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How to ask salary increase?

Money are such substance which is enough for nobody. Every time when to you raise wages, at you also requirements therefore it is necessary to think of the following increase of a salary increase. Can wait for

silently that the chief himself will guess that your salary could be more. But while you are silent, sharpness does not work for the administration.

It is possible to try to find other work. But, in - the first, it is quite difficult at the loaded working day, in - the second, everywhere treat deserters watchfully. Eventually, changes not always do well.

A conclusion - needs to be able to be asked about salary increase. For this purpose it is necessary to mobilize the self-confidence, to consider all arguments. In particular, arm with information on that how many experts of your level in your city earn, analyse financial opportunities of the employer, prepare the list of own achievements in respect of self-development.

Besides, take a rate of inflation in attention. For example, last year it made 12% - according to official figures. As a result in order that employees were satisfied with work and a salary, in many spheres the average salary grew by 20-30%.

Compare the salary to a salary of other staff of your company who carry out similar functions. However, in many organizations information on salaries of employees is hidden from their colleagues.

After the analysis of all information it is necessary to decide on what salary you want to achieve. If you establish too big level, then to you the salary will not be raised unambiguously, besides you risk to spoil the relations with the administration, and it is fraught with work loss.

If you decided on reasonable figure, then it is necessary to develop conversation strategy. The initiative will proceed from you, and it is important that this thread of conversation was not intercepted by your chief. Practise with the psychologist, it is possible to carry out also rehearsal of conversation with someone from colleagues who well know your chief and a manner of his communication.

In general conversation has to look so: you ask about salary increase, and explain that you offer the enterprise or the organization in reply. Sometimes it is possible to ask not increases of a salary, and, for example, hourly payment or percent - as the end result you receive motivation of work and increase of a salary from transactions.

Do not resort to blackmail concerning the dismissal or arguments like “I receive less, than Tanya“. You remember the rule of a boomerang - any negative will return to you, and not in the form of salary increase.

Gather and refuse any emotions, you do not press on pity. Consult to psychologists what of your arguments the most impressive. Leave this argument for the end of conversation.

If you began conversation on salary increase, then bring conversation to a logical conclusion - either the positive, or negative answer. If the chief intends “to think“, consider it as the failure. It is better to be refused. Ask to reason such decision, ask that it is necessary to make that to you raised a salary, perhaps, it is necessary to ask about transfer to other position. Suggest to return to this conversation in several months.

It is necessary to talk about salary increase at least once a year or in two years.

It is worth being trained to speak by correct formulations. It is possible to begin conversation not with words about salary increase, and with the delicate phrase about indexation of a salary.

Salary increase - very important and very delicate business, conversation can be very difficult. But, using our recommendations, you, undoubtedly, will be able to improve the material well-being.