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In what feature of modern animated films?

the Authority of books among children fell lately, and animated cartoons take not the last place in children`s leisure. There are new movies actually every month at movie theaters including the animated films intended for small. Whether often you include them on the TV, channels now so many that there is nothing to look! Whether you know everything about animated films which are watched by your children?

Animated films form attitude of children thanks to heroes. But whether modern animation meets with approval?

Girls absorb behavior model, that is how due to behave the real lady, and boys on the basis of viewing of TV in the future look for the companion of life seen by them. In present animated cartoons the image of the woman is deprived of romanticism, modesty. Heroines also look absolutely equally. From there are appearance stereotypes, that is a role model that will lead further the girl to complexes concerning the appearance. Argue, in reality this “beauty“ would look ugliness: huge eyes, narrow waist, disproportionate constitution. And it only in general. But girls will strive for such deceptive shape, and boys at all will never find it.

We got used that the main characters good and to them it is necessary to imitate. But now they turn into the antipodes. You sometime saw that the heroine of the Soviet animation grinned, fought as if the man, killed with the voice a birdie and cruelly punished villains? Female characters win against villains thanks to the wisdom our animations. They are honest, fair, they have no passionate desire to hurt even to the enemy, not to mention murder of an unfortunate birdie from “Shrek“.

Notice, heroines of modern animated films not only look too ripened, but also behave vulgarly. And how other heroes treat them? They can take it as if it is a bag with potato for what will only take in head. And where concept of morality, respect for the girl in which, however, in this example there is neither refinement, nor a riddle, nor shyness. Earlier in animated cartoons even kisses were hidden from children`s eyes and the touch of lovers was the highest manifestation of feelings.

In present animated films also the image of mother who would be young, full of strength, happy is not noticed. There are only repellent persons that obviously suppresses desire to make a family, to give birth to children at girls. They are unfortunate, ugly, embittered. However exceptions make some plots about animals where mother of cubs carefully cares for the posterity.

Movies, magazines, the Internet - all this promotes crash of former standards. And small children are not capable to filter yet obtained information. Whether they will be able to be happy then in love, in the relations? And in life?

But not all animated films have negative character. Be not too lazy before including to the child the telecast, to learn about what it. There is also a good animation which is full of miracles, fun which leaves pleasant impressions. Perhaps, too it will be pleasant to you? And on me, so books - the most reliable source of knowledge for the child.