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Medical error - negligence or inability of the doctor to treat?

When Hippocrates wrote the well-known Oath containing words including, about medical errors, he did not know how many people in Russia and not only in Russia, will annually die of them. Officially Russian statistics nobody conducts

. How many annually dies patients in hands of doctors, only doctors know, and to advertize this information not in their interests. Informal public organizations conduct approximate calculations. Figures - shocking.

According to different data dies of medical errors from 50 thousand to 300 thousand patients a year. Every third diagnosis made to the patient - incorrect. To prove negligence of the doctor and to punish him it is almost impossible. Isolated cases reach the courtroom, but also there everything rests against a forensic medical examination which often within medical ethics is solidary with the diagnosis of the doctor, medical cards correspond, the facts are juggled and falsification takes place. It is difficult to court to define, lawfully or medical care was illegally provided and that became a cause of death or disability of the patient. At most, what will be received by the doctor on such criminal case - from 1 to 4 years of prison or will get off with probation.

What is a medical error?

A medical error - the error of professional activity excluding negligence, negligence or ignorance, the wrong statement of the diagnosis, the appointed treatment, surgery on ignorance, inability, lack of practice.

The concept of a medical error was applied for the first time by the famous surgeon N. I. Pirogov. Then also primary qualification of medical errors was entered.

On prichinno - investigative communication distinguish diagnostic mistakes, lechebno - tactical mistakes, technical mistakes, organizational mistakes, deontological (behavioural) mistakes, mistakes in filling of medical documentation.

If only accident, coincidence, wrong and outdated complex of treatment, ignorance of the latest developments of science, incorrect data of laboratory researches and tool data... There are many other subjective reasons preventing the doctor to be the qualified specialist, for example, a lack of thinking, intelligence, difficult character and even bad mood and revaluation of.

The standard set of symptoms speaks about a standard disease and a standard course of treatment.

Close eyes to not absolutely usual complaints and discrepancy of laboratory researches, show consideration for the accompanying diseases insufficiently.

Perhaps, therefore we do not trust people in white dressing gowns, though often we trust them the life?

What prevents doctors to treat professionally? People who stand in a queue and often are ill? Low wages? Or absence of responsibility for the made medical error?

Questions on which nobody will give the correct answers.

By the way, in the countries of safe Europe medical errors also take place. Only there responsibility of the doctor is accurately stated in the legislation, insurance of responsibility of medical staff practices, doctors work according to strictly registered instructions of assistance and medical errors are made public. Perhaps, and to us it is worth thinking of it.?

Historical information: “The doctor who allowed abnormality of actions … is exposed to

: or to a deduction is six months or the whole year from time of service, or to dismissal from a position, or and to the conclusion in the smiritelny house for a while from 8 months to one year and 4 months, with deprivation of some, … to it strict reprimand with an explanation becomes that for new repetition of the marked offense practice will be prohibited to it“ . (“Codes about punishments of the Russian Empire“ (1866)

From mistakes nobody is insured. As they say, who does not work, that is not mistaken. Only not each mistake leads to death.

Medicine - difficult science, she demands special, special knowledge, skills and humanity. There is a strong wish that among our doctors there were no casual people and our state made everything to protect us - simple patients, observing the Hippocratic Oath:

“I swear … to execute honestly, according to my forces and my understanding, the following oath the written obligation: … I will direct regime of patients to their benefit in compliance with my forces and my understanding, abstaining from causing any harm and injustice … I will not give anybody deadly means, prosimy from me, and I will not show a way for a similar plan … Purely also I will uprightly carry out the life and the art. … I who is indestructibly carrying out an oath and will be given happiness in life and in art and glory at all people for ever; breaking and swearing a perjury yes there will be the return to it“.