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How to become the bitch?

the Woman - the bitch are the imposed and advertized image or natural state of women? Idolize or hate such women? How to become the bitch and whether it is necessary?

So, we answer these questions as sequence.

The bitch is an effective woman who is sure of what she wants, and knows how to achieve it. When say what by the bitch the woman is done by men, in it there is a considerable element of truth. But it does not mean that once someone rejected the bitch or offended. Women are just like that arranged that they do a lot of things for or from - for men.

Women of this type very much are pleasant to men because the bitch loving first of all herself always perfectly looks. Besides, never happens to the bitch boringly. With it it can be bad, sick, joyful, somehow, but not boringly.

The truth consists also that most of men not for long maintain near the bitch and leaves to look for soft, appeasable and indulgent women. Are necessary to one men of the bitch only for an emotional shake-up, others also are glad to be with the bitch slightly longer, but she solves in own way.

The bitch is first of all identity. She is not ready to break herself under an environment and succeeds in that image which she chose for herself. Such woman has to have a special mind and a habit to count everything on three steps beforehand. As she uses this mind - there will be a business - vumen, the creative person or the housewife - none of an environment should not concern. The bitch all the same will make everything in own way.

Men who did not manage to win the bitch, are sure that she cannot love. It is a lie, the bitch can do everything! Only does not consider it necessary to report about the feelings to object of claims. And in most cases uses men as tools for achievement of the purposes.

The bitch does not love emotions, they prevent sober assessment of the situation. It manipulates people around by means of logic and intuition, and also faultless knowledge of psychology, especially man`s.

If you want to become a bitch, you have to become strict both to others, and to yourself, all actions have to be consecutive and each purpose - is reached. The “correct“ bitch loves loneliness because it is the alone best of all to make plans of conquest of the world or that her part of which the bitch took notice.

The bitch is many-sided and likes to play, carrying out thought up by an itself role - today she is a careful girlfriend, tomorrow - the helpless girl, the day after tomorrow - sex - a bomb or the snow queen. At its discretion.

To build a family for the bitch - a step down a scale of ranks, then it is necessary to infringe upon the interests, “I want“ to coordinate own with desires of the husband and children and much - to concede much. And women of this type got used to be the first and independent.

Still you want to become the bitch? Then be defined: why, what your purpose? Well not for the sake of that to someone to fray nerves!

Depending on your purpose it is necessary to choose both strategy of actions, and an environment. Only people useful to your purposes and pleasant in every respect have to surround you. To get to this society, it is necessary to work much on itself with the stylist, the trainer and is an obligatory moment - the psychologist. The way back, to tranquil female family pleasures will be very thorny, to remove a crown of the bitch means to become a subject of public sneers.

And the most important - the bitch to be not as pleasant as you think. It with it is not boring, but the bitch in an environment of men - satellites often frankly misses. Its achievements in life - quite often result of the fact that she has just a good time with men, reflecting what still to squeeze out of them where its power comes to an end?

Therefore before to choose a way of bitchiness it is necessary to think whether it is necessary for you?

However, sometimes the bitch wakes up in the woman unexpectedly. It proves that she lives in everyone the daughter Eve, but not all sons of Adam know how this internal essence to sing lullabies and not all women know a way the bitch in themselves to awaken.