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British - what they?

According to polls of the Air Force of 2012, residents of Great Britain won first place in the list of the most depressive nations of Europe. Whether it is possible to write off it for the account of eternally sad weather? Partially yes. Other part belongs to property of British to keep all emotions and experiences “around“.

When the Englishman says that all “ok“ - it can mean that everything is valid so that all not as it would be desirable or that everything is wretched. And he will tell it with such sincere optimism that you will believe in the first. Can complain, however, and love it, but on the subjects having nothing in common with personal experiences - on the government, heavy taxes, constantly growing prices and immigrants, zapolonyayushchy the country in improbable quantity. And these people do not understand the heart-to-heart talks which are so hotly loved by us. They do not understand and how it is possible on such simple question “How are you doing? “ to receive the developed answer about problems at work or in a family. Therefore pay for the dullness with the first place in the list.

British and the fact that they are the nation with the most stereotypic representations are remarkable. Images of impenetrable gentlemen with a glass of brandy and the lady which behavior became a standard of good manners are strongly assigned to them. British derive from this the benefit. Despite behavior, the stereotype already developed, and nothing is capable to change existence of gentlemen`s genes in blood.

Of course what British can be that without the notorious politeness. “Excuse“ the word it is possible to hear from everywhere. For example, when in a supermarket the Englishman suddenly appears with the cart at you on the way, well or you at it, he by all means will apologize for it. And it is accepted to thank at them absolutely for everything and on many times, showing thereby high degree of the gratitude.

It should be noted that British very much like to joke and with pleasure practise in wit. Of course, very much are proud of the subtle humour adjoining on irony. Often heard from British of the phrase that “our humour special, and it not to understand the visitor, unlike flat American which is available even to the five-year-old child“.

In general British like to oppose the intelligence to intelligence American and to laugh with might and main at their politicians in each comedy show. Speaking about the attitude of British to other nations, I cannot but mention French, to them special attention here. I cannot call it any open hostility, rather eternal competition for a place in the sun - whose cultural heritage exerts a greater influence on mankind. Anyway, but British very much like to be in France, and French always with curiosity watch British. Also they call each other lovely - frogs and roast beefs. The relation of two nations under the name “the friend-the enemy“.

And whom the friend for British definitely you will not call, so it Scots! To each other they do not hide the hostility. At the same time Scots already long time want to separate and become the independent country, and British openly laugh at these attempts.

Life of the Englishman consists of rough pastime in pubs of years so to 30 - ti. And after they settle and begin to twist family nests. Family values at them are very developed. British work for real estate, paying a mortgage for 30 years. Buy, then resell houses and apartments, changing the residence with amazing ease and a regularity. The house is a face of the Englishman. It is a sign of success and a reason for pride. Therefore also dream of each of them - acquisition of the big house with three bedrooms and a cozy garden. Probably, standard pastime of British - reception of guests and circulation on a visit also is connected with it. Prepare for this event in advance - try to surprise guests with giving of dishes and seek to create the warm atmosphere of homeliness.

Well and, at last, I want to tell that, going to England with resistant belief that all British the cold and closed snobs, I was pleasantly surprised, having found out as there is a lot of in this country of the hospitable, lovely and cheerful people ready always to come to the rescue of the zabludivshy tourist.