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Both it is terrible, and it is terrible... Why we watch horror films?

Sometimes absolutely could not be borrowed with cold winter evenings, here and you take a cup of strong tea, you settle in a soft chair more conveniently, taking cover a warm plaid, and you choose the movie which will divide with you this evening. And between the comedy and a horror film consciously you choose next “Viy“ or “Astral“.

Already more centuries come to our blue screens various look horror films: about the zombie, about vampires, about psychologically unbalanced people, for example, schizophrenics and an other sort “fears“. But! The most important that, as such genre of movies found “consumer“.

Shuddering from unexpected sounds and terrible, let and the made-up ugly faces which sharply appear on the screen, we for a while cover eyes and we fade with the occurring horror, but at the same time interest gnaws to watch to the end. Being in somebody tension, periodically we worry and we cry out phrases it seems “Do not go there, the silly fellow, you will be eaten!“.

So why we sometimes prefer to melodramas and comedy films horror films? It would seem, and so we know all plot beforehand: everything begins well, optimistically and positively (if, of course, the movie begins not with the last shots), and in 5-10 minutes the devilry which will last to the final will begin, having left in live one hero or having found ways to the solution of a sore problem.

Having conducted small survey among familiar fans of horror films, I tried to define what attracts specifically them.

One people on viewings of similar movies are pushed by true interest. There are new prime ministers with an extremely topical trailer and the bright description to the movie. And already the next viewer on a hook, and here also advertizing will go from already seen, and you run to the computer, hammering the remembered name in “Google“.

Others monitor career development of the favourite actors and do not pass not one movie with their participation even if it is the most terrible horror.

The third are attracted by something unknown, invisible to a human eye. Simply speaking, mysticism. In horror films of a certain (mystical) character material for satisfaction of needs of such viewer suffices.

And here someone definitely lacks adrenaline. People of such character often like that crunch in events, strange rustles and marvelous sounds. In horror films they look for and, the most important, find that emotional shake-up which is sometimes simply necessary! For such fans of an emotional stress do horror films in 3D now that, probably, cannot but please them, thanks to new technologies they can try on a mask of the main character and feel all horror on themselves.

People who said that they watched movies of a similar genre with boredom or in the right frame of mind came across. I quote: “Just there was no choice. All the good, interesting me movies are revised long ago and sometimes there are a wish to tickle the nervishka“.

And some of respondents - just as small, naive kids - watch horror films for the sake of the happy end, in life, by their definition, everything can be much worse...

As for a question of a possibility of various psychological deviations at people as a result of hobby for thrillers, doctor A. Kurpatov, the psychotherapist, in one of the interviews claimed: “The movie cannot turn the normal person into the maniac and the criminal. If there was no this movie, the person with such pathological psychology on an asocial act something would push another“.

Conclusion one: for our society any movies, and horror films are necessary - there is no exception. As we see, each person from viewing prevails, that is the fact that it is necessary for it: remedy for boredom, emotional pressure or just satisfaction of the interest.

And why you watch horrors?