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How met Day of the tinman?

the Winter came on Friday. In Russia all seasons come unexpectedly, any more will surprise nobody with it, but every year motorists are not ready to changes at all...

Guessing that outside not September, but November, week all said around that it is necessary to begin to think of going to garage and to look how there winter rubber spent summer. Such here far-reaching plans ripened in the people. In advance nobody saw to it - painfully thorns on asphalt in a disgusting way rustle. November before last all changed the shoes in advance, and snow was not till December.

The cold snap collapsed suddenly. Struck frost in the evening, by the night tumbled down snow soft dense flakes. Cars slid, in HUNDRED turns instantly were built. Taxi drivers who have time - money cannot spend for three hours for a pereobuvaniye. Especially as the majority of them people of an old school, remember still those times when rubber was not “winter“ and “summer“, and there was one on all seasons. “And went somehow!“ The fact that in those days cars were one hundred times less argument is not. Therefore taxi drivers in general prefer not to be spent for such bad business as rubber change. As a result the speed of movement of a taxi considerably decreases, as well as the number of cars.

The cold snap in the evening on Thursday turned back that on Friday since morning of snow it piled knee-deep. And it more did not thaw any more. The city rose. A taxi in the morning to bring the child to a garden, it was necessary to order for an hour. The hero who reached to us through snow drifts appeared, certainly, on summer bald rubber. “And we very quietly will go!“ - it calmed me.

... Few years ago the husband of my friend, too very quietly on bald rubber decided to go for overtaking, was started turning on the slippery route, was thrown out on an oncoming lane, and then - on a roadside. On a back seat there were my friend and their sleeping three-year-old daughter. By the way, the girlfriend was seven months gone their son to whom now two years. I will not describe a condition of my friend, it is enough to tell that she did not even make scandal to the husband, and threw all forces on calming the daughter whom from blow about a tree dumped on a floor, and most not to give rise.

One and a half more years after this case, getting into any car even in the summer, she thoroughly found out from the driver, what wheels at it, whether incidentally not winter in the summer and not summer in the winter. The concept “vsesezonka“ entered it into a stupor, but slightly calmed. If the driver tried to disperse quicker than the speed of twenty kilometers per hour, the girlfriend began to shout: “Where you drive! “, and in persons to retell the history which happened to it. Inconceivable speed in sixty kilometers per hour plunged it into panic, the girlfriend could stop the car, take out children and, spitefully muttering: “I do not wish to go with the suicide“, to go to call other taxi. If the driver, condoling glancing at her, agreed to carry her with the required speed, it carefully controlled passing of a route, timely inclusion of rotary fires and passing of traffic lights on green light. Such here paranoia happened to the person...

Coming back by Day of the tinman. I saw it from a window of the taxi which was slowly making the way on ice and snowdrifts in kindergarten. By floated the cars which are thrown out on a roadside “in ridiculous poses“ with the switched-on alarm system. On each of five met intersections the picturesque composition consisting at least of three participants of traffic stiffened. “Congress of fans of summer rubber“, - the taxi driver commented.

The abundance of the cars which are switched off from a stream reminded a pestilence among a flock of sheep. Yes, quite so all also looked. Unfortunate sick animals lie and bitterly cry, blink sparks and wait for the Aybolit. Traffic police officers who ran around like a mad this frosty October morning acted as doctors.

Hi, a zimushka - winter! People, in due time change the shoes!