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Whether it is possible to become popular group, without opening a mouth?

If names of SHADOWS and VENTURES groups seem to you unfamiliar, do not hurry to claim that you never heard them... so to say, compositions. The matter is that these groups became famous not for songs, but guitar instrumentala at all.

I for the first time heard instrumentala of SHADOWS group not in original execution therefore I long time considered them as the works “VIA the SINGING GUITARS“. SINGING GUITARS were one of the most active kavershchik - popular writers western fate - music in the territory of the USSR. It is enough to remember how they made of a hit CHRISTIE “Yellow River“ a song with a little foolish text about fat Carlson. However, they changed SHADOWS compositions quite adequately (at times better than the original), though here could not do without renamings. Kept the name only instrumentat “Apaches“, but “The Savage“ became “Torrero“, “Peace Pipe“ - “Bluebird of happiness“, and “Man of mistery“ even “Gipsy dance“ (though it is truly similar).

That to VENTURES group, it in Soviet period could be heard every week. The reason for that - the telecast about foreign policy “The international panorama“ which prompt became pulsing instrumentat “Vibrations“ from which piece “will remove“ to the song of group SEMANTIC HALLUCINATIONS “Pink glasses“ later. And such melodies from repertoire of VENTURES as “Wheels“ and “Caravan“ could be heard also in the well-known cartoon serial “Wait a Moment!“.

Younger generation could hear in abundance VENTURES folk tunes in various movies and series - be - that cult “Pulp fiction“ (composition of “Surf Rider“) and “the Six-string Samurai“ (there the composition of “Rap city“ was changed by the RED ELVIS group consisting of the Russian emigrants) or prompt from series “Police of Hawaii“.

On it the fact-finding course is finished and we pass actually to heroes of this article.

In 1958 ascending “star“ British fate - N - a beater - Cliff Richard - decided to bring together to himself the accompanying tool group. The collected group was called by DRIFTERS, children achieved good team-work, it was pleasant to them, and they thought: “And what to us in parallel with the main work not to write down something?“. As a result at the beginning of 1959 they at the same time wrote down one composition for Cliff and one for themselves. Their own single (then with a vocal) did not make success, but the group seemed perspective, and the EMI company concluded the contract with it.

Later one more single the group decided to train for a new profession completely on instrumental music. At the same time they continued to act with Richard, were even renamed into SHADOWS (“Shadows“) - a pier, “Cliff ahead, and we slightly behind it, it is a little in a shadow“ . As a result and together, and separately - all found deserved glory.

The glory of SHADOWS began with already mentioned composition of “Apache“. This instrumentat was written by the composer Derry Lorden after viewing of the western of the same name “Apaches“ in 1954. First Lorden gave composition to the guitarist Bert Whedon, but his version something was not pleasant to the composer and release of a single podzatyanutsya. During this time Lorden on tours got acquainted with children from SHADOWS and represented them “Apaches“ on the Hawaiian gitarka to an ukulela. Little by little - and already SHADOWS write down the version.

Cliff Richard:
“... perfectly I remember evening when we made this entry. During record I played the African drums right at the beginning! Guitar “blows“, magnificent sound, tremendous melody, a little aggressive, so“ Apache“, in my opinion, our best work“.

Cliff Richard`s Opinion was shared soon also by listeners. The truth first the representative of EMI wanted to place on 1 - yu the party of a single other composition, but the daughter convinced him that that is much better - “Indian“ - a melody.
In August, 1960 the single “Apache“ not only occupies 1 - e the place British a hit - parade, but also on a twist of fate pushes together Cliff Richard`s composition of “Please Don`t Tease“ from top. It is amusing that the same year there were two more versions of “Apaches“ - the mentioned Bert Whedon and the American guitarist Jorgen Ingman. Both got to a top, but was late - the composition already steadily was associated with SHADOWS. Authoritative “New Musical Express“ declares “Apaches“ a single of year.

In September, 1960 SHADOWS for the first time acted without Cliff, and it turned out that the silent reserved children pulling strings of guitars can cause in the hall not a smaller stir, than singing the priest - stars. At a bass - the guitarist Jett Harris there was even own fan - club. And when it broke a guitar signature stamp, the cunning firm Fender gratuitously presented it new model of a bass. Considering, as the guitarist of group - Hank Marvin - one of the first in England began to play on “Fender Stratokaster“, it served as excellent advertizing.

The subsequent singles and albums SHADOWS left with a tremendous speed and were bought up as hot pies. Many of them - “Foot Tapper“, “F. B. I “Wonderful Land“, “Kon - tiki“, “Genie with the brown lamp“, etc. - became classics.

Take-off to success of colleagues of SHADOWS on other side of Atlantic happened even more promptly and unexpectedly. Probably, not without reason simple hard workers from automobile works of the provincial town of Tacoma - Don Wilson and Bob Bogl - decided to call the VENTURES group (“Aantyura“). They did not manage to hammer together the group as they right there bungled the first record and sent it on Dolton firm. There record was rejected, and then children, without thinking twice, registered the label and let out the first single. Amateur performance did not bear fruits, and then they decided to work on - cunning.

Dawn and Bob stopped by in Seattle to familiar di - Jay of the radio station, largest in the city, and tried to persuade him to make their new record at least prompt to news. The composition of “Walk Don`t Run“ was this record.

The composition was quite old. The first it was executed and written down in 1954 by the creator - the composer John Smith. VENTURES heard it performed by the great jazzman Chet Etkins on a plate of 1957. So rich arrangement as at Etkins, children from Tacoma could not afford, but they put emphasis on the drive and rhythm.

And here result: the vigorous prompt to news caused squall of letters and calls with the requirement to put composition in continuous rotation. And here in the summer of 1960 also the single appeared in time...

To nobody the famous children from VENTURES with a speed of the rocket flew by through the heads of eminent colleagues and occupied 2 - yu a line national a hit - parade - they were stopped only by composition of “Now Or Never“ of inimitable Elvis. The pig-headed firm Dolton right there became kinder and hurried to conclude the contract with beginners. The following single “Perfidia“ strengthened success, and rushed...

VENTURES proved to be inventive children, they not only successfully undertook different styles - a twist, fate - N - a beater, a country, a psychedelia - but also created new. Many consider that “Walk Don`t Run“ became the first composition in specific style of the Western coast under the name “surf-fate“ on which will promote BEACH BOYS later. Even the classical “Hungarian dance No. 5“ of Brahms in hands of VENTURES preratitsya in the incendiary priest - a hit under the name “Rap city“.

From a set of the well-known compositions of VENTURES it is worth mentioning once again prompt to popular series “Hawaii Five - 0“ or “Police of Hawaii“ (it sounds both in the original of 1969, and in its remake of 2010 - go). Though generally instrumentat it, written by the composer Morten Stephens, there is a version and with words - it was sung by Sammy Davies.

It was one of the last loud hits VENTURES. In 1970 - x their popularity began to fall, and they used cunning again. Having noticed as they are loved in the Land of the rising sun, they almost completely trained for a new profession on the Japanese market (write that a third of all circulation of albums VENTURES exactly there dispersed).
touched on the same issues in 1970 - e and SHADOWS. First they even broke up, but then again gathered and even successfully acted on “the Eurovision - 1975“, having occupied 2 - e the place with composition of “Let Me Be The One“. Later they successfully executed the most various covers in the original style.