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What to surprise darling with? Sharpness!

Lovely girls, well which of us does not like to receive unexpected presents from men for any holiday or just like that? Probably, only units... And sometimes so there is a wish to make something in the answer and for them. To do surprises is even more amusing and more disturbing. If they intend for darling, the loved one and plus to everything are made by the hands.

the set of ways to give joy to the beloved Exists. Here and a dinner by candlelight, and a visit of cinema, and walks under the star sky. Well, and that if we not the chief - cooks, there are no funds for cinema, and in the winter there are no stars at all? Let`s surprise with sharpness. Everything depends on your imagination and participation in needlework. I will prompt several ways of such here self-made presents - surprises which will not leave indifferent your elect.

1. Take a big box (such it is possible to ask in shops, usually they are not necessary any more, and they are given willingly), outside paste over with gift packing, from within - stickers. The most usual color stickers, and on everyone it is possible to write pleasant words to the admirer. On the bottom of a box put some small gift even if just a chocolate, and from above put a heap of the small balls inflated with helium. Do not forget to tie also a huge bow and to take in hand the camera thanks to which you will be able to imprint all emotions of pleasure from a surprise.

2. Buy a Whatman paper in shop. Be not frightened if you are not able to draw because we on it will write. On the center we do one inscription by a large print, for example “I love you“, “You the best“, “I miss you“, and we paste over everything around with small multi-colored hearts on which just as, and on stickers, we write pleasant wishes. When everything is ready, it is possible to curtail accurately our poster, to tie a ribbon, and to sideways paste a butterfly or a floret from dense paper.

3. in general can work wonders With a Whatman paper! Again write a beautiful inscription, lead round it glue and fill up from above with spangles (such are usually used for drawings on nails), it is possible to write a beautiful verse or the message to darling below, and around to make a small collage of your photos.

4. Call darling on walk, but prematurely lay a way from the house to a present by means of small notes, on each of which the way to the following such hint will be described. In parallel give it some more tasks, performing which, he will be promoted in the form of your kisses or hints. Be sure, it will find what looked for.

5. If your partner seriously is fond of something, present him the certificate of honor! Such it is possible to draw, create on the computer or to buy ready, only to fill most. The beloved will understand that to you not just there is a business to his hobby that you really consider him as the expert and are proud of

Most important in a surprise is its surprise. Think over that to trifles, how exactly you will present it and what reaction can be expected. The surprise has to be prepared with love and awe too. Surprise darlings, you give them pleasure, there is nothing better on the earth, than to see happy eyes of the elect in love.