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Than to clean a blockage?

As are good that someone from clever people once constructed the sewerage. Otherwise still on a backyard with a bucket of slops would run, as in old times. And now - time, and the used water got to somewhere. The few know where the sewerage comes to an end, but literally all - where it begins... it begins

A in each apartment: in a toilet, in a bathroom, in kitchen. And when everything is good, we are its works it seems and we do not notice: pressed a button, pulled out a stopper - and with a joyful turbulence the used water disappeared in cunning interlacings of pipes. But sometimes it occurs not so joyfully or at all does not occur - we formed a blockage.

It is necessary to tell that, for example, at a sink which is called “having merged“ “entrance“ to the sewerage, to the system of utilization of water it is connected not directly, and through so-called “siphon“. This such device which prevents penetration of unpleasant smells from pipes to us to the apartment. It works by the principle of “a water lock“ when the part of the water which remained in “lock“ reliably blocks a way to gases from the sewerage. Most often this device is carried out in the form of the curved channel or a pipe passing water in one party, and in another - nothing.

Practice shows that the obstacle which prevents normal passing of liquid exactly here is most often formed. As a result we observe very slow leaving of the used water, and sometimes and its full stagnation.

The main methods of fight against a blockage are well-known to masters in this area - to plumbers. They come to the rescue of us when there was such trouble. But on a call of the master time and money are necessary. It is especially offensive to stay the whole day waiting for the expert and to see how he in five minutes coped with this misfortune. There is a question - why most not to try to restore normal work of system?

There are several methods of fight against a blockage : breakdown by an elevated pressure, mechanical cleaning and chemical processing.

The simply, is, of course, chemistry - took a bubble with cunning structure, poured in sewer “hole“ and sit, wait when there all is cleared. The principle of its action is based on interaction of caustic means, for example, of sodium hydroxide, with the fatty deposits narrowing section for water pass. During small time these deposits are dissolved or will be transformed to less dense substances and go to further travel on pipes. A well-known example - means for a clearing of the pipes “Mole“. Badly the fact that at a dense blockage or the got plasticity subject or cellophane this method does not work and anyway demands time. But at the same time it is good for prevention of deposits, for example, on a kitchen sink.

To use an elevated pressure which is capable to shift the formed blockage from “familiar spot“, is applied special adaptation - the old kind plunger. It is the tool with the wooden handle and a rubber sucker for certain many saw, let not in live, so on pictures. If densely to put a rubber bowl to the got littered opening and sharply to press the handle, and then also sharply to pull it back, then in a drain excessive pressure, and then depression which will force to collapse the formed barrier will be created, having sent pollution to depths of pipes together with water.

Progress does not stand still, and the advanced type of the plunger can be seen in departments of bathroom equipment now. Such tool works by the principle of the syringe or pump. Putting forward the piston up, we gather water in the case. We put a rubber exit to discharge and it is sharply pressed the handle - water under pressure directs to the place of a blockage.

By the way, for a clearing it is possible to use and the ordinary vacuum cleaner - having blown the main thing that its hose could work on. In this case pressure is created by air, but not water.

In all described cases it is necessary to observe full sealing of a site from an entrance to discharge to an obstacle, that is to densely press pressure source to an opening, avoiding tool distortions. Also it is necessary to provide isolation of all additional reported discharges - to cork them, a rag or even a hand. Only in this case the operation “pressure“ will take place, most likely, successfully.

If everything that we did with the help of chemistry and the plunger, did not help us, then there is only one way - mechanical . But also there can be two options of actions. The first, it when was lucky us and the siphon can be sorted for a clearing. As a rule, sinks have such design. Here nothing difficult - sorted, threw out all muck which hammered an exhaust outlet, washed out and collected back. Do not forget sealing elastic bands, otherwise from connections will mercilessly flow.

If a siphon non-demountable or the blockage happened in plum of a bathroom or toilet bowl, then the most adequate tool - a sanitary cable. How, you have no sanitary cable?! A disorder, but just in case know that such tool also is in departments of bathroom equipment. It is not just a bay of a steel rusty wire, and rather accurate design, can be in the plastic case, with the handle as at the meat grinder. Cables differ with length, thickness and the price. It would be desirable to hope that at you hands will not reach application of a cable, but why not to have a small rope in economy?

Drains of a bathroom and a shower cabin often are exposed to a blockage if among residents there are people with long hair. As it is banal, but hair are the frequent reason of the complicated discharge - it is enough to get confused to a couple on a drain lattice and after a while solid “beard“ which it is usually not visible is formed. To eliminate such trouble, it is enough to use a copper wire, with a diameter about 1 mm with a hook on the end. Having thrust its end into the got littered discharge and thoroughly pokovyryav there, a bound together lump of hair time - two“ is deleted on “, and water leaves without delays again.

There is a wish to hope that this small educational program is capable to brighten up your stay near the got littered sanitary device waiting for the representative ZhEK or to help most to begin to work with the right direction.