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How to lay a New Year`s table if you fast? Salads

Of course, hot dishes with meat and meatless hot dishes are two big differences as speak in one well-known city. And not so gentle fast pastries, as flavored with milk, eggs and butter.

But as for salads, here fast is practically not conceded ferial on a variety and taste. And on usefulness they leave the “heavy“ products of a dish flavored with mayonnaise, containing smoked meat or combining far behind.

Here such, for example, salads it is direct - ask on a holiday table.


to Boil previously wetted haricot. To cut the boiled carrots and beet with cubes. To wring out sauerkraut. To cut pickles semi-circles. Greens small to cut. To mix all products. Before giving to fill with the

sunflower oil baked mushrooms Salad

Mushrooms to lay on a baking sheet, to oil vegetable, to salt also pepper and to bake in an oven. To cut onions with half rings, garlic - strips, to spasserovat a little in vegetable oil. Small to cut greens. The baked mushrooms to cut, connect to greens, onions and garlic and to fill with vegetable oil. The more species of mushrooms, the more tasty.

baked vegetables Salad

Eggplants, potato, pepper, beet, without clearing of a peel, to lay out onions in the last layer of dry leaves on a baking sheet and to bake in an oven. To clear. Small to cut garlic and greens. To cut vegetables with small pieces, to mix, strew with garlic and greens. To fill with sunflower oil.

Health Salad

Onions to cut and scald boiled water or to pickle. To grate carrots and apples on an average grater. To clear a cucumber of a thin skin and to cut in cubes. To mix all ingredients and to fill with vegetable oil, wine vinegar and allspice sauce. apples and garden radish Salad

the Garden radish and apples to cut

in identical cubes. Celery greens small to cut or clip scissors. To cut stalks of a celery very much swept. To mix in a bowl, to add green peas and to mix once again. To fill with vegetable oil. If instead of a garden radish to use a radish, then and it, and apples should be grated.

Snack from marinated eggplants

Eggplants to clear, cut in cubes 2x2 cm, to put in a pan, to fill in with water and to leave for an hour. In two liters of water to dissolve salt, to pour in 3-4 tablespoons of acetic acid and to put on fire. To crush garlic, small to cut fennel.

When marinade will begin to boil, to cast away eggplants on a colander, to wring out and put slightly in the boiling marinade. To cook 5 minutes. To merge marinade, to put eggplants in a colander and to leave before cooling. In a big pan stirring to mix eggplants, garlic, fennel. To fill with oil. To allow to be drawn days.

There is one more most tasty dish which is difficult for carrying to salads, desserts or other category. Let it cost independently.

the Baked pumpkin

From a tykovka should cut off a top, to take out sunflower seeds and to choose pulp, without breaking integrity of a peel. Pulp of pumpkin, apples, pears, plums to cut pieces, tired dried fruits (dried apricots, raisin, prunes, dates without stones) to wring out slightly, to defreeze the frozen berries. To fill with all this yum-yum pumpkin “saucepan“, to pour sugar and cinnamon, to pour in a little boiled water, to cover from the cut-off top and to bake on a baking sheet in an oven. At will it is possible to add the rice boiled to semi-readiness.

By the way, “saucepan“ is quite edible too, just before preparation pumpkin needs to be washed up carefully, and when roasting to enclose under it several layers of a foil that its bottom not really burned from contact with a baking sheet.

Here such dishes can quite be given to a fast New Year`s table.