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My comment on a subject: education of children in same-sex families.

“ In Norway research was conducted: how children in same-sex couples feel? And we did not find signs that they feel worse, than in heterosexual. “ would not tell

Ya that education of the child in a same-sex family will not lead to any negative consequences in the future, especially at manifestation of pedophilia in such same-sex families. At early age when still puberty did not come and, the knowledge of these relations can not influence him. But during puberty when the organism begins to feel the nature, the child for certain will have a certain mental disorder, at knowledge of what sexual life at his same-sex parents, especially when it at lessons studies biology of genitals in school, and to begin to understand that it is correct to eat and that is not present. Approximately the same mental disorder at the person, especially at that which not absolutely conforms to gender standards which in some measure are based on an explanation of homosexuality of scientists, arises when he reads article, for example, “ nonconventional sexual orientation - the phenomenon congenital or acquired? “ where scientists, it seems, as proved the congenital reason of homosexuality at the person. Or, for example, knowledge that even in fauna at 450 animal species homosexual contacts are observed and at some of them long-term same-sex couples which bring up the posterity, with further linkng of it with the person are formed. From knowledge of all this, somehow it becomes feel ill at ease.

The matter is that the person has a certain system natural sexual program connected with all organism, and also with psychology. And here if the person does not follow the system natural sexual program, then such not natural direction of vital actions gradually causes peculiar “failure“ in an organism in the person, from more and more - for what, mental also the state of mind of an organism worsens more and more! That is, if the person even psychologically in some sense carries himself to a homosexual image, then it already somehow will negatively affect its mental state, from - for internal contradictions with its nature if the person accepts it in himself that is to a large extent felt to men, than women. At the person in some measure as though his internal beauty and more normal state is lost. Of course, the person can normally perceive in himself the homosexual relations, and, it seems, how to feel good mood. But all the same, in its state something changes for the worse, but, all - it is difficult to notice as this not really considerable influence on mentality and physiology. And if still the person enters the same-sex sexual relationships, then it will be reflected even more negatively in his mental state, from - for the same of an internal contradiction. And then, it, it seems, as the good mood will gradually disappear, and will turn into higher risk of mental disorders. For some reason talented people of nonconventional sexual orientation in various directions of activity, from - for what are very little observed, it is impossible to tell that the homosexual relations positively influence talent of the person. Homosexuality closes brightness of congenital talent in the person rather, but does not disclose it. If to try to perceive the homosexual relations in itself, then it in some measure is difficult perceived for a psychophysiological condition of the person.

But if the psychological problem with scientific option of an explanation of homosexuality at the person and the homosexual relations in fauna is somehow solvable: scientists actually could not prove any congenital component of homosexuality, and in fauna the homosexual relations come from not understanding psychology of animals of a sex of the sexual partners, that knowledge that you from a homosexual family, will cause deeper internal contradiction and a mental disorder in the person. I do not say that he will become a maniac, or someone similar, but to the child, in my opinion, it is necessary to make the choice: or to show will power and to reject the homosexual relations as inside you feel that it is not correct, or to cross through itself and to perceive normally these relations, both at parents, and in itself. If to perceive these relations normally, then it means that in the future he can become on the way of the homosexual relations. And such not natural relations will lead to even big mental and mental disorders in an organism. For what reason there are people of nonconventional sexual orientation with double risk of receiving mental disorders, together with suicide psychology, in comparison with people of heterosexual orientation? Heard opinion of one psychologist on the TV that it occurs from - for a homophobia and discrimination from society. But how it is possible to explain that there are people of nonconventional sexual orientation with the same mental disorders and suicide psychology in tolerant to homosexuality and homosexuals the countries where open gay propaganda and an appeal is led to tolerance to people of such way of life? Unless from - for a homophobia or discrimination even if the father is put in prison for 15 days from - for quotes from the bible about that, homosexuality is a sin? Of course, the so-called homophobia and discrimination can affect developing of mental disorders. But, all - the main reason not in it!

And furthermore if to speak about distribution of venereal diseases, for example, of AIDS. Of course, one may say, that it is possible to be protected by a condom. For certain besides call also in Europe on the TV. But it for any reason does not stop distribution of venereal diseases. If to trust one information source, then more than 50 percent of people of the diseased on AIDS in the European countries are made by homosexuals. It is unlikely it is possible to tell that these people in Europe are a little informed. Legalization of same-sex marriages automatically leads to gay propaganda and distribution of venereal diseases and mental disorders among the population. Education of children in same-sex couples anyway is not normal. In the child initially put not the correct, but fundamental psychology which can do much harm very seriously as him, and society. Scientists say that, apparently, about 10 percent of people of nonconventional sexual orientation are congenital. Other 90 percent of people of such way of life became that of - for gay propagandas. That is, gay propaganda influenced psychology and the choice of a nonconventional sexual way of life. But there are also other scientists who consider that all - the congenital reason is not proved. Same-sex couples can also influence psychology vospituyemy them the child to choose a way of the homosexual relations, with further negative consequences in his life. And also, it is necessary to consider that in homosexual families the pedophilia occurs much more more often than in heterosexual that can also negatively affect a mental condition of the child. It is confirmed with the research conducted by “Mark Regnerus“.

Scientists, having issued the congenital version of homosexuality and having told that it is norm, thereby having a little altered gender psychology, and, on the basis of it, people of nonconventional sexual orientation say what they have « now; right “ on the relations, a marriage, and education of children, already strongly did much harm to society that is especially brightly observed for holidays on March 8 and on February 23 when all try to be “ presents “ men and women. To conform to these gender standards, men at teenage age have to, it is simple “ are compelled “ not only to correspond to them by the physiological nature, but also have to be able to fight, be hooligans, and not in which case not to cry as there is an expression that men do not cry, and women should not play sports, this manifestation of force, have to be sensitive, and it is obligatory to be able to cry that all this, from - for wrong the gender psychology based on homosexuality proceeds and now. And the one who does not conform to these gender standards that psychologically in some measure feels bad, from - for what, the person in some sense can carry himself to people of homosexual orientation that in the future can influence the choice of a homosexual way of life.

The person to the person feels a certain power sympathy and mutual understanding. When we watch any comic shows where someone, for example, something hurts and somehow hits, we in some sense feel pain of this person. Same it is possible to compare also to viewing of video of the sexual relations. People who are engaged in the same-sex sexual relationships for certain reasons destroy the vital power of an organism, thereby worsening the state, from more and more - for what, they several times have mental disorders more. And here how they themselves destroy, at some power and sincere level of an organism is felt also to other people at communication that also in some measure negatively influences a condition of other people. Now it is possible to imagine what destructive power and negative feelings same-sex parents in communication will enclose in children raised by them since “small years“.

The child anyway has to have a father and mother because only they could create him. If it turned out so that the child has no parents, then all the same him the man and the woman, but not same-sex couple that it did not differ from other children have to bring up others, and in the future it did not influence his mentality and psychology. But if it is same-sex couple, then the child, studying at school at biology lessons one, and coming home, sees, and understands absolutely another, sooner or later will ask certain questions. One of them will be connected with genitals. And parents will explain that, in sum, same-sex sex, with all its components, is normally, despite the perverted form that such education can result in sexual dissoluteness. If it is oh, so to speak, couple of brothers. That is, two brothers, one of them the father, owing to some circumstances live together from what, both of them have an influence on the child, one may say, that it in any sense normally and will not affect its mental state in the future, as well as in couple of sisters of the bringing-up child. All reason consists in sexual life of parents of the child. On it, legalization of same-sex marriages and education of children in them can affect extremely negatively as on health of the child in the subsequent life, and a condition of all society!