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Healthy lifestyle of the academician F. G. Uglov of

“Everything depends on the person, his intelligence, ability to keep the vital forces, without having spent them for nothing for excesses and dissolute life, on supervision of scientists, angry, unfriendly people grow old ahead of time … The creating godless mean affairs trading in deception“.
Health - rather many-sided category. By definition of World Health Organization, understand “a condition of full physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not just absence of an illness“ as health.
the Healthy lifestyle, first of all, increases quality of life. To be beautiful, sports and vigorous, self-assured, to be able to react adequately in stressful situations, to quickly make the correct decisions in the vital situations, with ease to overcome all disorders and many other things. This is also the real happiness - to be healthy!
the Healthy lifestyle was shown us by the academician Uglov. Legend of domestic surgery Fyodor Uglov almost centenarian: was born in time russko - the Japanese war - on October 5, 1904. Now Fyodor Grigoryevich Uglov is professor of the St. Petersburg university of I. P. Pavlov, the doctor of medical sciences, the full member of the Russian academy of medical sciences, the International Slavic academy, Petrovsky academy of Sciences and arts, the chairman of the St. Petersburg society of surgeons and the Union of fight for national sobriety, the winner of the International award of Andrew the First-Called “For Vera and Fidelity“, the member of the Russian Writers` Union, is awarded the order by “For Merits before the Fatherland“ of the IV degree. Lived long, happy life of 103 over a year - (1904 - 2008). Thanks to the fact that led a healthy lifestyle Uglov of F. G. could keep optimism, vital energy, business and creative activity to extreme old age: wrote articles, taught, gave interview, actively worked on the seasonal dacha, was engaged with grandsons and great-grandsons. In 100 - summer age Uglov read without points, drove the car, swam, could read A.S. Pushkin`s poems on memory.
carried out One of the last operations on the eve of own 100 - iya, at operation there were representatives of the Guinness Book of Records who carried out video.
Long and healthy life can live each of us. For this purpose is necessary very little: it is only worth refusing addictions (smoking, alcohol intake, even in small doses, drugs) and to create good. Fyodor Grigoryevich selected to
12 points which promote longevity and a healthy lifestyle. He stated them in the book “The Person Has Not enough Century“ (I cite):
1. Love the Homeland. Also protect it. Of humble origin long do not live.
2. Love work. And physical too.
3. Be able to be self-controlled. Do not lose courage under no circumstances. 4. Never drink and do not smoke, otherwise all other recommendations will be useless.
5. Love the family. Be able to be responsible for it.
6. Keep the normal weight what it costed you. Do not overeat!
7. Be careful on the road. Today it is one of the most life-threatening places.
8. Be not afraid to go to the doctor in time.
9. Relieve the children of the music ruining health and TV advertizing.
10. The work-rest schedule is put in the basis of work of your body. Love the body, spare it.
11. Individual immortality is unattainable, but length of your life in many respects depends on you.
12. Do good. Angrily, unfortunately, itself it will turn out.

In the modern world a healthy lifestyle is something unreal, and, above all (how awfully to realize it!!!) - not fashionably for present youth.
Children. School. Family. Health of the nation. These standard concepts are so simple, unambiguous and sacred that, apparently, they have to be inviolable and protected in any state. So has to be. Has to! But the facts laugh at logic. Children are on the whole sick and have no future, the school becomes helpless, against never-ending holidays, festivals and artificial fun the nation degrades. Our attention is specially tried to be switched to what is not necessary at all and it is not useful. one of interview F. G. Uglov told
B so: “Our society was split, drugged, carried away the right for chatter, bought candy wrappers, freedom to soil, be engaged in swindles, debauchery … The international initiators of defeat of the Soviet Union relied on low feelings of people which are in each person. To them grow Dali. Developed them. We see result everywhere. Now time is necessary. Of both the person, and society in one day you will not cure an illness“.
seek to destroy our countries (Ukraine and Russia). On it predictors, shamans, political scientists, financial bigwigs, businessmen of all colors snatched, seized as Egyptian vultures, rats, worms can seize the perishing victim. And the end is not visible to torments. Our Homeland though is seriously ill, but as a live organism it continues to give birth to children. And “experimenters, reformers, prikhvatizator“ - here. The pacifier, a carriage, the book, chips, movies, equipment, mad rhythms - everything were made by Uncle Sam. Not mother and father, not the Homeland, but uncle. All others. Connects nothing with the Homeland. The child from the birth does not know, than he is rich what great predecessors it what invaluable inheritance they left it had. From all directions he sees and hears the smokers drinking, humouring each other lust of people. In it there is also a main goal of fathers - perestroyshchik and their alien owners: to grow up in Russia a barren flower, the person - function, the consumer, the spiritual cripple who will never be able to realize the spiritual ugliness and a pettiness.
Health of the person is the main value in life. All nashazhizn is a territory of health. Good health - a basis of long, happy and full-fledged life. Healthy and long life of F. G. Uglov is one of many bright examples as we see. We should think also of the health, both physical, and psychological. It is necessary to fight for the health, despite of everything: first of all, it consists in the correct spiritual education of our children.
“A sound mind in a sound body“ is not the slogan, it is a life formula. Physically healthy, hardy person will easier show resistance to an adverse environment, peripetias of public life and stresses.
Health of the person very in many respects depends on him. Show reasonable care about health, remove the causes breaking life and it is possible not only to prolong the life for decades, but to make it full and happy.