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Horror film “Collector“. At everyone the hobby?

Creators of horror films most often develop the creations on two parallel branches: the first try to make movies as it is possible more terribly, the second - it is more opposite. And that, and other direction is recognized officially and formally keeps within a genre framework, but the effect as you understand, is reached different.

There is a popular belief (generally among youth audience) that sickening zhutik of the Saws, Feast or Hostel type - the new word in a genre of horrors. Anything similar. It is enough to look at primogenitors which venerable horrormeyker from Italy are. There still in 70 - x the same tendency was observed. For example, famous Dario Argento preferred to force a suspense and managed the minimum quantity of blood while Lucio Fulci savoured on the screen of a detail of terrible tortures and stuffed the works with the maximum quantity of emetic nightmares. So all new is well forgotten old.

To what I, actually, conduct? And to the fact that, despite essentially various methods of intimidation of the viewer, and those, and other authors continue to surprise and create interesting works periodically. As, for example, “Collector“ - the director`s debut of the screenwriter of “Saw“ Markus Dansten which came out in 2009.

… Each foreign good hunter wishes to know where and that badly lies. The guy by the name of Arkin precisely knows. Not for nothing it so much time a pass of the rich broker Chase storing a large precious cobble-stone in the country mansion. To find out location of the safe, Arkin was forced to get into the house under the guise of the general worker, to suffer fleers of botox Mrs. Chase and lewd hints of her oldest daughter. And if not the juvenile Hanna reminding to the pilferer own daughter to suffer this family of snobs would be intolerable.

Who looks for - that will find. The treasured hiding place was hidden behind a mirror in a bathroom. And as it is impossible by the way because circumstances force Arkin to come for his contents in the same night. His ex-wife strong ran into debt to bandits, and those, as we know, wait not for long and beat painfully. Till midnight Arkin has to take out a stone. It collects the simple belongings of the bear-hunter and at night Cheyzov who, by a lucky chance, has to be empty makes the way in a mansion.

Perfectly being guided in dark corridors, Arkin quickly finds required, but, without having managed to click all figures of a code, with horror and badly hidden panic understands that in the house it is not one. The strangest that the second passenger - too the uninvited guest, but as it will become clear later, declared to Cheyzam with much more gloomy and ominous intentions. The plan was blown off, and Arkin in the same way tries to leave the building, but not here - that was. All house is entangled by the smart and deadly traps placed by the mysterious stranger in a silk mask.

Worst of all the fact that owners did not manage to leave the dwelling. Judging by the squeezed shrieks which are distributed from the cellar they turned into helpless flies in paws of a blood-thirsty spider. Understanding that to find itself to someone there was he not can, Arkin, risking everyone and everything, enters unequal guerrilla fight with the monster collecting human lives …

As well as it is necessary to the debut project, the first polnometrazhka of Dansten teems with offensive lapses and disagreements. All of them without effort are found at careful viewing and are laid carefully out by fans of the movie in the Network. Be also a picture at least in a half of less fascinating, it could spoil impression seriously. But at first “reading“ to pay to mistakes the attention a hand is not raised. The attention of the audience is riveted on the screen where the game of chess in a hide-and-seek between the burglar and artful “collector“ is developed.

The heading, by the way, too bears in itself confusion because from a plot the devil not clear whom and by what criteria the maniac chooses to himself in the victim. This Brownian messing around drives in a stupor because each villain respecting himself has to have responsible motives. The same John “Pila“ Kramer drove to himself on a visit the small fry not with the purpose to practise amateur surgery, and to teach a lesson. In our case the maniac is not so scrupulous and readily leaves to the client. Who is he, this brutal monster in the laced mask? If to analyze the events in a shot, then the schizophrenic killing exclusively just for the hell of it. Absence at it the tangible purposes makes related “Collector“ not with “Saw“ or other manyachny franchizes at all, and with a tape “Hostel“, so artless in respect of mutilation. And this analogy any more not in favor of Dansten`s opus.

Believe the word of the skilled film fan, the movie not so terrible. The director purposefully refused stamped methods of intimidation of audience, however and did not think up the focuses. “Collector“ mostly is disgusting, especially in scenes of torture of the victims, but also there authors quite often take away a chamber in a ceiling not too to indulge low aspiration of public “to look that at it inside“. Of course, there is a bit too much Krovishcha for the American cinema, but on that is R rating pacifying parents. However, during an era of torrents from the Network also not it is downloaded.

A casting at the movie uninviting, but on that it and a debut. The main character Arkin (nicknamed so in honor of the actor Alan Arkin) was played little-known to the wide viewer by Josh Stewart later lit on supporting roles in such sensational projects as series “Walking Dead Persons“ and “The dark knight: Revival of a legend“. And here “collector“ represented not who other as Juan Fernandez, that disgusting type from the sequel “Crocodile of Dundee 2“. An ugly face at Juan most that on is, nasty therefore at cinema always offered him roles of thorough bastards. The Dominican willingly agreed, and “collector“, apparently, will become deification of his rascally career though according to the movie of the face of the maniac we will not see.

The movie brought together cash desk poor, but for the rating quite sufficient to pay back costs of production and to lay the foundation for continuation which, by the way, came out in September, 2012. Critics saw in Dansten`s movie, what, perhaps, and the director did not make out - nearly new round of a popular genre. We will be frank, you will not teach an old dog to new tricks. Creators just took hackneyed templates which - where undermined a file, and somewhere tinted. Same eggs, only side view. Claustrophobia mixed with a sadism. The plot intrigues and even in places carries away, but subconsciously all the same understand that such history can end with nothing good. And well you rub sweaty palms when expectation of the bad end is met.

“Collector“, though the person, but not the ghost or “the monster from dreams“, is still impregnable like Terminator and is absolute in the villainy. To fight against it by its methods - the deadlock course. Experts claim that at a meeting with similar distortion of the mother - the nature the only effective measure is fast shuffle by extremities towards an exit. Funny, but the movie has also an alternative final in which the main character will obey this council. Also it is thought that having rejected these yours “thoughtful reasonings on moral values“, he would do right thing. But unless the man in trouble of the child can leave? Than to you not morals for a low budget horror film?