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How independently to look at New - York?

Are undoubted, one of the most interesting cities of the world is New - York. I happened to be several times there therefore I want to share own experience how there it is better to get and what there to look at. it is possible to Reach by

New - York from our edges only by plane (the waterway too, probably, but information on fans of multi-day swimming to far coast yet never came across to me).

And if flights to Europe allow broad maneuver for the choice of the cheapest air ticket due to existence of budget airlines, then cheap air tickets in New - York, i.e. transcontinental flights, a question more difficult. Here it is necessary to deal with large air carriers, so and with the corresponding ticket prices.

Of course, at certain efforts it is possible to find multiconnection flight, but, as a rule, inconveniences in the form of spending the night in the airport, change or moving from one airport to another (for example, in London where budget airlines arrive in one airports, and transcontinental flights take off from others, so the transit visa is necessary) do not block benefits from the price.

Here, for example, the prices of flight from Moscow to New - York and back (the prices when booking in 2 months prior to date of a departure during my trip).

Direct flights: Delta - $1294, Aeroflot - $1304, Transaero - $

1335 With one change: Alitalia - $1237, British Airways - $

1190 Is, of course, and the budgetary companies flying across the ocean. For example, Virgin Atlantic specializing in flights between North America and England. But, the ticket London-New - York costs about 600 pounds (about 900 dollars). And still it is necessary to reach London. Here also leaves that benefits almost any.

Personally I flew or direct flight from Kiev with the Aerosvit company, watching for their actions (then the ticket can be bought also for 650-800 dollars), or KLM with change in Amsterdam. By the way, KLM least “blood-thirsty“ (in sense of price policy) among large air carriers.

So I recommend to subscribe to information newsletters of both large airlines, and budgetary and to obtain regular information on their discounts and actions. Besides, do not forget about the specialized websites which compare the prices of all possible options along your route.

So, we will consider that tickets are already bought. Only 10 hours of flight, about 5500 miles, and you in New - York.

How to reach from the airport the city

Flights from the CIS countries arrive to the airport of New - York of J. Kennedy (JFK) - the biggest and loaded airport of the USA.

Cheaper way of movement - the high-speed train AirTrain by which it is possible to reach Howard Beach stations (the line of the subway A) and Jamaica (lines of the subway E, J, Z). 20 - the minute trip to any of these stations will cost $5,00. For a further trip by the subway it will be necessary to acquire the ticket (MetroCard card) worth $2,25. The trains AirTrain serve all terminals, and also airport parkings. Without leaving limits of the airport, AirTrain it is possible to use free of charge.

Without change to Manhattan it is possible to reach by bus - the express, however such trip will take 45 minutes a minimum, plus time necessary for expectation of passengers on terminals and stops which the bus makes on the way in the territory of the JFK airport. Stops of buses are on all terminals of the airport.

The taxi from the airport will cost $45,00 a minimum, do not forget about tip to the taxi driver (15 - 20% of the account). It, of course, is more expensive, than other transport, but is much less troublesome. There is no need to be dragged with suitcases on trains and the subway.

I always and did. If several people go, and it will turn out not much more expensively. Moreover and with guarantee will bring directly to the reserved hotel.

Residence in New - York

of the Price of hotels of New - York unambiguously high. Beginning from $70 per day and further indefinitely. Be guided on average for 100 - 200 dollars for number. And if to look, then it is possible to find more - less suitable option.

Wanted to find some concrete hotel for an example and changed the mind - at everyone the requirements and opportunities. So what to specify, what suits one is not really correct for another. If you know how to reserve independently - at you problems will not arise. On the Internet there are enough portals on hotel booking.

On a note : the electric network in the USA and Canada is calculated on 110 V. I, respectively, forks also differ from European. So do not forget to buy an adapter in a booth of the airport.

Attention : unlike the European hotels, here the price for a breakfast, as a rule, is not included in the accommodation price.

Unambiguously the hotel should be reserved on Manhattan. Here the main sights of the city at which it is worth looking are concentrated.

of Sight

A what exactly to watch? Also would like to nadavat councils, but it is simply unreal. In New - York about 150 museums and 400 galleries, not to mention other any interesnost. It should create the whole guide. So I advise to buy already ready reference book on New - to York (in any decent bookstore these reference books are widely presented) and to choose to the taste places, worthy visits.

And on a reception you will find a lot of any booklets where the main sights are specified in the hotel. In the same place, for certain, there will be a booklet of a sightseeing tour across New - to York by bus. Information in the bus moves via earphones, including and in Russian.

Perhaps, and everything if it is short. Would like to add that if it happens to visit New - York, then it is necessary to use as much as possible this opportunity and to look still at a lot of things interesting in North America (not to be spent the second time for flight). And it both Grand Canyon, and Niagara, etc. Even it is possible to fly for a week to Dominican republic and to lie on the ocean beach under palm trees. From New - York it will be inexpensive.