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What does the syndrome of chronic fatigue threaten with?

the Syndrome of chronic fatigue, as a rule, strike those people whom people around got used to consider as enerdzhayzer. It speaks very simply - people who “everything are in time“ (businessmen, women of active age and others), live in very rigid mode, without sparing themselves at all - as a result it turns out that possibilities of an organism are not boundless.

However, I can call also many other theories of emergence of a syndrome of chronic fatigue. For example, many experts claim that some causative agents of infectious diseases, including viruses of flu or Epshten - Burra, poisoning with heavy metals or pesticides can provoke chronic fatigue. But for the patient does not matter - the syndrome of chronic fatigue became the reason of decrease in immunity or the lowered immunity became the reason of chronic fatigue, the disease state was caused by fatigue, a stress or poisoning. The patient needs to undertake something for recovery.

How to resist to a syndrome of chronic fatigue?

In - the first, it is necessary to recognize that the problem exists. for this purpose needs to distinguish usual healthy fatigue which will pass after week rest, from a serious disease. Signs of a syndrome of chronic fatigue , besides feeling of enormous exhaustion, are head and muscular pains, spasms, short wind, feeling of constant cold, nausea, frustration of a dream. At the patient lymph nodes can increase, extraordinary sensitivity to certain types of products, light, sounds, smells and even touches can be shown. Cases of faints are frequent, the speech becomes muffled. In most cases the patient is depressed - to him very difficultly to reconcile to the powerlessness.

In - the second, it is necessary to go both to the psychotherapist, and to the doctor to decide on the diagnosis and to establish the prime cause of sufferings. Quite often the person who is ill, for example, an infectious mononukleoz can have the same symptoms, as the patient suffering from chronic fatigue. And treatment in these cases has to be a miscellaneous. In the first case - medicamentous, in the second - the course of psychotherapeutic consultations is necessary and there is no sense to poison an organism with chemistry in vain.

Three components are important for opposition of chronic fatigue : rest in days, when fatigue especially strong, permanent job over improvement of the general condition of an organism and communication with the psychotherapist.

With rest everything is clear - all need to sleep off and distract from affairs from time to time. It is necessary to avoid stresses, influence of the calming music, nature sounds will be positive.

Improvement of the general condition of an organism will come if regularly to carry out a certain program of physical activities, to happen in the fresh air, to take a contrast shower, to keep up with healthy nutrition. It is necessary to be careful of such temptation as sweets. Thanks to absorption of sweets glucose level sharply jumps up, but then also sharply falls, immersing the patient in a bigger powerlessness. Refuse the drinks containing caffeine and alcohol. If intolerance to any products was shown, find out what your organism so actively refuses. The intolerance of milk and dairy products, products of fermentation, the food cooked from the processed wheat grain is in most cases shown.

And at last, than the patient can be helped by the psychotherapist? For a start - to solve a depression problem. But also, to teach to place priorities. It is impossible to redo all work, to be the best in all spheres! Also it is necessary to be able to define what problems require the paramount solution and what can wait for your attention.

And the most important - to the people suffering from a syndrome of chronic fatigue is important to learn to tell by means of the psychologist to people around the important word “No“, to delegate the duties to other family members, to trust certain powers to subordinates, colleagues at work, but not to drag on itself all.