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Where clean snow?

always come Winter suddenly and at the wrong time. Municipal services of the city are not ready to such natural cataclysms, the administration reports about each cleared-away route, the cleaned sidewalks and roofs of houses, as about a small feat in big war with invisible forces. Only the situation cannot be kept under control all the same.

the Nature podsyplt snow, will fill in with an ice rain snow-covered sidewalks, will hang out the menacing icicles under roofs. A simple exit from the house turns into an extreme attraction.

You will look at all this, and there is an impression that our state was in some other climatic zone earlier, times we did not hear such reports from the mass media similar to the military chronicle. It seems, and guest workers were not, ready round the clock to clean all adjacent territory from snow, so many snowplows did not buy in an arsenal of city municipal services and from reagents, except sand, used nothing. Or perhaps snow was another which did not need to be cleaned? Or moved away him somehow differently and not so considerably...

Russia - not the most snow country. Experience of other states not always suits us. Some countries he is not moved away at all or clean partially only from the carriageway, in plentiful snowfalls strew roads with a marble crumb or hot crushed stone, still practice technology of heating of sidewalks.

It is a pity that by means of nanotechnologies did not invent a miracle yet - shovels on which snow right there would turn into some useful tablet. Therefore there are to the help various make-shifts.

Administrations of the cities develop special rules in which the prime order of cleaning of territories of the city of snow is stated:

1. Stops of public transport.

2. Crosswalks.

3. Places of concentration of pedestrians.

4. Hospitals and stations of ambulance.

5. Metro stations.

6. Roadsides of roads.

The snow collected in the city together with garbage, reagents, the fuel remains is taken out usually to the country where it continues to lie safely, yet will not thaw, or dump in the sewerage, slowly poisoning environment in that and other case.

Near the large cities rather the system of processing of snow was adjusted recently. Snowplows will take snow on snow - melting points where snow weight is previously cleared of garbage and pollution. Cleaning installations - mobile and stationary work at special grounds. Snow “is kindled“ together with sewage at a temperature of 16 - 18 degrees, then dumped in the sewerage or the near rivers.

As for special means for topping of streets, whether it be construction sand or a granite crumb of crushed stone mixed up with salt solutions (chlorides of calcium, sodium, magnesium), recognize first of all from the fact that temperature of freezing of water with reagents is much lower than temperature of freezing of simple water. Chemists say that technical salt does not represent bigger harm for the person, than an allergy. It is visually visible that the term of operation of asphalt concrete coverings and footwear goes down. About harm to the mother - the nature can become thoughtful too. One the fact that the white snow powdered with technical salt turns into brown porridge, speaks about much …