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Why the kid cries? There are no

Probably, such mummy whom this question would not interest. Especially young mothers who have no experience yet worry, the baby`s cry for them is equivalent to the Apocalypse. But also mothers with an experience sometimes cannot understand why their kid complains or, what is even more awful, cannot stop shout. Actually the reasons for crying can be

much, and they are not always as awful as sometimes it seems to mothers. But nevertheless it is worth looking narrowly at the child more attentively, having understood the crying reason, it is possible to eliminate it right there.

First of all, it is necessary to remember that crying can be the first symptom of a disease of the kid. Observe it - whether any rash develops whether temperature rises. If noticed any symptoms of a disease, call the local pediatrician.

Also you remember that the kid has very gentle and sensitive skin. If it long lies in a wet diaper or wet diapers, it causes discomfort and irritation. The baby crying lets know to mother that it is time to change clothes of it. Really, it is worth replacing a diaper - and crying in this case right there abates. The same reaction happens at the child on inaccurately straightened folds of a diaper or clothes. If every time at disguise of the kid mother carefully straightens all folds on fabric, thereby it prevents a possibility of rubbing and, as a result, concern of the child.

If your kid froze, he will inform you on it the shrill shout passing into a hnykanye. Dress the child, cover. As soon as he is warmed - right there will calm down. If to it hot - the kid complains, to rush about uneasily, will sweat. Then it is necessary to change clothes of it, to allow to drink.

Intestinal gripes become the most frequent reason of crying of the child. If the kid rolls out legs, tightens them to a stomach, refuses a breast - be sure, the crying reason in it. Intestinal gripes are connected with a congestion of gases in intestines, violation of its microflora (dysbacteriosis). At the children who are on breastfeeding, such problems arise at improper feeding of mother. Therefore mothers need to watch the diet especially carefully.

To calm the child at intestinal gripes, it is necessary to take him to itself on knees and to carefully massage to him a tummy, stroking clockwise. If it does not help, turn the kid on a stomach, and let he will lie down here so at you on a lap. It is possible to enclose it under a tummy a hot-water bottle with warm water. Also give to the baby dill water - it promotes an otkhozhdeniye of gases. If all this does not help, the exhaust tubule is required. It is possible to get it in any drugstore.

Very strong inconvenience can cause to the child a bubble in a stomach. If the crying reason in it, is to take it vertically within 5 minutes enough. Otrygnuv air, the kid will calm down.

If there are no visible reasons for crying, and the baby everything does not calm down, perhaps, matter in the collected nervous tension. New people, a new situation and especially emotions of mother - all this the child perceives very sensitively. All alarms of mother, all family disorders, quarrels do not pass for the baby completely. For this reason it is necessary that reigned in a family peace then the mood of the child will be quieter and equal.

Sometimes it is enough to take the kid on hands - and he right there calms down. And it is worth putting it back in a bed - crying is resumed. Many parents in this case try not to react that “not to accustom to hands“. But they do not even represent, the child is in love, caress how in great need, in feeling of security and safety which embraces of mother and the father give. This attention and is warmly very important for the baby, you should not deprive of it it.

To calm the child, it is necessary to take him on hands, to press to itself, to walk with him round the room, whispering tender words or singing. Gentle melodious music also very well calms children. Especially classical approaches for this purpose. Turn on to the kid, for example, “The music of angels“ of Mozart - your small angel slowly will calm down and will fall asleep under a quiet and gentle melody.