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Whether it is possible to resist to approach of an old age? “The old age cannot be avoided

, but it can resist!“ - the old friend of our family, Valentin Valeryevich so speaks. How many myself I remember, Valentin Valeryevich was always tightened and fresh. Now to it it is already far for seventy, and he everything behaves in a queer way, everything tries to go in for physical culture and even pokidyvat sometimes tiny gantelk. He follows several rules which demand certain efforts, but, in his opinion if to observe them, then they a hundredfold will come true in the future.

Four years ago he had heart attack, and it seemed to me that it will stop it from perfect following to the technique which includes the considerable number of physical exercises. However I was mistaken. Oklemavshis, Valentin Valeryevich returned to the trainings again.
For many years of acquaintance I acquired many points in its program of opposition of an old age, both in the field of mentality, and in the field of physiology. They are not so difficult, but are very interesting.


Most of people about health when something in their organism unexpectedly glitches. The person does not notice that around him there is an air until to it it is comfortably breathed. As soon as it gets to the stuffy room then rushes to open a window leaf or hurries on a balcony where fresh air, and only here he begins to appreciate oxygen. Therefore, according to Valentin Valeryevich, it is important to ANTICIPATE decrepitude.

It is necessary to care for the good physical and psychological shape from young nails, and not just in old age. Really, I here cannot remember that in young and young years I somehow worried about the health. Swung force and trained endurance rather to make impression on girls and as required to beat off aggressors of the street, and also for development of confidence in own forces. But to think of what will become my health in advanced years - dismiss. And here Valentin Valeryevich, according to him, began to watch over the health right after army, that is absolutely young man. “NOT to be DISCOURAGED


Even if the person did not give to the health attention shreds the most part of life, then all the same there is a chance to improve the body and the spirit. He considers that as the person - the Nature wreath, and possibilities of restoration its weakened by luxury and diseases of an organism too are very big. Mankind - well surviving type of living beings, and we see hundreds of thousands of examples when people being even traumatized incompatible with life, somehow survive. Moreover, then such person so trains the crumpled body and the crushed spirit that he turns also into the Olympic champion at the Paralympic Games, and in the inveterate traveler, let and in a wheelchair.

What to tell about an opportunity to change itself and the way of life if it is not about crippled unfortunate, and about laziness and an inattention to itself the person healthy practically! Here it is not necessary to be the superhero. It is enough to load slowly the muscles and a brain with the correct loadings, and the body will answer with gratitude, and mind will become aggravated. At any age, even in the started cases, the individual is capable to recover himself considerable part of the lost health. It is necessary only “to twist pedals“ as Valentin Valeryevich speaks, that is is not lazy. WHO is GUILTY

? I!

If to look for guilty of the diseases, then Valentin Valeryevich points a finger at the breast. He perfectly knows what medicine at us and what now education level of doctors. He knows about tons of counterfeit drugs and each of us breathes the same smog from an exhaust of millions of mufflers of cars and the enterprises, as. But he does not blame ecology for failures in the organism. Even our poorish medicine does not blame for the troubles. If ached, the person also is guilty of it.

Means, somewhere was too lazy to rise a bit earlier and to do exercises. Somewhere regretted the little body and did not go to the country to dig potatoes on a kitchen garden. So that rural air to breathe, and the waist inclinations to train.

Or the person sits the whole days, at office year after year, and everything concludes bargains and concludes, works and works, money everything increases and increases, but to it all a little. There is a wish more and more, and work goes already to damage to health, already the stress from processing eats soul and a body. But such subject of a respite does not give to the organism. Workaholic! To it to earn even more, so far “the counter prt“. And then lo and behold: money at it, can eat, only Bach - heart attack - and all. Money will go already for treatment, and even on a funeral. If ached - look for the reason in yourself and in the behavior, and also in the thinking.



Valentin Valeryevich almost never drank and does not drink drugs. At cold at most that affords, it an aspirin tablet. It is treated generally by folk remedies and still drugs of own production. There he cooks something - soars - boils down on the basis of products of beekeeping and from various combinations of herbs.

To doctors our acquaintance almost does not go. When on the TV showed one girl who bypassed with the illness not one ten doctors in two largest cities of the Russian Federation and made it ELEVEN different diagnoses, Valentin Valeryevich only also complained: “Here I said always that it is not necessary to trust doctors! Will heal if to them in servitude to sit down, pills moreover will treat not for from what it is necessary“.

Our vigorous old man recognizes unless surgery. “If something in the person collapses, it is necessary to cut. It is necessary to delete. As the begun to rot wreaths in the house to change it. If you do not change for new logs - the house will fail“. A minimum of medical intervention in the life and a minimum of drugs - here Valentin Valeryevich`s credo. And doctors, in his opinion, can intimidate at all the person that that ran to them on all time behind pills. Ran in a drugstore instead of running barefoot on a grass on morning dew. So to people in white dressing gowns our acquaintance has no trust.

Actually, following the above rules of conduct to the hero of our sketch it was succeeded to live up to deep gray hairs vigorous and not to fall into weak-mindedness. He did not lose and memory. Externally, of course, it could not stop an old age, but the vast majority of his age-mates already crossed line that other conducts to the world, and our Valentin Valeryevich still in our world is well.

I with all the heart wish it health more years of life. Its simple program helped it to live long and, perhaps, someone from readers will try to take something from it for himself. And I just wrote down and turned the main theses of his outlook into a publicistic form.