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The world of radiant thinking - what it? Intelligence - the card as its reflection

“I will assimilate a human brain to the magic self-weaving machine in which millions of sparkling shuttles weave the pattern thawing in the eyes, always full of sense, but not capable to exist how many - nibud long, doomed to be replaced harmoniously by a new pattern, and so endlessly...“ Sir Charles Sherrington

In the present article would like to talk about the surprising tool which opens for the person a door to the intimate world of radiant thinking - about intelligence - cards.

Radiant thinking and intelligence - the card

Each part of information coming to our brain - feeling, reminiscence or thought - can be presented in the form of the central image from which the huge set of “hooks“ disperses in the parties.

Each “hook“ is an association which, in turn, has almost infinite number of communications with other associations. It is possible to call this set of associations our memory .

The radiant thinking is a process of thinking at which in the center there is a certain object giving an impulse by the birth of a set of associations which become the central image already for other associative process.

Intelligence - the card - graphic display of process of radiant thinking on a paper or electronic medium. The tool by means of which we can apply the principles of radiant thinking in our everyday life.

Characteristic features intelligence - cards

the Object of studying / attention is concentrated in the central image.

the Basic concepts connected with the central object of studying / attention disperse from it in the form of smooth lines.

Lines are designated by keywords or images. Minor ideas are represented too in the form of smooth lines which depart from lines of higher order. And so on.

Lines form coherent nodal system.

Eh, again governed...

a number of basic rules, following which Exists, you as much as possible will bring closer the intelligence - the card to a standard. So, here they.

Use in the intelligence - the card the central image . It will become a starting point for flight of your thought and will give the birth to a set of associations. Issue it brightly, with use more than three flowers, it has to be allocated against other elements intelligence - cards.

As often as possible use a graphic image , but not the word. Using drawings intelligence - cards we involve several kortikalny abilities of our brain in the at the same time (speech and visual) that promotes more best storing.

Use of an arrow to show communication between elements intelligence - cards. Their main task - to set the direction of thought.

During the work about intelligence - cards use of color . It is easier to remember the images and words issued in color, and after - and to reproduce.

By drawing up intelligence - cards it is very important to aspire as it is possible for more clearly to express the thoughts. Their clear expression facilitates perception of these thoughts subsequently.

Observe hierarchy thoughts. After definition of the central image it is necessary to reveal basic serial ideas . They depart from the central image at once and define its essence. These are the main concepts (quintessence) from which the tree of yours intelligence - cards will begin “to grow“ later. They will be the first circle in your hierarchy of thoughts. Also will sprout in concepts of lower level which will become the second circle. And so on.

Here, perhaps, the basic rules to which it is worth sticking at construction intelligence - cards. Now we will talk about their application.

, Why to me intelligence - cards?

a number of tasks with which solution we can be helped intelligence - cards Is. I will tell about two, in my opinion, the most essential to the ordinary inhabitant.

Maintaining abstracts by method intelligence - cards.

This way has advantage in comparison with usual linear creation of abstracts. Why?

In - the first, you spend much less time, your abstracts get rid of “water“ and have accurate structure. As they say, everything briefly and in fact.

In - the second, sometime it is necessary “to take“ information from these abstracts. If you conducted them with use intelligence - cards, then to you it will be much simpler to be made. Also it will not be necessary to re-read a lot of excess information, and it is possible to get access to the main thing at once.

The organization of thoughts and search of the decision by method intelligence - cards. of

Intelligence - cards come to the rescue when a large number of data is required not only to order, but also to organize own thoughts concerning any question.

Intelligence - the card acts as means of streamlining of thoughts on the studied question and their transfer on paper here. Then it is possible to find quickly and qualitatively the solution of an objective.

Why the linear abstract for this purpose is no good, I think, it is not necessary to explain.

This article is not urged to reveal any and all secrets intelligence - cards. It only a push on the way of use of the perspective tool of the organization of thinking and transfer of thoughts on paper. To follow this way or not - to solve to you. Good luck!