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What “eats“ beauty and how to prolong youth?

Mature age come at everyone, however today when the most progressive cosmetics and the rejuvenating technologies are available, it is possible to look much much younger. How it is correct to watch the appearance that it longer did not give age?

After 25 years the organism ceases to grow intensively and on skin the first signs of withering appear. Externally they are hardly noticeable, however it is worth picking up the correct means for washing: they should not deprive moisture skin. If after clarification tightness and dryness appears, so means is picked up incorrectly.

After thirty there are first wrinkles, skin begins to lose elasticity and moisture. It is necessary to begin to use the toning creams correcting the first signs of aging.

After forty in an organism the metabolism is slowed down, skin quite often looks dry and dehydrated. At this age it is necessary to exclude means for washing which need to be washed away water. Regular visit of the cosmetologist will do appearance good.

In fifty skin becomes thin and dry, wrinkles become deeper and the face form loses clearness. Time to use the active means restoring skin came.

However aging of skin depends not only on age, but also on the mass of other factors which after forty are very notable.

One of the main reasons - impact on skin of an ultraviolet . Harmful beams get into epidermis and destroy collagenic fibers that as a result leads to emergence of early wrinkles. Lovers of beach rest have to consider this fact and in advance to stock up with the sun-protection means containing SPF filters. Filters are the crushed mineral substances which reflect sunshine. All summer cosmetics has to contain SPF, even lipstick.

A large amount of sugar in a diet too negatively influences appearance. All products containing starch are processed by an organism in sugar which contain the substances accelerating aging processes. It is better to replace excess carbohydrates with a healthy dose of proteins and fats. It is possible to include in the menu pumpkin (or any others) sunflower seeds and fish of fat grades (a salmon, a tuna, a mackerel).

The skin lacking for moisture grows old several times quicker. It is necessary to drink more liquid (not less than 5 glasses a day, depending on a state of health), and it is better to give preference to still mineral water. If the increased puffiness is observed, then it is necessary to consider a lunar cycle, that is on the decreasing moon to drink water in the usual mode, and on increasing - to reduce its quantity. And it is obligatory to consult to the doctor.

That processes of adjournment did not get the best of a metabolism, it is worth showing physical activity - to oxygenate an organism and skin. Foot walks and visit of the gym have to become an integral part of life.

The healthy sleep lasting not less than 7 hours promotes updating of an organism, stimulates the vital processes happening in it. The sleep debt endows with pallor, circles under eyes and premature wrinkles. Gerontologists claim that at 22 o`clock the organism has to have a rest already - a dream from now on much more productively, than from some another.