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Electronic cigarette. What to choose? To Smoke

harmfully, nobody will argue with it. But if difficult or there is no wish to throw, then, maybe, it is worth reducing harm from this habit? To get rid of an unpleasant smell, to restore sense of smell and taste, to clean hundreds of collateral substances among which there are carcinogens and poisonous gases from nicotine absorption process? The electronic cigarette will help with it. It is not panacea, only smaller of the evils. And it is possible, it will become a step to full refusal of an addiction.

Producers, having felt interest of consumers in this product, developed and put on the market a huge number of ready options and accessories from which everyone can assemble the device for soaring - process quite so is called.

The general tendency such is that practically all begin with simple automatic cigarettes, the most similar to usual. Further the majority which is not satisfied with taste / operating time / variability / the possession price passes to more powerful devices - with solid batteries, with atomayzer with the lowered resistance and tanks for liquid. The part on it stops, and the most advanced pass to fashions (the modified accumulators), tanks and independent production of liquids.

At the initial stage all this delicacy of skilled parilshchik is of rather academic interest. It is worth passing all stages, to understand what approaches more and in what distinctions between technologies what option is optimum for personal use.

So of what the electronic cigarette consists?

the Accumulator

As well as in a case with other gadgets, the main choice goes between the capacity of the battery and its dimensions. Nobody will begin to use the power supply of the size of a suitcase and the microtablet which will be enough for two inhalings will not find admirers. Small batteries with a capacity about 200 mach, externally similar to usual cigarettes, look habitually, it is convenient to hold them “as earlier“, but here on how many there will be enough charge? It is worth being guided by 2 - 4 smoke breaks, then it is necessary to load. Conveniently? Not really. There are options with a box of the additional accumulator where the cigarette is put for recharge every time, but as such battery will long stretch, it is difficult to tell. If appearance does not play a large role, then it is worth looking narrowly at more capacious accumulators on 650-1000 mach.

The following criterion of the choice - automatic or manual inclusion. At automatic inclusion it is enough to make an inhaling - and the sensor of pressure will turn on the battery and steam generation will begin. Everything looks not bad, but manual control more reliably and more precisely therefore enjoys bigger popularity. And the button does not allow a cigarette to ride on a table.

It is very important how the accumulator is charged. The most convenient is existence of the built-in port USB (Passtr). Of USB ports to which it is possible to be connected for charging it is full everywhere, cables too, plus such cigarette can use in the course of charging.

Mass accumulators have constant tension from 3,3 B to 3,7 B (depending on the producer and model), but is on sale and model with changeable tension and at once with raised, up to 6 V. No for a start it is better to use usual.


Principle of action and device such: around the match impregnated with liquid the nikhromovy wire which heats up is reeled up by a spiral and evaporates liquid. At an inhaling the lowered pressure thanks to which to a spiral liquid instead of evaporated moves is created inside.

The spiral burns, on it the remains of the burned-down liquid components accumulate. Not served atomayzer it is necessary to replace entirely, and at served it is possible to replace a spiral on ready purchased or on made with own hand.

The important characteristic of an atomayzer is resistance. For more tasty soaring with the ordinary accumulator it is better to use the low-impedance options which are marked with the letters LR. Varying resistance of an atomayzer and tension of the battery it is possible to choose for itself optimum parameters.

the Container for liquid

of Main types two: cartridges with a synthetic winterizer and the container with liquid. Purpose of the container: to keep liquid inside and to deliver to a spiral in enough. Association of a cartridge and atomayzer in one case is called a kartomayzer or a kliromayzer (if the case transparent).

It is worth trying all options and to stop on accepted. I most of all liked a kliromayzer with the top arrangement of a spiral and with the lowered resistance of 1,8 Ohms. To you, perhaps, something else will be to the taste.

of Liquid

can be a part of liquids the following components: propylene glycol, glycerin, the distilled water, fragrance and nicotine. All these components, except nicotine, are widely used in the food industry and their negative impact on an organism is not proved.

At the initial stage it makes sense to buy ready liquids. On fortress there are 0/6/12/18 / 24 mg/ml. If to draw analogies to usual cigarettes, then 6 - “superlungs“, 12 - “lungs“ etc. Fragrance choice especially personal record. It makes sense to try different and to define favourite taste. Choose the smallest container that it was not is a pity to throw out not pleasant taste.

Now when at you in the head basic knowledge about electronic cigarettes was systematized, you will be able to answer a question in heading of article and to choose from the range which is available in shops more elaborately and with skill. Of course, not all options and nuances, but in process of immersion in a subject are considered, in use electronic cigarettes you will be able to find necessary information on the arising questions. On the Internet there is a set of the websites and forums on this subject and a large number of enthusiasts with whom it is interesting to communicate. Good luck!