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What revenge the best?

“I mstyu and revenging mine - it is awful!“ - the line from folk art says. Emotions is a tremendous resource! Not only our thoughts, but also our actions are subject to them...

From all directions to us repeat that ability to own emotions - the main skill of the modern person. We got used that there are two ways of reaction: either to express, or to suppress emotions. Really, ability to operate emotions very useful skill if we do not confuse the concept “operate emotions“ and “suppress“ them.

Since the childhood in us “virtue“ of control of emotions is put. Who did not hear orders to be very quiet, to sit quietly, admonitions that “boys do not cry“, and “big girls so do not behave“. Moreover, we are considered as adults when we well manage to muffle natural thirst of life.

We get used to care for decencies, but not for requirements of own emotional health. As they say, the first two years of life of the child try to teach to go and tell it, and the next 18 years - to force to sit quietly and to be silent.

Nobody opposes discipline if not to go too far in this question. Constantly constrained emotionally loaded memoirs in us it is similar to the open files and programs of the computer working at boondocks of our soul, taking a lot of place and resources. And already the suppressed energy develops into intellectual confusion, the conflicts, a depression...

There is a set of ways of an otpuskaniye of an emotional charge . You remember, our subconsciousness perfectly reacts to language of images. The most effective and useful tools, as a rule, the simplest. It is possible to use the ideas offered in Sedona - a method with a figurative reinforcement.

• Mentally draw knot where you feel tension in a body, and present how it is untied, and you are released.

• Present that your internal double boiler is densely closed by a cover with clips, and you need to raise only a cover, and the feeling will come to light. Represent how you weaken clips and you uncover. If you resort to this image often, you will be able soon to hold a double boiler opened thanks to what feelings will easily enter and leave.

• Present that your feeling is strong clamped at you in a fist, and then mentally draw as you open a fist and feeling it is released.

• Present that your feelings - the clots of undesirable energy clamped in a body. Mentally draw as you prokovyrivat openings in these clots and negative energy follows outside.

• The limiting feelings can be felt and as darkness. In the course of release represent how darkness is washed away by bright light.

However there are in life such episodes when emotional reactions are too explosive. Offenses, treacheries, deception will wound deeply, and suppression of the strongest emotions leads to direct self-damage. Strong shocks provoke the huge potential of energy which demands an exit. And how to neutralize this “bomb“ not always of the slowed-down action which quite often suggests an idea of revenge?

Revenge - reaction to the injustice caused to us. Emotions here just read off scale. Unfortunately, we can not always go to the next supermarket behind the Kalashnikov and carry out the actions corresponding to purchase, as in a joke:

- You what, you dance to his tune?
is not a pipe, but a trunk!

Therefore needs more acceptable reaction. What? Transformation. We talked about an otpuskaniye, but there is one more good option - transformation .

You remember the Italian movie “Taming of Obstinate“ where Celentano`s hero talked to the priest (Catholic priests give a vow of chastity) how that struggles with the rolling feelings which have no right to satisfy? One of them “transformed“ this energy to active preparation of firewood, the priest just rang a bell, and showed the frequency of these “transformations“ the palms which are cut up in blood by a bell rope.

At emotions as energy, has to have exit! Can object that we are civilized people and to give vent to emotions not always permissibly. Of course, it is better to stop up them and to close a cover! You remember the animated film “History of One Crime“? Crimes are committed by those who pressed or to whom helped to constrain emotions.

So what, in your opinion, revenge the best? Let`s leave alone critical situations with blood feud, and we will take simple everyday cases when we are offended, humiliate, give the underestimated assessment to our talents, abilities and opportunities.

The best revenge to your offenders - your success !

Transformation of negative energy of emotions to success - business very sensible. Ah, someone will tell, but the motivation has to be loftily - positive! Positive or negative is our value judgment. All types of natural energy, all forces of nature are neutral. To eat simply energy, and the clever person uses it for the advantage even if the others estimate it in any, doubtful parameters.

I know the woman whom the chief christened the half-educated person. Energy of this offense was wisely transformed to writing and defense of a thesis by “half-educated person“! I know the boy to whom the teacher at school went on about his underdevelopment, in particular in respect of the speech. The boy grew up, but he transformed this energy of undeserved humiliation to the success and works now, being “muffledly speaking“, conducting on radio station!

Progress to you! Energy for this purpose has enough, the main thing - use it with advantage for yourself!