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Panic attacks. As far as they are terrible?

Fear in itself - not really pleasant feeling. The nature provided this mechanism in order that the person did not risk in vain and had more chances of a survival. But sometimes in accurately debugged mechanism failures appear - and then the person tests attacks of panic which has at the moment no objective reasons.

What is panic attack?

are the flash of uneasiness aggravating sensation of fear for the life for preservation of mind, fear of involuntary actions. The person cannot concentrate on anything, he is distracted from any purposes by concern and panic. The attack can overtake the victim at work, at home, in a public and individual transport - anywhere.

During panic attacks of people not only feels internal alarm, but also experiences manifestation of certain physical symptoms. This increase heartbeat, a shiver, the complicated breath and short wind, nausea, a perspiration, heavy feeling in a breast, discomfort in a stomach, darkening in eyes. Emergence at the same time four of the described symptoms at the person who has no at the moment flu or ORZ, becomes the reason for the address to the expert.

The first time the attack of panic arises in a stressful situation: during an illness someone from relatives, overloads at work, divorce or the serious conflict. Can provoke an attack even expectation of a stressful situation - examination, business trip, a wedding, the presentation of the project, responsible conversation and so on. The subsequent attacks begin without any visible reasons, but there are some risk factors: alcohol, coffee in large numbers, physical activities is higher than habitual.

Panic attacks last no more than half an hour, and often time of an attack is limited also for 5 minutes. If you have panic attacks, you should not hesitate or be ashamed of it, 4-5% of the population of the planet are subject to regular panic attacks, and every tenth person on Earth had similar feeling at least several times.

As it is necessary to work at a panic attack?


the place where it is possible to sit during panic attack. Sit down and make several deep breaths. If it is not the first attack, then you at yourself have to have soothing preparations. Have a rest and relax. In 30 minutes after the beginning of an attack it will be possible to go about the own business further.

The address to the doctor with complaints to attacks such, as a rule, does not bring any results. Most of therapists make the diagnosis “vegeto - vascular dystonia“ and suggest not to pay attention to attacks or to be treated symptomatic. But preparations for stabilization of a blood pressure, antidepressants and tranquilizers do not solve such problems!

I would advise to address the psychotherapist. Always mental injuries are the true reason of emergence of attacks of panic attacks, and it is necessary not to fight against attacks, and to fix problems which cause them. If not to establish the reason and not to learn to overcome the fear, periodic attacks of panic attacks can develop into phobias and neurosises, and sometimes to become the development reason, for example, of a myocardial infarction.

Many people, having endured a panic attack once, begin to be afraid of its repetition. As a rule, they develop an agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) and therefore many in critical situations are solved on acceptance of 100 grams for bravery. Alas, courage increases for about 10 minutes, and generally alcohol in such situations only aggravates a problem.

Do not resolve an issue and medicines - eventually inevitably there is a dependence, and efficiency of their influence decreases many times. Only consultations of the psychotherapist will help to refuse medicines and to continue active socially - public life, having forgotten about attacks of panic attacks.