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What was imagined by John Lennon in the song “Imagine“? John Lennon gave to memory of the singer and the composer of

On the question “Whether There Is Life after BEATLES?“ the answer in 1971 when he let out the album “Imagine“. The song of the same name from it became not only a symbol of his solo creativity, but also a peculiar utopian manifesto which the author once called “originally communistic“.

After ex-the U.S. President John Carter will tell: “In many countries worldwide - we with the wife were almost in 125 - ti - it is possible to hear John Lennon`s song “Imagine“ almost also often as national anthems“ .
Is paradoxical that this “anthem“ was frankly “àíòèáóðæóàçåí“, in it Lennon openly declares that well to present the world where there are no borders, religion and property. Lennon quite often laughed at popularity of “Imagine“, declaring: “It is the song against religion, nationalism, prejudices, capitalism. But because she in a sweet cover, is indignant nobody“ .

(Yonder Lane)

Imagine that there is no paradise,
Appears, not so it and is difficult, Imagine
that there is no hell too,
Everything that remained - it is only the sky over our heads, Imagine
that all people
Live only for today, Imagine

that is not present more countries,
Not so it is difficult,
is nothing to die and kill, religion
I too more is not present,
Imagine that all people
Live in the world with everything,

Yes, is possible I and the dreamer,
But I such not one,
Hope, sometime and you will become one of us,
I then the whole world will unite.

Imagine that all - the general,
Hardly at you it will turn out,
it is not necessary to plunder or starve,
All people - brothers, Imagine
that the world
Belongs to all people.
were not taken by

of the Relation with church at John after his scandalous statement that “BEATLES are more popular than Christ“. And though the musician had to apologize, Vatican forgave him only in 2008.

But if there is no phrase “the countries“, “there is no religion“ quite fit into spirit of present neoliberalism with his globalist and anti-church ideas, then how to be with the phrase “there is no property“ ?
is remembered a comical episode At once from the movie “Forest Gump“ where the main character meets Lennon on a TV show and, telling about China, as if throws up to it ideas for “Imagine“.

Dick Kavett: you well traveled. You could not tell us how there, in China?
Forest Gump: Well, in the country of China people almost have nothing.
John Lennon: does not have property?
Forest Gump: And in China people never go to church.
John Lennon : And there is no religion too?
Dick Kavett:

it is difficult for b to imagine.
John Lennon: Well, it is easy if you try, Dick...“

Actually, according to Lennon, the song was born as result of special psychotherapeutic practice of calling of “positive images“. In fact, in “Imagine“ the author expressed not only the ideal, but also created a certain quintessence of ideals of the rolling-up era of hippie and youth leftist revolts of the end of 1960 - x.
One of sources of a song became also the book of the wife of John - Yoko Ono - under the name “Grapefruit“ from which line “Imagine that clouds drip, dig a hole in the garden and put them there“ it was taken out on a back cover of an album where Lennon as if turned the eye on that clear sky about which he sang.

For the majority this song is inseparably linked with video which was engraved in the memory from at once - for abundances of this world and color. White walls, a white carpet, Yoko Ono all in white... Well and, at last, the John Lennon sitting behind a white grand piano. Later this grand piano will be redeemed for 2 million dollars by other singer - George Michael - and will present to the museum of BEATLES in Liverpool.

In spite of the fact that the single “Imagine“ did not rise higher than 3 - go places, the glory of a song over the years only got stronger.
In September, 1980 at a concert in the Central park of New - York it was executed by Elton John, having preceded by words: “The following song - for my good friend who lives here nearby so if we sing it rather loudly, he will hear“ . Elton also did not suspect that his friend needed to live absolutely not for long.
on December 8, 1980 the fan - the moron Mike Chapman five shots from the gun fatally wounded John Lennon. The single “Imagine“ republished after the tragedy immediately occupied in Britain 1 - e the place....

And in that park where Elton John sang, soon there was the whole Beatles memorial “Strawberry fields“ where each birthday of Lennon his admirers gather at a mosaic panel with the word “Imagine“.

In the homeland of the singer - in Liverpool - the whole airport as which motto serve words from the same song is called by his name: “Over us only the sky“ .

In 2007 in the Icelandic Reykjavik will erect a so-called “Column of the world“ where a line “Imagine the world...“ it will be written in 24 languages.

Did not hurry to assign Lennon to imperialism and the Cuban communists. In 2000 in Havana the bronze monument representing Lennon easy sitting on a shop was open. And below - again a line from “Imagine“ (the truth, in Spanish): “It is possible to tell that I am a dreamer, but I am not lonely“ . At opening of a monument there was the Fidel Castro who declared that he always respected Lennon for his revolutionary views.

However, by zero years also the bourgeois world changed. If 30 years ago Lennon`s song was forbidden understandably at religious Anglican schools, then in 2009 its melody was executed on bells of an Anglican cathedral in Liverpool. Justifications a press - the secretary of a cathedral concerning why in a cathedral the antireligious song sounds, are simply ridiculous: “The choice of a song was interesting, and I think, it really shocked people, but at the same time it forced them to speak about that role which God plays in their life. Though people also do not agree with contents of the song, they felt that they need to talk about it. Discussion which differently would not be took place“ .

Lennon, live he about one today, precisely would laugh at it. And hardly he would write such naive song now. In it, in fact, a certain “blissful“ hippy state is described: “all people brothers“, “live for today“ . But for the sake of what to live and on what this brotherhood will keep, the song does not give the answer.