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And with whom you?

Social networks came to a new level of development. At least, users and analysts so consider. If few years ago they were strictly limited set of the functions calculated generally on communication, then today is a huge copper where, having mixed up, the latest news interesting and not really the facts, the standing and flat humour, someone`s well spent evenings and nights which ended with a gap and other, other, other rage... Someone waits for the answer from
from social networks to the vital issues in the field of private life, secretly dreaming that this throwing on “a web in a web“, from it more than hundred million users, will give them on the personal page of “that only thing“ once. Or only. Someone does not wait for anything, simply killing time. By the way, always interested me: how it is possible “to kill“ time? In fact, it dies in itself...
Wandering on these open spaces, once came across one of thousands of tests promising “to tell everything about your inner world“.
- “Ha!“ - as always I thought. with
But something it drew my attention - whether the logical description, whether the attached photo (an excellent bait, by the way). Yes, precisely, the photo - in it represented the dense, impassable forest. Coniferous, it seems. Anyway, I decided to plunge into depths “myself favourite“, the benefit developers promised to reveal a secret of my essence only five questions (and at children not bad with marketing, and?) . I will not begin to list to
all questions, I will stop on one. It was necessary to imagine the dense wood (the photo, probably, was placed for the aid to people without imagination) and to answer a question: “With whom you are torn through its green labyrinths?“. I answered.
In results of people with which I went was designated as y U-00AB he most important person in your life“. Coincided. Not only in this question, but also in all five. And, as usual, what surprised us we hurry to share with others. And I during next few days at any convenient possibility of strutters to each of representatives of my narrow circle five questions, after several repetitions which were flying away from teeth.
- “Present the wood. Dark such, terrible. With whom you on it go?“
I in a few minutes:
- “Oh, and the truth, indeed! Directly all - everything coincides! “
one went with the father, another with the brother, the third with the girl. Walked in the woods with mothers, colleagues, aunts. Unfamiliar places it is always safer in the company, isn`t it?
From the general regularity was beaten out only one person. No, it will not be possible to disappoint creators of the test - at this person too everything coincided. But...
- “And here imagine this coniferous, bewitching forest. With whom you there?“ - I briskly approached a favourite question.
- “One“.
you Know this feeling when something absolutely usual strikes up to the soul depth? The sky did not fall to the Ground, enemy shells did not commit breach of so precious Peace, no. But I stood as driven and several seconds could not ask the following question. And what for? that second I understood everything about this person. you Imagine
? Darkness, cold from the earth, others district, neither the end, nor edge to silent trees. Also there is it. One.