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Error of development or Earth - the planet of fools

About the greatest nonsense on Earth!

It is that people of Earth do not live Spirit, do not know what is Spirit and resist its understanding. Represent it something supernatural and inaccessible. Spirituality put applied, material sense in the word. Began to call spiritual people of attendants of religion, that who makes “spiritual ceremonies“, visits theater, cinema etc. It is unlikely there will be one word which could describe this delusion. Nonsense it when you live not according to laws of life.
Many people do not want to know and understand the life device at all. It is a lot of such that are guided by old beliefs and habits, trust in outdated canons and do not allow any changes. It is not enough creative, advanced people.
In material life the science represents the advanced beginning. Very few people from people, except for experts in the field of knowledge, understand its subtleties. In spite of the fact that spiritual representations are not the cornerstone of scientific knowledge and the science is guided by the material theory of Darwin, nevertheless it is an implicit authority at most of earthlings. In spiritual area that authority were and so far religions are. In difference from material science they creatively do not develop, adhere to an invariance and show resistance to new understanding of the device of Life.
People say that they believe in God, the Creator of all real. What means to trust? The built temples, the written books is a way to understanding, but this is not full Vera. Ceremonies, icons, prayers, services in temples it is only attributes, material manifestations of belief. On this material aspect people live and create. The belief as spiritual concept was reduced to its material realization. The belief in material objects was approved. On a spiritual aspect of life people consciously do not live. The mistake consists that not Vera`s essence and Lives consists in material. In material there are no reasons, so and an essence.
with What are engaged people in life? What sense of their activity? What operates the person? The majority seldom ask similar questions, they lead ordinary, material life, like animals react to events. In their life primitive habits, such as aspiration to material moneymaking (on bible lyubostyazhany, on - simple greed), resistance to changes or obstinacy, sense of guilt prevail. These are the most widespread programs of behavior, all people on Earth are subordinated to them in a varying degree. The lack of sensibleness does not allow them to see these dominating thoughts and feelings in the consciousness. Similar words about consciousness for the majority it is an empty phrase. They do not know plainly its appointment in everyday life. Do not teach it anywhere, in one doctrine there are no explanations of this subject. People say that they believe in Spirit which is a source, energy of your life, but they it do not live. In life not sensibleness is replaced with “baculine“ psychology, the understanding is replaced with coercion. Even such “cudgel“ as diseases, urged to serve the person as a reminder on achievement of “a critical point “of negativity in consciousness and that does not help.
World around consists of Matter and Spirit, visible and invisible components. In different religions these components are called on a miscellaneous, but the essence remains same. The material component of all real more - is less clear for most of people because it can be seen, perceived, smelled by means of eyes, skin, a nose, to measure by various devices and tools. And here from a spiritual component everything is foggy and is confused. It is not visible, it is not heard and you will not touch by what tools to measure it is still unknown. Where there is no knowledge of “a subject “different legends, tales and miracles are born.
For many centuries fear of future changes deeply took roots in souls of people, thereby dulling Wuma`s freedom to perception New. In the Bible about stubborn it is told “... also I will drive you on the desert...“. In the history of development of a civilization on Earth there are many examples of manifestation of obstinacy. For example, prosecution of “dissidents “. People with different outlooks on life from standard, simply were destroyed. Jesus Christ went to people with new understanding of life, but they rejected it and crucified. Only thanks to selfless devotion and belief in the New doctrine his followers could realize it.
Aspiration of people to an invariance, resistance before changes is one of the reasons of primitive development. Traditions are esteemed in all sectors of society, in different cultures and the states. Where there are more taken roots, invariable habits there society is considered more thorough and stable. Why religions are invariable? You think that you the more esteem God invariable, the more attributes of Belief keep around him, the more to you will be rendered? Traditions it that other as fear of the future. You feel more quietly and more surely when you adhere to tradition. You do not worry, you know that the meeting of New year takes place in one and too time, by the famous rules. Father Frost has to be with a beard, the Snow Maiden nearby, you do not allow thought that instead of them other characters appeared. If similar will occur, will have feeling of disappointment and deprivation - it the habit to an invariance, inflexibility of perception of life worked. The feeling of resistance is closely connected with feeling of loss or greed. Any hierarchy is afraid of changes, each person on any step of the power, even the smallest, is afraid to lose it.
is definitely not known to People what is God. The low level of development of people of Earth does not allow to gain Knowledge of such level. You can only guess on its manifestations. It is possible to assume that our Universe is a result of creativity of the Civilization of much higher level. For simplicity and ease of understanding we will call God the Chief Designer or the Creator as it is pleasant to whom more. “Be not afraid... “it is told in the ancient writing, God will not take offense. To us to people it will add courage to shake off centuries-old, outdated stereotypes.
B than consists the Main mistake. This unilateral, one-sided understanding of the device and development of life on Earth. It is “the view of an origin of the reasons turned to “on the contrary. The theory of Darwin, “A Big Bang “- evident to it the certificate. They claim that material particles inexplicably created the Universe, the planet Earth with its wonderful and various world. The first textbooks on the life device on Earth the Bible, the Koran and others exist more than two millennia, but what is Spirit is a little known and now. Present the going car in which of six cylinders of the engine only two work or in a computer game where you use one third of an arsenal of the opportunities given you. These examples say that people do not use all tools given them by the Creator. The main component Spirit consciously is not used by people. In most cases people use the feelings and thoughts unconsciously. For a long time saying “zr in a root “is known. But where it is this root and how there to look, so far people definitely do not know. The habit to look for the reasons in a material world does not allow them to see a true source of the reasons. Learn to watch in Spirit, in the consciousness how in the monitor, and wonder - where I what thoughts and feelings govern me? Some part of people recognizes existence of Spirit, but absence of its understanding, impossibility to perceive, see arouses mistrust.
to Trust in an invisible information field (Spirit) this necessary condition but not sufficient. Spirit still it is necessary will learn to live and operate also as you use material tools, a spoon, a fork, the computer, the software which, by the way, has no visible physical signs. “The software in a cloud “can be presented with a certain share of the imagination as Spirit. All know that it is possible to communicate, talk, transmit text messages through the mobile phone and understand that it happens to the help of radio waves. Similarly happens also in the spirit of, only to use of other carriers. If you do not use the mind or a body, they lose the abilities, become having insufficient abilities, decrepit if you never consciously used Spirit and to grow decrepit there are nothing, just your arsenal of abilities and opportunities incomplete. It is a mistake essence. the Theory of Darwin tells
about primacy of matter, “matter is primary, consciousness again“. Its recognition by many sciences predetermined a wrong way of development. The inner world which is not giving in to understanding is considered as something mythical, fantastic and in real life is not taken into consideration. Search of the reasons and answers is narrowed to a material component. Within the last centuries the materialism was strongly included into consciousness of people and actually is the cornerstone of outlook of religions, sciences, the public and state relations.
we Will stop on some examples.

The traditional medicine

Proceeds from the material reasons of an origin of diseases of the person. It is based on the materialistic theory of Darwin. Microbes, viruses and other are called sources of diseases. The medical science does not recognize the spiritual reasons of an origin of diseases, despite the numerous facts of treatment as nonconventional methods. Here a characteristic example - the person by mistake accepts instead of a warm tablet absolutely another and it helps it, heart ceases to hurt. Actually the spiritual mechanism worked, it is Mind decided that the tablet has to help. Huge amounts of money are spent for production and development of new drugs and the equipment, the maintenance of medical staff, the industry, all medical infrastructure. The industry on advertizing and sale of various medical supplies reached improbable scales. Inability, attachment to stereotypes, unwillingness of traditional medicine to change the developed order of things, to recognize wrong the materialistic theory of Darwin interferes with its development. The statement “consciousness initially, matter is secondary “here a way of further development and not only medical science.

Education and education

These two concepts are closely connected among themselves. Both assume change of certain programs of behavior in consciousness of the person from the point of view of informatics. The existing education system in different regions of the planet in fact is identical. The studied objects are classified by accessory signs, for example, biology, physics... Study the natural descriptions and laws based on material representations of people. Also as well as in medicine at the heart of search of the reasons and answers the statement about primacy of matter as starting point of education lies. Training is reduced to accumulation of the existing knowledge, process of a data recording on the computer winchester is imitated. The knowledge acquired by mankind hundreds centuries ago continues to be used and is not subject to doubt. Participation of church, without looking, at the correct understanding of an origin of the Universe and life on Earth, brings to education and education along with advantage a lot of harm. The reasons are known, it not understanding of Spirit and education of limitation. Conservatism, aspiration to an invariance of the laws and rules established by educational sciences results in limitation of creative thinking. Education of children by parents slows down progress on Earth. At this age parents are not capable to give to the children knowledge of the device of Life because they understand little. The similar situation developed also in other fields of knowledge. Misunderstanding of laws of receiving knowledge by the person reduces educational process to primitive copying and an exchange of information. The pupil is not taught understanding of “the mechanism “of access to information, it is not taught that he is information being. There are examples demonstrating that not the volume of knowledge received in the traditional way is necessary for fruitful activity. Edison had only three classes of education at elementary school and nevertheless became one of the best-known inventors of the planet. The outstanding contemporary Bill Gates also not really was zealous in studying of traditional sciences... and similar examples thousands.

of Religion

Any religion is an instrument of realization of certain ideas of faith in God. Irrespective of religion the essence of all religions remained invariable for many millennia - belief in “material “gods. Idolatry, sacrifices and other wild customs of ancient remained about one today and continue to be supported by religions. Churches, and also other executive structures of religions, carefully monitor observance of the ceremonies, do not allow changes in the canons. Even as date of birth of Jesus Christ in one Christian religion Catholics and Orthodox Christians meet such obvious nonsense at different times. Church books are turned into the postulates which are not subject to doubt. Icons, crosses and other material attributes of religious practices are considered as the Saints bearing in itself spiritual information. It is the Main mistake - belief in material. The appeal of the Bible to trust in invisible remained not heard and misunderstood. Primitiveness of consciousness is based on inability to be beyond the existing representations, habits and rules. Religions limit access of new ideas, new views. It is the second mistake - aspiration to an invariance, constancy. Preservation of habitual tenor of life of religion is welcomed, changes are met hostilely. God told Walsh “Life is a creation, but not repetition “.

The states, the governments, many different books on a spiritual subject Are written to the UN
. Their authors are united by one - aspiration to bring to people new knowledge. These are the capable, creative people having in the field expanded access to an information field. But they do not admit the existing governments and the organizations. In fact the state, the government is the conservative executive mechanism in which there is not enough place for creativity. It is not surprising that radical thoughts do not find understanding, despite existence of an extensive network of research institutes here. Any country, any government do not support New understanding of the device of Life. It would seem that the UN unites progressive people of the planet, but in practice the solution of the different conflicts happens in most cases by medieval methods of physical suppression. Any conflict is a result of misunderstanding of the reasons. Deep negative programs of behavior of people are the cornerstone of each conflict. It is necessary to be engaged in the reasons of emergence of the conflicts, but not its consequences. There is a question why, without looking, at publications and performances of progressive people about backwardness of modern development of humanity, counter steps of the UN, the governments, state and public institutes are not taken. The answer is simple and lies on a surface. This obstinacy, resistance New. It is fear of changes. In all centuries to new opening and inventions, new understanding it was necessary to make the way in life in fight against the existing mode. Turning around back you will see a chain of gallows, prisons and inquisitions of attendants new opening. Why dullness and hypocrisy prevail in modern society where the level of material development for the last twenty centuries made significant progress?

An epilog
of Invocation to the existing system will hardly be heard. It is necessary to restore “the Life device“ on - to default, to turn on all tools of the person which are initially provided by the Chief Designer. I call all progressive, sane people for overcoming of dissociation and aspiration to consolidation.

Here the project on an exit from the deadlock:

1. To create the unifying movement of all progressive people of the planet, including creation of political parties.
2. To write in the simple, modern language the new doctrine “Modern understanding of the device of Life “, cogitable to children.
3. In the UN to create “Spiritual department “, in a duty a catory promotion and introduction in educational systems of all states, since elementary school, the new subject “Modern Understanding of the Device of Life“ will enter.
4. To create the multilingual website for coordination of promotion of this project.

Offers and remarks I ask to direct to an e-mail of slaaga@yandex. ru