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What is the pan-fort?

Life, as always, throw to me questions unexpected and requiring the fast solution. Simple example: visors of the grandson - the second-grader from school, fed with a lunch, sent for occupation in sports section. Ouch, what good fellow, all was in time, everything is good!

All is good? Here not! It appears, before sports activities densely is it is impossible. My grandson during training was sluggish, lacking initiative, slow. The trainer advised to buy in a similar case to the child before training a chocolate next time. I decided to look for other decision.

And here that I found out. To support the dying-away forces, “to inject“ energy into the weakening body, except a dense lunch, there are other opportunities, namely:

1. Power bars
3 chocolate. Energy drinks

by amount of energy came To the first place power bars. This food was developed at the beginning of 1960 - x years for the American astronauts. And at the end of the decade power bars was available for open sale in shops of the USA.

Chocolate becomes more often a dessert. In it there are a lot of fats, carbohydrates, and, therefore, and calories. Bars are rich with carbohydrates, a power source too. But in them is as well cellulose, rough fibers which slow down digestion of glucose. Therefore at the one who ate a bar sense of fulness for a long time remains, and the received energy is spent slowly. Besides, in power bars there is a lot of protein which is necessary for creation of muscle bulk. If in 30 - 40 min. prior to sports activities to eat a bar, forces will appear, and here the heavy feeling in a stomach, slackness, fatigue will not be.

The arrogance of people of 21 centuries does not have a limit. We consider that all important and considerable is invented exactly here and right now. As we are naive! For example, an ancestor of modern power bars is especially made ancient Italian cake with dried fruits and spices, “pan-fort“. This cake long did not spoil, and crusaders, for example, took it with themselves in distant campaigns.

The name of this delicacy comes from the Italian words “pane“ - “bread“ and “forte“ - “strong“. For the first time a pan-fort began to bake in the 13th century in the Italian city of Siena. Some experts claim that the similar product was made in Ancient Greece. In the 19th century classical a pan-fort began to call “Margarita`s cake“ - by the name of queens of Margarita Savoyskaya who very much loved these pastries produced especially for it according to the special recipe. In the past Italians baked a pan-fort only by Christmas, but today it can be found in candy stores during the whole year. It is considered that 17 ingredients - on number of quarters in Siena have to be its part, but often products appear much more. There are many options a pan-fort, but in any recipe for preparation of this cake it is necessary to dissolve sugar in honey and to quickly mix this weight with dried fruits, nuts, spices and flour. A pan-fort, wrapped in baking paper and a foil, does not grow old, does not harden and in the refrigerator it is stored before half a year. By the way, an excellent gift by New year - we bake, we stack in a beautiful box, we tie up a ribbon and... we receive compliments.

Here recipe:

to Panforta


3/4 of a glass (Art.) of
3/4 almonds of the Art. of a filbert
3/4 of the Art. of a dried fig
3/4 of the Art. of the candied dried peel of a citrus
3/4 of the Art. of the
1 flour a teaspoon (h l.) cinnamon
1/2 of h l. mixes of ground spices (carnation, coriander, cardamom, white pepper)
1/2 of the Art. of
1/2 honey of the Art. of brown

sugar Preparation:

1. To fry nuts on a dry frying pan, to cool and to chop largely.
2. Small to cut dried fruits.
3. To mix flour, spices, nuts and dried fruits in a separate bowl.
4. To put honey and sugar in a saucepan with a thick bottom, to add 1 h l. waters. On very small fire, accurately mixing, to bring to boiling. To wait for full dissolution of sugar and at once to pour out in a bowl with flour mix. Try not to get on bowl walls. To knead dough if the lump is impossible, to add 1 more tablespoon of flour and 1 tablespoon of water.
5. To prepare a form with a diameter of 17 - 23 cm, to lay out it baking paper, to oil, dough to stamp and level a wet hand.
6. The furnace at a temperature of 150 degrees within 30 minutes on the average shelf.
7. To completely cool, remove paper, to cut on rhombuses or on small squares, to strew with icing sugar or cocoa. To turn in baking paper, and then in a foil - and in the refrigerator.

We will come back, however, from time immemorial presently. Though the recipe of power bars was secret, now, in a century of the Internet in due time, will not hide any information. I bring to attention of readers an irreplaceable delicacy for those who need forces in study or in work

Power bars of house preparation



2 of the Art. of the
oat flakes of 100 g of the
1/2 butter of the Art. of
1/4 honey of the Art. of brown
1 sugar of the Art. of mix of dried fruits (dried apricots, prunes, cranberry)
1 of the Art. of mix of nuts (almonds, filbert, walnut)
1/3 of the Art. of
coconut flakes 1 tablespoon (tablespoon)

sesame Preparation:
1. To fry nuts without oil on a dry frying pan, to cool, to cut small.
2. Dried fruits small to cut, mix with nuts.
3. In a big bowl to kindle honey, oil and sugar before its full dissolution, to allow to cool down and add a little here nuts, dried fruits, flakes, coconut flakes and sesame. To mix carefully.
4. To warm an oven to 180 degrees.
5. To lay out dough in the form laid by paper for pastries, to level a wet hand. The furnace about 30 min. to an easy zarumyanivaniye to allow to cool down 10 minutes and to cut on strips - bars. To wrap each bar in a foil and to store in the refrigerator.

Good luck are also vigorous!