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Hygiene of soul or for what the resident of Cherepovets needs the personal psychologist of

Why in the West psychologists are so demanded? Why the advanced Muscovites and Petersburgers even more often address the help of the personal psychologist? Let`s try to answer.
is known to All what is hygiene of a body and for what it needs to be observed. If the person, being in society, ceases to brush teeth, to take a shower, to change clothes, - he will get sick and will begin to lose the social touches as hardly anyone will be able to be with it nearby.

But the person consists not only of a body. It possesses mentality which consists of emotions and feelings, thinking, behavior. To support mentality in a good shape, it is necessary to care for it as well as for a body and to regularly carry out procedures for “hygiene“ of the soul. How often you care for the and mentality and that you for this purpose do?

The people living by the principles spiritual 12 - ti the step program, have quite apt expression speaking about need of everyday work over itself: “The yesterday`s shower does not do me pure today“. It means that if I did not take specific actions for cleaning of “garbage“ from the head today, then tomorrow I will face natural consequences in the form of bad mood, failures in life and at work, the conflicts with relatives.

About what actions for care of soul there is a speech? The first reliable and right instrument of work with soul is an everyday introspection in the form of diary entries of the brightest events of day touching your feelings. What gives such analysis? In - the first, usually we behave quite in the same way, and we react to the repeating typical events equally. Came from work, the family in full strength, and in the house a mess, nothing to eat and the soul … to paradise rushed? I do not think.

And if I every time do the analysis of this situation, then I will have an opportunity to react to it more freely. For example, I come into the house, and there … Stop. Last time I already shouted at them. It did not lead to anything good. Why to me to do the same today? Give - I will try something else now. And my mood improved!

Thus, the first that does the diary - it brings our feelings, thoughts and behavior to conscious level. The second important function - a discharge of negative feelings. Registering the states, you thereby, remove the mental stress which will find safe for you and your relatives an exit because will fall not upon them, and will pour out on paper.

The diary a thing necessary, but how you learn that you need to wash urgently? You see yourself in a mirror. The diary can expand your ideas of itself and give the chance to see itself from outside, but it is the best of all other person will make, and it is even better - group of people. Being in therapeutic group, the person constantly receives the reflection through feedback from other people. The group is the most effective tool for maintenance of the mental health.

Today Cherepovets is one of the most advanced in respect of psychotherapeutic opportunities (the psikhoterapevtichnost of the group environment, but not certain psychotherapists means) the cities of Russia as in it the most different support groups work, including social movement reestimated with - consultations and several communities working on 12 - ti to the step program.

Well and, of course, on the way of spiritual growth the conductor, the stalker is necessary if you want which will conduct on an unpredictable zone, under the name life. In this plan in the western society it was created for a long time, and at us the psychological culture when each family or each person aspires to having the personal psychologist is only still formed. And if earlier it was considered just prestigious, then today this is not about designation of the certain social status allowing to meet regularly the psychologist any more. It is, most likely, an urgent need. We are not proud of the fact that we regularly go to the stomatologist.

Whom for us can be a psychologist? In - the first is the expert giving more volume and objective picture of the events, and helping to see a set of versions of solutions of a difficult situation. All this is possible under a condition if you are exempted from the negative feelings preventing to think fine. Therefore, in - the second, the psychologist will help you to discharge your feelings in a safe situation. In - the third, the psychologist can prompt the further directions of your psychological development and will give tools for self-improvement.