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What to look in Scotland at? Doon of

the City Doon is located near Sterling. So we and a route planned: The Styorlingsky lock - the Center of heritage of Bennokborn - Doon.

the charm in appearing suddenly in the small provincial town Is, and it not only concerns Scotland. But just like that behind it you will not go if there is no powerful reason. In this case we had a reason.

Strange business when you go to Bennokborn, the bus stops the devil - those where. But when back - directly near heather lawns. Next Scottish trick? But it is better so, than on the contrary.

We reach to the center, Myyuri pleys, change on long-distance rather suburban, number 59 there. The status is felt - three and a half paund for the ticket instead of one and a half.

The bus rushes between the green fields covered with white lambs. They here all do not go, and rush. Lambs are grazed, but it is difficult to photograph them from the bus.

Through the bridge, the fast river, whirlpools, thresholds - Tate. Beauty.

A white sign Doon informs on arrival in city . This small town was previously and is scrupulously investigated with Gugl Meps help. And - anything similar! We are tormented with doubts.

Meanwhile the bus stops by in some dead end, hands over a backing (exotic too), is developed and rushes back. The brown sign with the desired inscription “Doune castle“ flashes.

We jump out at the following stop. It is difficult to orient. Still! By all calculations the bus had to drive to the city from the East, and it for some reason - from the West.

But we get into Rural Shop “Village Store“ and (about a miracle!) there are adapters for connection of the European fork in the British socket. Also cost not much. On the contrary - Red Lion hotel, very much such hotel exotic in appearance. But we not to sleep here arrived.

The town is absolutely tiny. Despite it, before us the pride index with the pretentious inscription “City center“ towers. I see. We stamp to the opposite side. In five minutes we turn from Glavnaya Street (Main street) to the right, on absolutely very narrow and without name.

It starts to rain. Before Gismeteo`s trip frightened us by incessant pouring rains, even thunder-storms (in October), nearly floods and earthquakes. And reputation at the island Great Britain in sense of weather - damped. But in all five days - a rain, in total, hour one and a half. All rest of the time - wonderful warm weather, what at us is called Indian summer.

Behind trees - a massive tower with Andreevsky (in the Scottish interpretation) a flag. Domonical tower of the lock Doon.

Still slightly - slightly, and we leave to the lock. As a rain, at once also we go to the lock, and we postpone photowalk for later around.

I shock the elderly attendant with a question of Robert, the first duke Albany. I hope that pleasantly I shock. According to her, even not all Scots know about the first owner and - it is probable - the architect of the lock Doon.

And in vain. The shot was still that. Really drove long time Scotland, at the father Robert II, at the brother Robert III and the nephew James I. The father was old, a brother - the patient, and the nephew spent eighteen years in English to captivity. Yes, the elder brother was actually called John, but, having become the king, he accepted a name Robert, as at the father and the great great-grandfather.

Robert - the duke himself lived also another allowed to live, he can be considered as one of founders of the phenomenon called presently by corruption. Great inventor, however. And had many other talents. Studying the biography of the first duke Albany, you begin to think that the genius and villainy all - are compatible.

Here we also wander about the dwelling of this person. It seems lock and not especially big. Two towers - Domonical and Kitchen, the hall and a square of walls around the yard.

Oddly, in the Domonical tower the great variety the hall is found and rooms, just not to get lost. The tower is not so big outside, but is huge inside. But bedrooms of the duke and the duchess strike with modesty - naturally the seven-meters. Of course, if it is, so, possible to see them in all furniture, and it would not seem. But the furniture in the lock has not enough, naked walls. One of the few furnishings, the most impressive - the bench combined with a chest.

We rise by a tower. The rain practically ended. Views of the yard of the lock, of the second tower, Kitchen, on the city Doon, on the Tate river. Scotland... The tower high is enough, it is visible far and beautifully. And the consciousness that you are not just on an observation deck, and in the historical place, adds emotions.

We go down. In the cellar about the hall - the museum, very small, only three exhibits. One of them - the blood-stained dagger, however, without explanations, and the attendant we somehow did not guess to ask.

We bypass around the lock - photowalk. Far above - the platform on a tower where we just were. Far below - Tate.

Again Meyn Street. We go to the bus-stop. Nebolshaya Square, on it - Mercat Cross (A market cross). Strangely enough, it designates not the place of the market at all, and serves as a symbol of the prospering trade city what Doon also was, at least, at the time of the late Middle Ages. The most widespread decoration of the Market Cross in Scotland is the unicorn, but in Dunya at cross top - a lion.

Opposite to a stop - a green bench. This bench is repaired by Johnny Cameron`s friends as a symbol of kind memory of it. Cool!

Right there - the Red phone booth. Read that this symbol of the United Kingdom is decided to be liquidated, but here, in Dunya, she is.

Here and bus, almost empty. It is a little sad to leave the nice town Doon...