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What to present to itself on birthday?

From that age when wait for gifts with a sinking heart, and accept with delight, we grew up long ago and became for the family the goldfish granting desires. Why not to make an exception to the rules and not to present something personally to itself?

We will not speak about huge bouquets of flowers, the refrigerator hammered up to the top with a yum-yum, fancy toys, beautiful trinkets, the next pile of fashionable belongings, acquisition of useful property to your cozy house against which your hand was not raised in any way and the purse did not open. Unless for this purpose there is only one day in a year and such important occasion is necessary? Indulge yourself with such purchases in any other day of a calendar.

As for noisy parties in a circle of numerous and not really numerous friends, here everyone for himself solves. If you belong to the category of people who cannot live without bright fires and fireworks, postpone this action to the next days off. The occasion will be former, only feelings a little bit others.

At choice - several not absolutely usual gifts to tell itself, at last: “Thank you that you are“.

The most elementary is to present all eager and the sufferer the absence : to switch-off all phones, not to use the Internet, to leave where - nibud for one day - to arrange itself small travel there where thoughts from vanity and chaos where there are no colourful speeches and ritual wishes will have a rest. Your guests will hardly estimate such act and will not be grateful to you. But it is your birthday and to you to solve what to it to be and to whom on it to be.

If there is no place to go or it is too unprofitable, present yourself the weakness . We constantly somewhere hurry, we hurry, we do not fill up, in a word, we do not relax. It is possible though once in a year to stop all this and to dare to reduce speed, to turn on the music as a hobby, to have a rest as had never a rest.

The forgiveness of will be an original gift . Who does not live, that is not mistaken, and not everyone here forgives themselves. Then are long picked themselves, burying a self-assessment and respect more and more deeply. In the east there is an interesting proverb, in translation into Russian it sounds approximately so: “If it is constant to dig the earth, on it nothing will grow“. In my opinion, it is wisely told. If not to forgive itself the misses, will difficult live.

Still it is possible to present himself interesting plans for the next year. Let it will be similar to a small Casket of Desires , opening which you all next year will aspire to something, to look for opportunities and means, to rejoice to reached.

Itself can draw the professional purposes, it is possible personal: for example, to learn something, to become someone, or just to derive pleasure from life, to get rid of delusions and to live on a positive wave.

The main thing - not the cost of a gift and not advantage with benefit which it will bring the main thing is those emotions which will be with you all forthcoming year.

We love ourselves, but is not so strong to afford everything that it is necessary for soul. It “is impossible“, “so it is necessary“, all interrupt “not now“ “I want“, we sort blockages of problems and even not always we give hope to ourselves.

Love yourself! Forgive yourself! Give yourself that there is a wish!

Birthday - the day which is most suitable for this purpose. And it is not important how many to you it was executed years …