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Paintball history.

Well, we will start anew since the most key moment!

1940!!! Year Charles Nelson (Charles Nelson), creates the The Nelson Paint Company company.

At the end of 60 - x Severo - East forestry with the order about production of the spheres filled with paint and the pneumatic gun for firing by these balls on remote trees for cutting down and other forestry of needs addresses it. =)

B is started 1968 in production the first party of spheres with paint. In 1970 - the m created to year the pneumatic gun for firing by these spheres and on January 28, 1974 Charles Nelson takes out the patent. The first spheres are ordered from the pharmaceutical company RP Scherer (Nelson makes paint, and Robert Sherer rolls up them in gelatinous spheres 0. 68).

Production of a peyntgan (paint - the gun) is ordered from the largest producer of the pneumatic Crossman Airguns weapon, But soon Nelson leaves to other giant Daisy. Paint - the gun is called by Nelspot “707“ and put on the market.

So, we stopped that the The Nelson Paint Co company. put on the market the gun Nelspot “707“ which laid the foundation of an era of a paintball! For many years the marker was the most mass on paintball fields. Players enthusiasts made all efforts to improve a marker: did the increased shops, and one of players attached to a marker the handle from the pump from plastic.

But about it later. and now we will return to that moment as there was a desire to do some shooting each other from “at all not adapted for this purpose“ =)))) the device. Jupiter Island, Florida Evening on a backyard, two friends (Charles Gaines, Hayes Noel) drinking gin with tonic and frying on a grill just caught royal mackerel conducted dispute on a survival in extreme conditions. Noel only that returned with a safari and it set him thinking on a survival in extreme conditions. And whether it is possible that the city businessman has more chances to survive in extreme conditions, than the true tourist. Whether there was a survival an instinct or what is got. Noel was a successful stockbroker in successful firm and he considered it gives him advantage. Three types tried hop - to stopnut it once, and he so was frightened that cried and began to throw in them trash cans that forced them to recede. He considered that its instinct will turn it into the madman and it will save his life.

Charles Geyns (Charles Gaines) considered that there are more chances in case of the scenario for a survival at it as at an inveterate autdorsman of an ak of the tourist on ours) their dispute continued not one hour. And the suitable third friend Bob Garnsi (Bob Gurnsey) entered this debate too. He agreed with Charles that the tourist has more chances than the citizen. A little later these three began to discuss one scenario of a survival described in the book 1930 x years of The Most Dangerous Game R. Connel in which the man, slightly unhealthy on the head, living on the island offered the guests, a game of survival. They began to discuss what to them to use the weapon and 22 calibers thought about air guns and about paraffin bullets.

In a month George Butler (George Butler) having been aware of dispute between three friends saw a marker in the agricultural Nelspot catalog and at once called Gaines. Gaines bought a little at once and the dream of settlement of dispute became reality. Invitations to the first paintball game were received by 9 people plus three of our friends total of 12 people!

From the moment of the first dispute and before game, there passed nearly 5 years!

The first game was held between Charles Gaines and Hays Noel in May, 1981 one - on - one and lasted 45 minutes!

“Before beginning to play, we, decided to try as far as it is sick when get a sphere with paint to you. Turned back towels, rose the friend opposite to the friend. Heys shot the first and missed, then I shot to him at a bum. We understood that it is necessary to introduce safety rules in our first game in private. We wrote several simple rules and ran up on the wood. It ended when I crept to Heys from a back and told “I think, I won dispute!“ None of us made not a uniform shot“ - So about the first game in a paintball Charles Gaines in 2004 told.

That is as we also spoke to the first “The real game game in private between Heys Noel and Charles Gaines was played a paintball. “And before we distributed invitations to the first game, we wanted to create rules and game details. When we wrote rules, I understood that we have to make it! “ - Charles Gaines told.

So on June 27, 1981 - “The first real game in the Paintball“ - game in which there were 12 people. It is clear that from the moment of creation of the first marker of Nelspot in 1970 and the first game, there were cases when the people working with this equipment shot each other balls with oil paint. But this was the first registered game.

“The first real game in the Paintball“ has to consist as envisioned of 12 men with markers Nelspot 707, goggles, cards and compasses and a task to the end of the game to gather as much as possible flags. In this game each player was for himself.

Garnsi, Gaines and Noel made the list of possible participants of this event. They considered that the list has to be limited by those who are successful in the field of activity - it will be the only way to solve dispute. In the final list there were exchange brokers, writers, hunters, the surgeon and others. Everyone pays 175!!! Dollars to cover expenses. Game takes place on 40 hectares of the wood!!! All square is divided into 4 sites on 3 flags in everyone.

So 12 adults of successful men ran crept climbed in search of flags and rivals. As a result, Ritchie White which collected all 12 flags became the most successful. and the become first winner of game in a paintball!

Some facts of game:

Doctor Bob Carlson eliminated 5 of 12 players as told Garnsi in “the reserved, artful and cunning way“

of Ritchi Vayt took all flags and eliminated players without uniform shot

Heys Noel was liquidated by Bob Carlson.