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What is created in Izhevsk?

I Read news from Izhevsk where at me there lives the cousin. And at some moment me just broke through. You judge: school students with the weapon attacked shops in Izhevsk, disconnected gas in 22 houses in Izhevsk from - for works on a water supply system, on the suburb of Izhevsk the truck damaged the gas pipeline and without gas there were left 4 trade bases, the resident of Izhevsk stored more than a kilogram of amphetamine in a hiding place at the wood (I do not joke), more than 150 victims of ice addressed to emergency stations of Izhevsk. And it is not the complete list. How she lives there?!

Speak, the nature on children of geniuses has a rest. As well as any judgment of this sort, it is fair only partly - time on time is not necessary. For example, great David Bowie`s son Duncan is the tremendous director who is marked out by a set of awards including as the best in Britain according to London Critics Circle Film Awards. In business and policy with heredity it is even better - if for art similar cases are a pleasant exception, then where people do laws and think out money, it is rather a norm.
Ya would begin this paragraph with banal “get acquainted - Denis Agashin, the Izhevsk businessman, the member of “United Russia“ and the head of administration of Izhevsk“ and there is only no need for it. Most likely, you are already familiar with Agashin according to scandalous video of 2011 in which he tries to bribe pensioners that on party elections those gave votes in advantage - understand - what - parties.
Perhaps, the father, Vladimir Agashin, was also not a genius, but the simple person it is impossible to call him too. You judge: the chairman of executive committee of the Sarapul regional council of People`s Deputies (1990 - 1993), the Minister of Finance of the Udmurt Republic (1993 - 1995), the First Deputy Chairman of the State Council of the Udmurt Republic (since 1995) . Also - the close friend of the permanent president of Udmurtia Alexander Volkov who governs 17 years.

When Agashin - the senior died in 2003, patronage of two of his sons, in particular over perspective Denis, Volkov took personally. Also did not lose. Denis was the capable successor, in something even surpassing the father. At the beginning of 2000 - x Agashin - younger actually appropriated the grain market in the republic, having headed “The Udmurt grain company“ - the Izhevsk bakery No. 3, “Udmurtmelprom“, “The Glazov bread-baking complex“, “The Sarapul combine of bakeries“ and the Russia - the Mother trading company are its part. That is all market of the region grain (in every sense).
B 2008, thanks to Volkov, Agashin became the head of the Udmurt office of “United Russia“, and then, in 2009, and the Minister of Transport and Road Construction. At this position, speak, it became famous for the requisitions from heavy trucks cancelled only after publicity and intervention of prosecutor`s office. But further - it is more; in 2010 Volkov appoints talented and enterprising Deniska the head of administration of Izhevsk. Here my sister was lucky! She still remembers how in October she was left without gas because Agashin ordered to build transition, and workers a traffic light pole pierced the main gas pipeline.

And here - that Agashin went to a rating, was developed properly. At the end of last year initiated privatization of three largest municipal enterprises of Izhevsk: “Izhvodokanal“, “Izhgorelektotrans“ and “The Izhevsk electric networks“. Concerning the first enterprise experts unambiguously agree in opinion that its incorporating is carried out stupidly for the purpose of a conclusion of assets and the subsequent resale. Also for last year he managed to sell a blocking minority ownership of “The Izhevsk production association of passenger motor transport“ and “Bus stations of Udmurtia“ to some offshore in Cyprus.
I here that surprises me. You understand, listed here I found everything in the Internet. That is - in open sources. I did not need to crack anybody`s mailboxes, to dig in personal correspondences and to select passwords to the secret archives. And this situation when the compromising materials, most often documentary, it is possible to find here so easily in the Network - it frightens me. Not availability frightens, and the fact that proteges of the power do not even try to cover up tracks. And Agashin, despite numerous complaints and punctures, will continue to work in glory of the patron further. Also will become the governor of Udmurtia soon - Volkov already old. And what to do? Such here family business.