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Again to St. Petersburg? No, to new St. Petersburg One my acquaintance told every time of

so: “I do not want to live in St. Petersburg because differently I will have no place to come...“ City of my heart, St. Petersburg. Here tourists from around the world and from all Russia gather. I never heard so much foreign speech in Moscow.

First it even offended a little, Moscow - the capital. But, as if we loved the cities, nobody will argue that in St. Petersburg as if there is something else, besides delightful structures from the last centuries and in general a fine architectural complex. Here some special spirit not similar to the rigid, eternally hurrying Moscow reigns.


For the first time I visited still the schoolgirl here. As usual, we bypassed all most significant sights. Then they struck me up to the soul depth, and I resolved that I will return not once here yet. But not in the brilliant arches of palaces and temples an essence of this city with the majestic name St. Petersburg. It is, certainly, its grandiose part, gloss, but the true shape can be seen only in plenty having acquired along not tourist routes.

We managed to bypass only small part of what can offer St. Petersburg. The route was limited to vicinities of Nevsky Avenue and Vasilyevsky Island, however it is only an occasion to continue fascinating travel further deep into of quarters. Only this way it is possible to experience the city, without stuffy transport and brisk prospectuses, and just wandering about small streets, inhaling rainy air and getting wet with this atmosphere through.

In the depth of the yards we found houses with unclear, absolutely illogical arrangement of windows, unusual bright graffiti in places where, apparently, nobody will see them. Incidentally entered the markets and laughed at signs with the “ inscriptions sea a slipper“ and advertizing pass - posters with the image of a small doggie in a pink suit and the signature “lingerie“. Found original shop of footwear in which we were met by the cheerful tattooed guy with a vase of bright candies in hands. In shop loud music played, there were drums, and on cash desk - will not believe! - the inflamed hookah. Conceptually, loudly, defiantly, and footwear same. I promised to return to them, and I will return.

Too every time can be found in world famous sights a set of highlights, earlier invisible to us. For example, we fell in love with a foggy view of St. Isaac`s Cathedral, standing near majestic stone Atlases at the Hermitage.

Of course, we could not ignore the yards - wells in which still it is necessary to manage to make the way. As among us there was an ardent admirer of Dostoyevsky (and all of us love and we respect this remarkable writer), was decided to find the apartment of the old woman - the moneylender. This adventure became one of the brightest in our Petersburg life, without it the purpose to see this well-known apartment would not turn out such attractive.

For the second day of searches we entered this yard, asked where we an entrance, to be exact “front door“ in which there lived an old woman received the benevolent answer and went straight there. How to make the way in the house - one more problem which then was represented quite solvable. Our fan of Dostoyevsky offered idea to call on the on-door speakerphone any apartment and to be presented by the mail carrier. We were answered at once by the woman who was extremely meticulous and inquired that we for mail and that we brought to it. As a result told that will go down and will look. In several seconds from where - that from above we heard a sharp voice: “Go, walk!“ We tried to explain

to this woman that we only need to pass in an entrance, but nothing affected it. The Internet prompted mad ways to outwit the on-door speakerphone, but nothing was impossible. As a result the woman was not too lazy and in a couple of minutes it appeared below in a dressing gown and slippers, trying to banish us. We were perplexed: can, we are similar to addicts, thieves or still someone? First she was even going to let us, but when we said a surname of the great writer, for some reason went for and left in a huff with words: “About - oh, it is clear“.

It is absolutely unclear that then became clear to it, but after that she threatened to call the police and repeated everything from the floor that we have nothing to do there. Soon doors left the young girl who quickly closed behind herself a door and promptly left away. Only having still stood some time there, we waited for an exit of more friendly grandfather which without problems passed us. All this made our visit of a historical entrance even more disturbing. The narrow ladder, the beaten high steps - seems, here so nothing changed since the time of Raskolnikov. Thanks of that to the beautiful woman that she presented us mood for all day, and her phrase “Nothing to do to you, not here - che - go!“ became for us nominal.

of Entertainment

If at school we could not think to take a step aside, then this time we, of course, did not miss an opportunity to visit local restaurants, bars and other entertaining institutions. They in St. Petersburg have some special mood too. Pathos it is obvious not in the price and in general institutions here just not such here and are not in such places to which residents of other cities got used. I never in life in Moscow would go to club or bar which is in a deaf back street in the strange room which is difficult for identifying.

But here the best, sign institutions are in such places. There only the Petersburger will be able to spend you, you will never find them. We were lucky, we had a good conductor. Thus we got to the bar which is directed only by one young man with the girl. There are a lot of different chairs and chairs collected obviously on a flea market, madly tasty cocktails and di - dzheysky installation. Any more there is nothing, except the tremendous atmosphere. The public is obviously local, very decent and pleasant. Places were not there, but to us they were quickly built. In total very friendly and even with existence of wi - fi.

Also we came into one of the most popular clubs which is somewhere in the yards too, and on an exit were frightened of a figure of the headless cook, apparently, once of the former restaurant welcoming guests from there. Visit of this club told us much about culture of this city and its people. We were passed out of turn that already marked the beginning of excellent evening. Our Petersburg satellite approached us later with the small company. Then he began to meet a great number of friends there, these friends acquainted us with the friends, and we, in turn, finally in them got confused.

And already the feeling was soon created that all in club know each other, including us. Any barriers in communication, smiles, dances, the incalculable number of foreigners from Italy, England, France, the USA and Germany, with all from which we were thrown by couple of phrases. To our everyone`s surprise, there was almost nobody on heels, in general very few people paid attention to clothes. I can compare this feature to Moscow again, this difference painfully sharply is evident.

And still - probably, only here in club it is possible to talk to hardly familiar person about the Buddhism and policy. And I tell it not only on the basis of the small experience, but also according to the friends who were that evening with me and communicating with other people.

We visited many places, communicated to locals and understood that here people in a different way treat to each other and everything that surrounds them. This spirit penetrates all city, people and everything that they create. Everywhere we felt an events particle, everywhere as if waited for us how old friends. The rain poured all evenings of our stay in St. Petersburg. We got on quite typical weather, and it was pleasant to us. This bright and gloomy St. Petersburg...

It is such, inconsistent and versatile, and always with the same mood. It is the city to which I will come back that every time to find in it a new charm.