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Ideal on the verge or whether the victims Are necessary to beauty?

Many young girls hold the opinion: to be beautiful, it is necessary to be thin. In this aspiration experiments with the health quite often lead to a terrible consequence - anorexia.

Nervously - mental anorexia represents violations of food at girls, young women (it is rare at men), at whom the expressed fear of excessive completeness develops. Anorexia is considered a mental disease, and it grows every year. In the absence of treatment, according to physicians, mortality reaches 15 percent …

From the point of view of psychologists of domestic patopsikhologichesky school, the age factor of patients is one of the major conditions defining predisposition to nervous anorexia. Risk group is the teenage and youthful age. Over the last ten years the age of the patients with anorexia considerably decreased. Quite often little girls from eleven - twelve begin “to be engaged years in the figure“ - consider calories, sometimes starve for days on end, bringing themselves to faints.

Often even the careless thrown word can rouse girls to such feats. For example, parents told that the girl recovered, or schoolmates called thick, and the child becomes isolated. Not without reason anorexia is called a soul illness. The body suffers already as a result. Anorexia arises from - for personal problems. The person thinks: “Time I is necessary to nobody such, is not necessary also to itself“, - and the program of self-destruction joins. These girls with strong will, but the underestimated self-assessment, dependent on foreign opinion.

On their body it is possible to study anatomy - the sticking-out shovels, edges which can be counted the sticking-out basin bones. To grow thin, girls literally torture themselves: are exposed to huge physical activities, do the clearing enemas, artificially provoke vomiting after acceptance of food, drink a huge number of diuretic tablets.

People often think that anorexia is a fashionable entertainment, a whim, the invented illness of girls who have nothing to be engaged and who do not know the real problems, anxious with the body, weight, a diet, in calories. But it is worth reflecting in what it pours out and what high price should be paid sometimes.

Anorexia has destructive effect practically on all organism. Concentration of attention is broken, memory worsens, there is a strong irritability and other violations of behavior, the dream falls apart. There are fragile nails, hair become thinner and drop out, skin becomes dry and wrinkled - really it and there is beauty ideal?

As a result of an illness practically all internals are surprised. There are changes in work of heart which finally sometimes lead to sharp heart failure. Anorexia is always followed by anemia. The exchange of salts in an organism is broken that provokes formation of stones in kidneys, the renal failure can develop.

Shortage of calcium in an organism influences structure of bones therefore it is easily possible “to get“ changes. Serious hormonal violations are noted: amenoreya (the termination of periods), one of the most widespread consequences of anorexia is infertility. And it is not the complete list of diseases.

Until recently treatment consisted only in compulsory introduction of food to an organism that in several weeks after the termination of a course led to the insufficient weight of the patient again. Having anorexia of the problem do not see, and regard opinion of people around as envy. The main difficulty of treatment - to return to the patient normal vision of life and itself.

Unfortunately, often even after several courses of treatment the condition of patients does not improve. Any stress can influence, apparently, former patients, and again there is a refusal of food and as a result - loss of weight. Without assistance it is very difficult to overcome this disease, and in the worst cases anorexia leads to failure in the functioning of vitals and to death.

They say that any matter can be brought to the point of absurdity. Bodies anoreksichek look not as at models from a billboard, and it is rather as at the people who were in the concentration camp. Yes, it is quite easy to come under public influence presently and to fall a victim of fashion. On the TV and in glossy magazines the ideal body is propagandized, and it has to be obligatory thin.

Physicians try to be engaged in prevention of anorexia: detection of hereditary predisposition, genetic and psychological correction. But even those who nevertheless could recover from anorexia are doomed to suffer further from problems with a stomach, diseases of nervous system, but also, often these women any more will never be able to have children.

Anorexia is similar to the Russian roulette. Both that and another usually bring loss.

It would seem - around the world there is an active promotion of a healthy lifestyle that means also beauty of natural shapes of a body, however many girls still torture themselves various diets. At many of them the opinion was created that the image of the thin person will help to reach comfortable and comfortable position in society. Chances to successfully marry, achieve progress in career will increase. But, alas, after the dumped kilograms paradise life does not begin, the lot of admirers does not appear. Girls - anoreksichka gradually turn into decrepit old women both externally, and internally. On the street passersby look back at them. But it comes not from admiration of their appearance, and from a fright.

Sometimes the mistakes made in youth, unfortunately, just are not present chances to correct during all further life. It is important to learn to accept and love the body it what it is, each of us is beautiful in own way!