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If in a month there were five Fridays and Saturdays - it is to money or to a doomsday?

in my news line again two rejoice Today that five Fridays and five Saturdays in a month happen time in 848 years. I even know why I was so got by this small local idiocy...

While in the territory of the former USSR many much bigger idiocies occur, specifically now all are keen on buying up of candles, salt and matches waiting for a doomsday. Of course, if in the head there are at least several grams of a brain, then in these grams there is a question: on which it is necessary to buy all this if there is a doomsday and all curtains?

But it became clear that the people perceive expression “doomsday“ as the end of light , i.e. the Sun will cease to shine, or to Earth the sunlight will not get. Here, of course, the box of candles will remarkably rescue and...

Artly it paints with that who predicts a doomsday and parts any nonsense, frightening credulous and silly persons (and them much), sincerely I wish that 21 numbers for them really there came the doomsday. Their personal. Predicted? Receive. It is good to begin, of course, already now that they had no time to disorient intellectually unstable and to create excessive demand for goods of prehistoric consumption. But I not about it.

Give with days of week. Which five. The text of the fucking letter of happiness (I do not doubt that all of you received it or maybe which - who even sent, do not hide, I see everything):

“This year in December of 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays and 5 Mondays. It happens time in 824 years. Chinese call it the Bag of Money. Send to all friends. On the hair dryer - Shui to you privalit money in the next 4 days“.

Eventually, everyone has the right to write nonsenses, and nobody (even I) tries to forbid it.

But this situation strikes me here with what. With an estimated doomsday too it seems everything is clear, but so far this day did not come. Just it is necessary to wait until comes. It is good to bypass, of course, on December 22 all who bought up candles and to thrust to them these candles to the inconvenient place. But it is unreal: in my opinion, it is more of them. But nonsense with a doomsday, I repeat while we disprove only indirectly.

But with a calendar - that? Why any from one million which walked smack in this idiocy with the Chinese letter about five Saturdays which happen once in 824 years simply did not take in hand a calendar and did not look? In what a problem - to open in the computer a calendar for the next year and to look: a dofiga of such months, and even months specifically with the set condition (by all means that there were 5 Fridays) come across almost annually too? Next year it will be March.

It is not necessary to think, it is not necessary to strain, it is necessary to take such usual thing how a calendar, and is simple to look ?

No. Send by mail and write posts. Hurrah! It happens time in 848 years! We wait for money everything - all - all!

I will open for you tremendous news of science: in a year 7 months contain on 31 days. And in a week 7 days. 4õ7=28. Therefore in each such month three days of week meet five times. It happens not once in 848 years, and 7 times in a year. Every year. What here is unclear?

Specifically that it was five PT - SB - VS - it happens too, and too more than once in 848 years, and is much more often. For this purpose is necessary simply that the first date with 31 days dropped out on Friday . Therefore to all who counted on unknown fenshuyny cash flows what there were no 848 years, having received the letter of happiness about such rare event, can break off and try to count 31 minuses 28 and if it is impossible - simply to take a calendar and to undress eyes.

And not to be shamed by reposts of this nonsense.

Actually it is even not ridiculous. On this example it is well visible that the many people are ready to believe in anything . In any hogwash which it was possible to check and be convinced right there on the place that it is a hogwash full and final. But they trust. With five Fridays - it is a trifle. But all these people also to vote go!

Yes, forgot to report that if to your year of birth to add your full age this year, then it will turn out 2012, and it happens only once in chronology. That it repeated - it is necessary to wait until appoint new chronology, since a year No. 1 and as early as 2012. Ancient fenshuyets broadcast that it - to wealth and cash flows.

We wait - page. Do not forget to send all addressees my article, and that money will not be.