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How to ask the man?

Each of us want that the man indulged her and granted desires. If not all, then many. There are eight basic rules as it is necessary to ask the man about something that he really wanted to make it... We note?

1. It is necessary to ask rather directly and to accurately formulate a request. Often we speak in equivoques, but, unfortunately, men are not able to read mind, and women for it take offense at them. And men, respectively, take offense at women for the fact that that do not know what want. There is a good exercise. You speak aloud: “I want that …“, and accurately you formulate what you want. At first formulate it for yourself with specification: where, when as well as under what conditions you want to receive it. For example: “I want to have a rest in such - the country, in it - month, having spent money only for souvenirs“. Thus, you formulate for yourself result.

2. To ask the man when he in good mood. Should be chosen truly a situation. It is good if while you ask, the man stays in good mood. But if he is upset with something, it is necessary to listen or calm and only then to ask something.

3. Show it its benefit. Why your request will be favorable to the man? What he will receive, having satisfied your request. And this benefit precisely is, otherwise the man would hardly agree to do that it is not favorable to him, or what is not important for him. We in the relations always have a certain balance. We allow and receive. For example, you want that your man went with you to have a rest. You can tell: “Darling, I something got a bit tired and I want to go to holiday. You too lately look not really, you should have a rest and gain strength. And still there, where we will go, there will be an opportunity to dive with a mask, you so love it“ … If you do not pronounce its benefit, he will consider that this situation is favorable only to you and your task - “to zamanipulirovat“ it. Of course, it will resist, sometimes just of obstinacy.

4. To rejoice when the man satisfies requests. If you ask about something the man, it is important to show emotions when he takes some steps to it, but not just only agrees. When you sincerely rejoice, the man will be happy that he makes you happy, and it is one of his purposes too.

5. What voice to ask? It is better if your intonation is very gentle as though the child asks some toy. Men do not love when the woman asks something rigidly and exactingly, they have a feeling that it is not a request, but the requirement in relation to it. You should not ask by a whimsical voice too - the high timbre of men irritates!

6. If you about something asked, do not do it. For example, you asked it to wash the dishes and see that there passed 15 minutes, and the man continues to sit with the magazine in a chair, then you with insult go on kitchen and do everything. It is a mistake! The man will think that if you also were able to do it why then to ask? It is illogical from the point of view of men. And in the future he will wait rather, than will do. It is not necessary to support such behavior. If you ask something and he agrees, give him an opportunity it to make.

7. If the man agreed to satisfy your some request, then do not control him as it carries out it. For example, you asked the man to be engaged in the organization of your days off. You should not pull it every minute and to ask, he thought up something or not. Wait when he tells you about it.

8. And the most important rule - always keep in mind a possibility of refusal . If the man refuses to you something, it should not be for you the tragedy and loss. Everyone has the right to refuse to another. Always you ask the man with such internal message - you know that it can refuse to you, but if he agrees to make it, then he can make you happy. Do not try to manipulate and in any ways all the same to try to obtain the from the man. Your relations from it will not be such deep any more.

Eight rules are that. Still keep in mind that in some situations the man needs time on “to think“, and it is not necessary to force events. Anyway, to ask it is necessary to study and remember that men are not able to read mind.