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Whether it is worth being afraid of death?

you are afraid of death? This question of many people plunges into confusion. Death are afraid all who realized its inevitability. This natural feeling. But, as well as any other emotions, such fear sometimes leaves from - under control. The person who was seized by fear of death loses ability to live fully, and sometimes gets neurosises and somatic frustration, from - for whom ability to live in the principle is lost.

If the fear of death prevents to live, do not hurry to buy tranquilizers - ask for the help the psychotherapist or the psychologist. Action of any preparations will end sooner or later, but if you are able to accept death as part of life cycle, then you will spend time of terrestrial existence allowed to you in harmony. One more negative property of tranquilizers - accustoming. First it is easier for you, but then without assistance it is almost impossible to jump off from them. And then … They your eternal satellite waiting for death.

The fear of death is divided into two components - physiology and psychology. Only the first component of fear is inherent in animals. When danger threatens life, any animal begins to live in other mode - readiness to run away or battle. The person has a set of similar instincts, otherwise just would not survive. So, it purely instinctively jumps aside from the carriageway if on it the car flies.

The psychological component of fear of death consists in painful attachment to the body, in feeling of hyper responsibility for all occurs around (and as without me), in various phobias. And it specifically spoils life. For example, attachment to a body is often expressed in aspiration to prolong youth. In that case each wrinkle becomes the depression reason. Instead of enjoying life, the person regularly lays down under a knife of the plastic surgeon. But health - that it does not give therefore the internal discomfort increases and leads at least to neurosises.

The psychological hypertrophied fear of death in any form always affects the person is destructive!

The most terrible in death is an uncertainty. Therefore many religions offer people life “beyond the grave“ or reincarnation. Stories are known precedents of such deep belief in life after death that people lent to acquaintances money on condition that they will be returned in the following life! Of course, such people had the minimum fear of death. And here the Hinduism misfired - it promises revival, but does not specify in what body. The thought that the following life should be carried out in a cover, for example, of a manure bug drives Hindus to despair therefore the fear of death at Hindus is nearly stronger, than at non-believers.

Children who do not realize what is it, lovers who are mentally dissolved in other person, and soldiers who rather often and close saw death are not afraid of death. As a rule, they survive in extreme conditions because they minimize a role of psychological fear, using at the same time all opportunities of fear physiological.

What it is necessary to realize to get rid of fear of death?

In - the first, the death is a natural final of life. People in years understand it and perceive death as disposal of corporal sufferings. Earlier, having stepped over a certain boundary, people began to prepare for death - prepared burial clothes, saved money for a funeral, made all orders. And that the most interesting, such prepared people usually led full-fledged life, and died suddenly and easily, for example, in a dream. And the example they learned younger generation not to be afraid of death.

In - the second while you are living, at your life there is only foreign death. Yes, happens painfully, but at heart, accepting foreign death, each person subconsciously rejoices that avoided it. And when your own death will come, to be afraid at you it will not turn out any more. You will not be in time.

If it is not enough these arguments for a victory over your fear of death, address the good psychologist or the psychotherapist. Do not allow fear of death to spoil your life!