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The Cossack patrols in Moscow. Should they submit and in what case?

27 - go in the center of the capital appeared November, 2012 the Cossack patrols. Interesting they are children! I remember, many years ago at the rate of history of high comprehensive school our teacher - the woman advanced in years of artistic sense - intensively waved a hand with the imagined checker when she told us about repressions of imperial troops against workers of pre-revolutionary Russia. She showed how Cossacks cut with a checker of the head of the holding a meeting workers, and by all means noticed that it became by order of the tsar.

I then vividly imagined some unfortunate turner, for example, of Putilovsky plant which starves, at which the house the lean wife and the whole bench of kids - ragamuffins. And here he came to demand to himself the better life on meeting, and instead of salary increase and improvement of social conditions to it a checker and on “kumpola“. That`s all increase. It became so a pity for me for the toiler that I still then took a dislike to Cossacks. However, for us - pioneers of the Soviet Union - the propaganda machine opened only one party of the Cossacks - counterrevolutionary. Allegedly, they only also did always that cut the heads with the worker and “erased in powder“ participants of country revolts against imperial administration.

Only later, after coming to power in the USSR of Mikhail Gorbachev and the embodiment of policy of publicity new archives, and together with them and new aspects of life and activity of the Cossack movement in our country at different stages of history opened. And I was surprised, has to recognize what Cossacks, appears, bore also huge advantage of the Empire. Russian Empire. Without them, probably, it would not be in the form in which it rattled for the whole world. The Russian Empire was known everywhere, and borders it throughout many thousands of kilometers were protected from enemies, generally just by Cossacks. So from time immemorial one of functions of the Cossacks - protection.

And here later hundreds of years, at the end November, 2012, on streets of the center of Moscow the Cossack patrols appeared. Life goes on a spiral, many philosophers so speak, so let`s understand whether newly made Cossack calculations on capital streets will cut the heads to nuisancers, as in imperial times. For example, if our contemporary throws out a stub by a ballot box in the face of such patrol.

Imagine a picture: you threw in a ballot box a bull-calf. Well, missed the mark, tea, not the basketball player! And right there the little man in a characteristic Cossack form, a wave of the perfected checker runs up to you and … You HAVE nothing to smoke more! The head under wheels of limousines swept that travel about on roads of Moscow … It of course, the exaggerated approach, but let`s try to understand whether the Cossack patrols on streets of modern Moscow are necessary and in what case to submit to them and in what is not necessary?

In - the first, it is necessary to understand what legal status these teams have. Their status is similar to the status of a voluntary national team. People of the advanced and middle age, remember how on streets and settlements of our Soviet cities minigroups of strong children with Komsomol badges and red bandages on sleeves stamped. They were on duty at restaurants where then night and drunk life crowded together. Patrolled dark parks, places of a mass congestion of people. As far as I remember, and heard from adults, citizens of the USSR, in principle, respected these courageous children - Komsomol members and the red bandage on a sleeve stopped hooligans, drunk brawlers, black marketeers from illegal acts more than once.

Combatants managed to detain serious criminals seldom, but also it happened. Because the recidivist with a set of sharpenings or the weapon will hardly listen to some admonitions of civil guys to go with them to police station. So, the main function of a national team is a verbal belief of nuisancers, their motivation to normal behavior. They watch for wrong and unauthorized torgovleys hands. Can make the remark to the motorist that the “an iron horse“ was partitioned off by the sidewalk, for example. Plus still factor anticipatory: when the tipsy person sees group of people in uniform, let and Cossack, with red bandages on a sleeve, he nevertheless tries to behave more quietly.

If the man or the woman are in strong alcoholic or drug intoxication, then no bandages on sleeves will help here. In this case doctors and police officers with special levers on the brawler like an electroshock or guns with the lulling bullets are already necessary. The voluntary national team does not have anything similar. And doctors among them no more than one or two.

Powers of national combatants it is not strong more widely to what at us. So if the Cossack patrol demands from you to show them bags, to show documents, try to search you without warrant, or take on the place from you allegedly some administrative penalty, then safely refuse and do not submit. The Cossack teams go as the HELP to police. They can help to bring the suspect to office of police, can help the police officer even to twist the hooligan. But, no more. The weapon is not necessary to them.

It is necessary to remember that the Cossack patrol, as well as any other, created on a voluntary basis, cannot and should not REPLACE police. It goes as assistance of the last. Now often police officers complain that they do not feel any support in fight against crime from ordinary citizens, unlike their American and European colleagues. So creation of the Cossack patrols is seemingly urged to meet the existing lack.

Time in the Soviet years the national team showed, and more than once, the efficiency, so maybe now it will be too? So far it is unknown. So far only statistics: simple Muscovites do not go in combatants. There was a Komsomol earlier, and it involved in patrol youth more or less voluntarily, pressing on consciousness, young strong people.

Now there is no Komsomol rather it where - that is, but has no influence on young people. And nothing new, instead of Komsomol, at us also arose. Full ideological and patriotic vacuum. Perhaps, the only thing young people pray to that now - it is a golden calf and desire “to potorchat“ more abruptly. You will not entice them into a national team. To stamp in a frost, snowfalls, blizzards, under heavy rain and during the penetrating winds on dark unsafe streets moreover free of charge, does not impose them in any way.

Well, there are no local patrols, let will be then Cossack. But also here not everything is so simple. Why the authorities chose Cossack patrols as assistants to police? Why not military wing of nationalists? Why not Chechens? Why not Bashkirs? Yes, Cossacks primordially kept an order in the villages and were defenders of borders of the Empire. From generation fighting skills were transmitted to generations. Ability to sit in a saddle, tradition and customs of the Cossacks. And what if the Cossack patrol to modify, so to speak?