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Cutting from paper - difficult or simply? A lesson No. 1

Often, looking at any beautiful thing made not at plant, and hands, we ask ourselves a question - it is difficult or simply? If someone could make such thing whether then I will be able to make something similar? Whether always beautiful it is so difficult performed by that it is absolutely inaccessible for the “simple“ person inexperienced in needlework and arts?

For example, cutting from paper - it is difficult or simply?
It depends on that, how strongly you want to master this occupation. The inability is surmountable only if there is a desire to study. You should not begin at once with difficult works which algorithm and technology of performance raise at you more questions, than give answers. Cutting from paper, as well as at other arts and crafts, has secrets. But about them - a bit later.

Very important point with which it is worth beginning - tools and materials. What needs to be known, beginning work with paper?

Now there is an opportunity to find the most different in quality and the price tools - from the simple office blade and cuticle scissors to the professional cutting torches and scissors created especially for cutting from paper. Everyone can choose the tool convenient for himself. I still use the small office blade with a sliding edge and cuticle scissors. Someone prefers a scalpel. The main thing that the tool was convenient personally to you. It has to be easy, maneuverable and sharp.

Paper, especially if you only begin to be engaged in cutting, should not be too thin (is torn) also by too dense difficult cut). Convenient option - paper for the printer, with a density of 80 g/sq.m. Of course, work with it not so blows the mind as the Chinese cutting from rice paper, but is suitable for training well.

We organize a workplace. For work with a cutting torch it can be not really high table - we will need to use the efforts, to press on a cutting torch from above, and for this purpose the table height allowing our torso to hang slightly over the table-top plane, but not to stoop well approaches. It is inconvenient to write in such situation, and to cut here - just right. The usual desk since we cut to a canopy is suitable for cutting by scissors. The light source has to be placed at the left. Light has to be much.

I will tell several words about some secrets of process. The first - not always the expressive and memorable work is result of performance of very difficult actions. And it is possible to make beautiful ornamental composition of simple triangular and diamond-shaped cuts - important successfully to pick up their combinations and intervals between belts of cuts.

The second - if we cut out an ornament (circular, or tape), then at first we carry out the internal small cuts forming ornament drawing, and cut out an external contour in the last turn - so more convenient to hold preparation in hand and to manipulate it, and it is less risk to spoil of it when performing internal cuts. If you work with a cutting torch and carry out the thin peregorodchaty image, then at first execute all long internal cuts on all product, and then short finishing.

The third - carrying out cuts a cutting torch, be attentive, especially if you put preparation in several layers - it is necessary to cut through paper through to a firm lining at which you work (it can be the sheet of plywood, glass, plexiglas). Otherwise at the edges of cuts there can be ugly “tatter“, and excess paper will be removed hardly. “Tatter“ can be formed and in case you several times carry out by a cutting torch in the same place. Try to cut through paper through for once. For this purpose it is necessary to press a cutting torch with a certain force - you determine it by practical consideration (it changes depending on paper density).

The fourth - if you work with scissors, then the internal cuts which are not lying on the main lines of a bend and therefore inaccessible can be carried out, having made a small cut a cutting torch, and then giving them the final form scissors. It is possible also just to make additional bends and with their help scissors to cut through paper in the right places. But in this case on a product there can be folding traces.

The fifth - do not try to do works of the small size with a set of details at the beginning of training - accurately executed large vyrezanka looks at all not worse small, yuvelirno - lacy.

So, it is better to begin with something more - less acquaintance, especially if you not really well own receptions of graphic drawing.

All of us in the childhood cut out snowflakes. You remember? This symmetric image received by folding of a sheet of paper several times and performance of figured cuts on lines of a bend. But itself can simplify even more a task and to begin not with circular, and with the tape image. Such simplification will allow to master quickly enough the basic principles and receptions of cutting, to understand algorithm of actions and to create as a result a beautiful thing. Also tape image will give an idea of a rhythm of the alternating elements - an ornament basis. Here we will also begin with it.

Take a sheet of paper (it is possible color) for the copier, the A4 format, divide it into 4 equal parts on the short party - 21:4 = 5,25 cm, and cut off the one fourth part. The tape 5,25 wide turns out and 29,8 cm long (fig. 2 in the main gallery). We put it in half, then once again and once again (fig. 3,4,5). Well we smooth lines of a bend that they were accurate. Then we develop a tape and we put it again, but already so that “accordion“ (fig. 6) turned out. Again we smooth lines of a bend. Be trained, using the sample given by me. We put drawing of an external contour of future ornament so that the large element was on the line of a bend, and smaller on the line of a cut (fig. 7, 8). We add internal elements (fig. 9). We shade those areas which when cutting have to be removed completely (fig. 10) for convenience. And, at last, we start cutting.

We take scissors and we open them more widely - i.e. it is necessary to cut paper not tips, but that part of edges which is located closer to a point of connection of edges. So it will be simpler to us to cut through the paper put in several layers and it is easier to maneuver, turn preparation, to operate cutting process, to try to obtain accuracy and accuracy. The hand holding scissors makes only the easy movements by fingers, slightly reducing and parting edges, and here the hand holding preparation constantly moves and changes position of a wrist, turning preparation so that edges laid down precisely on drawing. Tips of scissors should not be lifted up up or directed sharply down. We begin with internal elements, and then when all of them are executed (fig. 11), we cut out an external contour (fig. 12), and we carry out notches on an outer edge in the latest turn (fig. 13). Double-check - whether everything the necessary cuts are executed. And now it is necessary only to develop accurately a product and to smooth it (the main illustration to article). As you can see, the ornament not really difficult and sophisticated, and turns out beautifully.

Good luck!