and dried fruits


- 1/2 Art. of vegetable oil;
- 3 eggs;
- 3 tablespoons (tablespoon) maple syrup;
- 1 Art. of small cut dried fruits (dried apricots, prunes, a cranberry);
- 2 Art. of coarse flour;
is 1 h l. soda, extinguished lemon juice or vinegar;
is 1/4 h l. salts;
is 1 h l. cinnamon;
- 1 Art. of largely cut walnuts.

A way of preparation same, as at cakes from pumpkin. If weight turns out too dense, it is possible to add a half-glass of apple or orange juice and once again it is good to vent everything. For muffins to enclose in molds paper manzhetka, to distribute dough on 3/4 volumes of everyone, to bake at 180 degrees till golden color about 20 minutes.

Bon appetit and easy diet!