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The Cossack patrols in Moscow. Whether it is worth “diluting“ them them with other nationalities?

In the first part of article we considered legal aspects of existence of the Cossack patrol. And now there is a little history: Cossacks are a real force and wanted to use the Cossacks many. One consider them as ancient Slavs, others believe that they went from stepnyak of the Golden Horde, and Hitlerites (with their hatred to east people and Slavs!) for some reason allocated the Cossacks in general in a separate caste. Fascists and their “racial“ thinkers considered Cossacks as descendants of ostgot (the ancient German tribe), and in days of the Second World War Germans tried to create the Cossack case headed by the general von Panwiz from CC and the general of the white movement P. Krasnov. However the invention failed, and the vast majority of Cossacks opposed invaders. So, many wanted to use Cossacks at all times. Germans even ranked them as descendants “the purest Aryan race. Now here the authorities of Moscow want to use Cossacks again.

I as the ordinary citizen am concerned by a question: what Cossacks now and whether it is possible to use it already today? The Cossacks any more not it what was in 18 - m a century, for example. That is why it is so important that those Cossacks who patrol the Moscow streets were selected carefully. All the same they should be delivered from other regions of the Russian Federation because the Cossack community in Moscow especially is unknown to anybody, and did not play a significant role in capital life.

The one who had a rest in Krasnodar Krai - where the Cossack villages are very widespread - know that there the Cossack patrols, faced them. And the created for the purpose of protection of vacationers at the Black and Azov seas, Cossack patrols sometimes turned into the real racketeers and pressed both local businessmen, and vacationers. Were engaged in extortion, violence, abuses. I heard from several people about it during trips across Tamani, across Krasnodar Krai.

Probably, in - the first,
as soon as to group of strong children are given some power and if over them there is no authoritative ataman or fear of criminal prosecution for abuses, then these abuses will not keep themselves waiting long.

In - the second, we will plunge into history: “The first Cossacks, crowd from the Circassian mountain … under protection of the Tatar governors theft and robbery traded; then passed to Dnieper and the city of Cherkasy on Dnieper constructed. (- V. N. Tatishchev, the History Russian, M. - L. 1963, t. II, p. 240) Theft and robbery. It is necessary to pay attention to it also. But it, of course, does not mean that modern Cossacks will behave also.

I hope, there will be not many cases of abuse in this, in general, useful and necessary undertaking. Or rather, this any not an innovation, but WELL FORGOTTEN OLD. Combatants are also on streets of settlements of the USA, other countries, there were they once and on our open spaces. It is more logical to let out the Cossack patrols on patrol with the regular law enforcement officer that, as they say, one service watched another. Cossacks wear a military uniform that makes sober hooligans a little. Also and police officers are, in fact, military education.

Cossacks, patrolling our streets, will watch that already official police officers did not allow abuses, and the official police officer as a part of the Cossack patrol will be allocated with specifics for neutralization of absolutely already come unsoldered persons, and even for capture of dangerous criminals. Plus the regular peace officer will watch that already Cossack patrol did not allow injustice concerning ordinary citizens. And trust to the Cossack patrol, will be more if the regular police officer will be its part. So I believe, has to be ideally. It Mnekazhtsya, it is necessary to try to start as much as possible such here the mixed patrols and then to collect analytical information on results of activity of the Cossack patrols in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation.

Our Russia incredibly big country, also lives hundreds of nationalities here. And here it is advisable not to forget about one aspect connected with the Cossack patrol. The matter is that if to have a look in depth of history of our Fatherland, then Cossacks always resisted and were at war most often with Caucasians. Cossacks long since lived near the Caucasus and the Caucasian revolts pacified, participated in the Caucasian wars. Moscow present turned into some kind of settler where all who feel like it gather.

The criminals aspire here, gastrarbayter captivated our buildings, the yards, there is no Russian janitor for a long time, sometimes it seems to me that in the capital there are already much more Caucasians, than indigenous people. As in the interview Vladimir Zhirinovsky “Correctly noticed Moscow already stopped being the Russian city“. Recently I came to a platform of the Kuzminki subway and stiffened as driven: I paid attention that an eye while looked, I DID NOT SEE ANY RUSSIAN PERSON. ANY! To the Russian Moscow as it seems to me, the end came, and ourselves are Muscovites - allowed to make it.

So, Caucasians on streets of Moscow there is a lot of now. As Cossacks since ancient times feed some hostility for Caucasians, to start the Cossack patrols to already non-russian city of Moscow is fraught that Cossacks will begin to carp, press Caucasians first of all. And those feeding hostility for Cossacks too (it in blood), with fervor inherent in them will try “to cut“ the head to Cossacks. Then it how to start a fox in a hen house. Feathers extensively will depart, and not to do without blood.

It would be already more logical to start the Caucasian patrols on streets of Moscow, than Cossack. And one more option to find the third force, a counterbalance two mentioned: for example, to start patrols consisting of Chinese, or Vietnamese. Strangely enough, Chinese and Vietnamese are very interested in an order in the city of Moscow. And temper at them more tolerant, soft. And Buddha`s philosophy is very tolerant to other nationalities and religions.

I will remind that the Russian men do not go to a team. They more often than the house watch football, or drink vodka for three, or work late hours. And Cossacks that go to patrols, will be prejudiced to Caucasians. Caucasians, if to let them in patrol, will roll in abuses as personally it seems to me. And here Asians, perhaps, optimal variant, most for us. One more principle of completing of a national team is possible. The patrol will consist of Russian, the Caucasian, the Asian, plus the official police officer. Somehow so. Though it is pure my nonprofessional assumption.

Anyway, the Cossack patrols already appeared on streets of the capital. To be afraid of them, you should not run away from them, but also to suffer abuses, extortion - too. With a law and order in the country and in Moscow in particular something needs to be done, it precisely. Only in the yard at my acquaintance for the last month three Russian little girls were raped, and the police also does not scratch. Recently there passed the reporting from the town of Yelets, the Lipetsk region. So there IN THE FACE OF passersby, at people in the yard who looked out of the windows on the street the young girl was raped and killed. Witnesses saw how the murderer threatening it took away it in bushes, but so nobody took courage at least to shout, frighten off the criminal. The tragedy happened.

Who knows if nearby there was Cossack or still some patrol, our earth would not be empurpled by blood of the young maiden. Time will show whether only the Cossack patrols which appeared on streets of the capital will be viable. Perhaps, they will help to improve somehow an intense criminogenic situation in the megalopolis.