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How to fall in love with classical music?

For some people to listen to classical music - empty pastime. It is considered that understands and only the prepared listener loves classics. Actually this art form can be clear to everyone.

two dealers Went to Africa. They wanted to be engaged in business there, selling footwear. Everyone sent to the wife the letter. One wrote: “The idea is hopeless as all go barefoot here“. The second wrote: “Everything develops perfectly - here still go barefoot! whether“ (joke)

you in night clubs or restaurants Were? I think that any of such institutions each adult had to visit at least once. I hope, you cheerfully spent time! You do not remember under what music danced there? Usually in clubs compositions in style so-called progressive electro - music, and at restaurant most often - in style a chanson and the priest sound. Fine music to have a rest and relax.

But I suggest to talk about classical music. Perhaps, the subject will seem to someone from readers irrelevant. Here - that these lines are also devoted to you. Coming back to a joke - there are people who think that classical music lives the last years, others consider that its revival only begins.

We will not press in the mute, to find out percent of listeners of classics and its rating on radio - and TV channels.

I took an interest at school students from fourteen to seventeen years: what their relation to musical classics. In the majority children reacted approximately so: “And what is it, classical music and what it is eaten with?“ It in spite of the fact that in the school program the lesson of music is. Why such negligence to a genre?

Probably, you agree that that young people close do not adjoin to musical classics, there is no their fault. Present if to you since the early childhood put then still vinyl records with fine samples of classical music gradually every day. Also there would be it in an easy situation, without “pressure“ of parents of type: “Sit down, listen, remember, analyze!“ If music in the house sounded as naturally as there take place family feasts on holidays, most likely you - if even did not fall in love with classics - at least began to respect this genre.

I “got to the core“ what is classics, and understood, “with what it is eaten“, thanks to efforts of the father. Years from four I was devoted in this fine art, but understanding of how it is beautiful, the feeling of pleasure and delight from hearing of such music came only years to ten.

So, I offer those to whom the musical genre about which I talk is not close, - let`s make experiment. You surely have to become its active participants! Find, for example, in the Internet record of music of Vivaldi “Seasons“, or let it will be Ravel`s “Bolero“, or “Moonlight Sonata“ of Beethoven.

Of course, you heard at least fragments from these masterpieces of world classics more than once. I can argue - this music will surely mention the thinnest strings of soul. Examples of such music weight. But it is necessary to begin with something.

At desire after a while you surely will begin to listen and understand works, more difficult on perception. Pieces of music with tragic notes remind sad moments of life. If to make a record library of such works and to begin to listen to the fallen in love melodies, through a prism of the memoirs we will spill many the tears clearing soul.

Music can wake up in us feelings and emotions. Studying its influence on the person, scientists of the different countries found miracle effect of many classical works. Especially huge number of talk is conducted around creations of such geniuses as Mozart, Vivaldi, Grieg, Beethoven, Schubert, Schuman, Tchaikovsky and Debussy.

If you try to make as I offered, very much I hope that you agree - classical music is loved and all perceive, it is worth just trying and learning to do it!