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Whether the spiritual consumer basket is necessary to us?

So turned out that about twenty years ago, together with arrival of capitalism to our country, the main slogan for all Russians there was the following principle: “enrichment in any way“. From pages of newspapers and from screens of TVs on us the flow of information which is reduced to one rushed - only the wealthy, rich person can be happy, and the state is considered happy only if in it there live full, financially secure people. The main thing for the state - to lift economy, all the rest will appear by itself. So who has a business grasp, have to earn big money, and “idlers“, like cultural and scientists are doomed to vegetation.

Who wants to vegetate? The people dashingly picked up the appeal proceeding from above and, having spat on moral and cultural wealth which to us though it is one-sided, but all - took root in socialist society, rushed to build the rich future. But passed more than twenty years, and something somehow “did not grow together“ at us with wealth, so and this strange happiness. It appears, to be enriched it turns out not at all. It turned out at so small percent of the population that it is even terrible to think. But to the people something new opened - it appears, for enrichment there is not enough one desire. For material prosperity during an era of capitalism it is necessary not only special - pragmatic mentality, but also the special warehouse of soul, capable when it is necessary, and it is better - forever - “to disconnect“ the principles of decency and justice. Well and, of course, still strong nerves, strong elbows and sharp teeth are necessary. Generally, deceived by the capitalist slogan that to the rich there can be everyone, the people begin to cry out gradually about the trampled justice, to remember spirituality, but - alas, the crushed moral values - for this, let and small but absolutely immoral, an interval of time - depreciated to such an extent that already and it is impossible to look at them without tears. And the young young growth of the population - that even does not wish to think of them, of these moral values, not to respect. Well, unless it is possible to respect what so long walked over. Having pushed cultural wealth for a case, the younger generation preaches other values which are reduced to old as the world to the laws of the jungle, main of which as you remember, says: “to weak - a bone“. Yes, the younger generation at us grows pragmatic to the core if it is necessary, can and file a lawsuit against parents, and even just “to order“ if they stir achievements of the purpose. And the most terrible that it is impossible to blame for it the younger generation. Ourselves brought up their such. The younger generation greedy absorbs the lessons taught by the state, and at it is to what “will learn“. The encouraged from above, our notorious Russian business which is not constrained by anything and anybody inflated the prices in domestic market for everything that is in demand for the population, well and, of course, in a pursuit of the superincome began to save on quality diligent. It appears, it is very favorable - to make something low-quality. Only on winter repair of roads it is possible to appropriate money so many that and did not dream moralists. Immoral officials were accustomed long ago to earn from the debt to care for citizens, and services of a law and order passed to secret self-sufficiency. To put it briefly, together with capitalism to us the era of global corruption and an administrative lawlessness came.

Alas, such situation in the country cannot proceed eternally. It is understood not only the unprotected layers, it also the elite - in high understanding of this word “elite“ understands. Our real elite, unlike modern school students, studied history at the Soviet schools - that is carefully, and knows that chaos in the government other chaos under the name revolution surely succeeds. The elite knows and understands that the unbridled corruption is a corrosion, the eating state base from within and when the base collapses, the building inevitably falls. Our power at last began to fight against corruption, but some strange, shy half measures. And it is impossible to blame the power for it. History - that it studied well, but for rescue of the falling building knowledge from other area is necessary. To fight against the unsteady base, it is necessary to understand at first - why it reeled? Also it is necessary to strengthen rather the soil on which there is our building of statehood? And what it is the soil?. Businessmen and businessmen of the most various articles in a pursuit of economic welfare absolutely forgot that the main wealth of the person - his spirituality and culture, but it is corroded by greed and voluptuousness. And therefore in order that the base finally did not collapse, it is necessary to begin to lift urgently authority of spirituality and morality. It is time already to cease to shout our power at every turn that pledge of the prospering state are an economy. People already jagged it to death, as clear as a day. We need to learn another, reliably forgotten again now: “not bread uniform the person“, “the rich do not know how the other half lives“, “friend in court is better than a penny in purse“ etc. and t is full. o … And it is good to understand to us that corrupt officials, it is not just wreckers - it is the most insatiable barbarians who are ready to plunder one hundred prospering Rimov, only give them vent. All of us need to understand that - the destroyer not the prison and not an executioner`s block but only spiritual enlightenment will be able to pacify the barbarian. Yes, the strong economy is a pledge of the strong state, but the vysokayadukhovnost, culture so and moral integrity is a basis, these are roots of the healthy state, it is our soil.

It is represented to me that in our country there are all conditions today to begin to raise new generation of highly moral people. Of course, for this purpose it is necessary to be spent. But, it is time already from accountants for us to turn into economists and to understand that only the one who invests money in something - receives benefit and positive result. If you are invested in agriculture - receive bread, in extraction of metals - receive armor and guns and if invest the capital in development of soul - receive happiness. Beginning to put in cultural and spiritual education, we in twenty years will receive new generation which will live under laws of honor and love, beauty, diligence and decency. Agree that the well-mannered person cannot just spoil in the elevator because he even cannot think of it. And if each person is cultural, with concepts of conscience and honor? Then problems with crime, with corruption in all areas, problems connected with construction of bad roads and other our today`s pressing problems simply will disappear by itself.

But that it occurred, the will of the power is necessary. Why don`t it enter the concept “Spiritual Consumer Basket“ into use? And in the well-known list of goods, necessary for life, to enter also tickets into theaters for four sessions a month, subscriptions in conservatory, in the museums, and also also new books. Of course, the money which is paid extra on culture, in other purposes will begin to use most of the population of the republic, but not it is important. The main thing - the people will know that the culture and spirituality again in the price, is staked not only on economy, but also on cultural education and spiritual updating. Well and, of course, the main thing - is time to be engaged in education of younger generation urgently: to increase financing of a day nursery of kindergartens, to pay weekly visits of school students of theaters and the museums, to open new libraries and to provide them with books, to stage hundreds of various creative republican, Russian contests and international festivals, to make free occupations in all circles of amateur performances, to build new palaces of culture, clubs, theaters, to make absolute free education at school. It is necessary “to load“ so our citizens culture and spirituality that, eventually, week lack of a visit of theater or lack of the necessary book in library was perceived by the person as something outstanding. Then precisely in several decades our country to turn into the anti-corruption reserve, an oasis for judges of culture and spiritually educated people.

All puzzle - how to win against corruption? And it is very simple to make it. It is only necessary to agree with a reality that corruption, it - that other as the most terrible crime on light under the name “corruption“. Yes, - corruption. Because extorting and offering a bribe - it is the seducers torturing to crush high morality and purity of soul in the person. And if someone attempted upon spirituality of the child - it in general is equivalent to his spiritual murder. Whether attaching in school whether in institute of the child for money, we let this child know that money makes the mare go, thereby emasculating his soul. Here we also approached the main principle of fight against corruption: as soon as we regard spirituality and culture as of paramount importance then all who try to trample on our spirituality become terrible criminals. Having realized it, the person involuntarily will begin to value the moral qualities, to develop them, and all troubles generated by thirst of mad enrichment will come to naught. It is not a utopia, it is the fact which is confirmed with experience of the few countries. The one who studies not only history of the accounts and savings books, that knows about what countries it there is a speech. For example, Switzerland in times, heavy for it, invested up to fifty percent of GDP into education and culture. And than we it is worse?