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Where it is better to have a rest in the winter?

Where are better to have a rest in the winter - here the main question which is asked to himself by everyone who intends to take week of holiday in so-called off-season - the winter period. Further questions just derivative of the basic - where it is better to have a rest in the winter abroad, where to drive on mountain skiing etc.

Rest in the winter - generally, a subject just huge. Everything depends on tastes, bents and, certainly, on purse thickness. I want to tell how I could have a rest week in the winter abroad once and drive on mountain skiing for only $1500 for two.

It was rest in the winter in Zakopane . Zakopane is a small town in the south of Poland with the population about 30 000 people. It settles down in the valley of the foothills of Tatra mountains. From - for the convenient arrangement (120 km from Krakow - about two hours on the car) is the most popular ski resort of Poland. By the way, Zakopane was a candidate for holding the Winter Olympic Games of 2006. But that is called it did not develop - the right for Games was acquired by Turin, Italy.

Zakopane - the highest of the cities of Poland above sea level - 830 meters. The winter here very soft, and temperature does not fall lower than 5 - 10 degrees of a frost. The ski season proceeds within December - March.

Mountain skiing arose for a long time, even here at the end of the 19th century. Therefore to services of vacationers so far there was the whole network of very convenient places for skiing - 10 ski centers with a height difference about 900 meters and the general the extent of routes of 80 000 meters. To services of vacationers about 90 elevators.

But I will not tire you with statistical information, I will tell how to reach Zakopane and where to stop for accommodation.

Usually we with friends reach from Kiev on cars there. These are somewhere days of driving. But this year the winter was very snow and I did not risk to go through passes of the Carpathians. There was a real chance to get stuck in the traffic jams caused by snow drifts. Therefore decided to go to Krakow by plane. Rejected idea of the train from the very beginning since very much I do not like to go to them.

It is natural as I am a supporter of independent travel, at first decided to estimate in how many the independent trip to Zakopane will manage, and studied the Internet on this subject. And here that appeared.

There are no direct flights from Kiev to Krakow (as well as from Moscow). Flight of the Polish airline LOT through Warsaw - about $800 for two was the cheapest. Similar flight of the same company from Moscow - about $1200. Tried still the budgetary airlines, but found nothing suitable.

From Krakow up to One Zakopane most convenient to reach by bus of the private lines “Trans-Frej“ or “Szwagropol“. It is possible also by train, but these are four hours instead of two and twice more expensively.

Residence in Zakopane is not a problem. There about $60-90 per day, including a breakfast and if to agree, then both a lunch and a dinner are a lot of private boarding houses on very reasonable prices. It is possible to order on the Internet, just gather in the searcher “Zakopane accommodation“.

Generally, around - run about $1400 turned out. However there was one big “But“ - flights arrive to Krakow late at night and to trudge in Zakopane there was no desire at night.

Having slightly hesitated for a time, I joined travel agency and learned that they have a direct morning charter to Krakow with the subsequent transfer in Zakopane. All package of accommodation cost about $1500. The difference in $100 was insignificant, and on that I also stopped.

Well, and in Zakopane everything was fine. There was strange snow weather and rest was successful wonderfully well. Who wanted, rode mountain skiing, who wanted - on the sledge, and who did not wish either the first, or the second, just sat in numerous cafes.

By the way, the alpine skiing equipment with itself can be not taken. About each ski center there are rental centers where it was possible to take for extremely moderate sum skis, sticks and boots. I recommend to take for several days at once. It turns out cheaper.

Also there are travel cards on elevators. I do not remember precisely how many stand, but too it is inexpensive.

Of course, all week it is not interesting to sit in Zakopane and it is possible to go at excursion. Owners, where you will live, will point to local travel agencies where it is possible to join various excursions in Russian. I, for example, went to Krakow and underground salt mines. Very interestingly.

Generally if you want to have a rest in the winter abroad and to drive on mountain skiing cheap and in rather comfortable conditions, rest in Zakopane is the most.