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How to lay a New Year`s table if you fast? Hot dishes and pies

Celebration of New year falls on time of the Nativity Fast. The part of believers adheres to the strict restrictions imposed by church. It is allowed not to fast to soldiers, pregnant women and the feeding women, children till seven years and neduzhny. All another the religion orders to abstain in days of a post from ferial food.

However even in a post wants a holiday, a feast, fantastic mood. What it is possible to prepare for a New Year`s table that also church requirements to observe, and to feast? Try here such hot dishes. Stewed cabbage with mushrooms

Mushrooms previously to boil

, removing foam, to wash out cold water. To chop thinly - to cut cabbage and onions, to grate carrots on a large grater, to cut sweet pepper long strips, and cepes - small pieces.

To put cabbage in boiled water and to boil thoroughly a two-three of minutes, to cast away on a sieve or a colander. To warm oil in a frying pan to fry in turn carrots, onions, pepper and cabbage. In a pan with a thick bottom to lay out the fried korenye and vegetables, to add mushrooms, to mix, add salt and spices, to fill in with boiled water so that it on a finger covered cabbage. To extinguish on small fire before evaporation of excess liquid. Not to cover.

Mushroom ragout in pots

Potato and onions to cut with cubes, garlic - strips, fresh mushrooms - on several parts. In pots to pour couple of spoons of vegetable oil, to lay out onions and garlic, from above mushrooms, then potato. To bake in so-so heated oven to readiness (about 40 minutes). Very tasty it will turn out if to take three - four species of mushrooms. the pepper Stuffed with korenye Carrots, a parsnip, a parsley root, a root of a celery to rub


on a large grater, onions to cut, mix with semi-ready rice. From pepper to cut off a top with a fruit stem, to remove sunflower seeds. To wipe tomatoes through a sieve or to pass via the meat grinder, the blender, the combine, to pour out mashed potatoes in a pan and to boil. It is possible to use tomato juice or in the winter diluted with water a tomato - paste.

To fill pepper and to put closely in a high pan with a thick bottom. To fill in with the boiling tomato mashed potatoes and to put on small fire. To cover with a cover, but it is not dense that there was steam. Mixed vegetables with champignons and rice

Onions, sweet pepper, mushrooms to cut

with cubes. Carrots and potato - thin semi-circles. Tomatoes - segments. To sort a cauliflower on inflorescences. To warm oil in a stewpan, to lay out potato and carrots. In about 5 minutes - onions and mushrooms. Still through 5 - pepper and a cauliflower.

As soon as to readiness there will be several minutes, to lay out tomatoes and a glass of boiled rice, to pour seasonings, it is good to mix and cover. To Protushit to readiness.

The fast pastries can be tasty too! I offer the recipe of the test for unsweetened pies and several options of a fast stuffing, and also the recipe of sweet pie. Fast dough

Fresh yeast to part


in a glass of warm water, to pour a little sugar and to leave for 15 minutes in heat. To sift flour a hill and to make deepening. After emergence of foam to pour a quarter of a teaspoon of salt, 3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil. To pour out water with yeast in flour, kneading not really hard dough. To sprinkle a lump of the test with flour and to put in the oiled bowl, to cover with a towel. To allow to approach in heat. To press down and allow to approach once again. To cut under pies or pies.

If you use dry yeast, then or dissolve them in warm water, or mix with flour, depending on instructions on packing.

Fast stuffing

1. Mashed potatoes with additives (fried onions, pieces of a pickle, a little dry adjika, the boiled dry mushrooms or fresh fried in oil).
2. The cabbage fried with onions and carrots with additives (the boiled dry mushrooms or fried in oil fresh, boiled rice).
3. The boiled rice with the stewed or browned vegetables and korenye (onions, carrots, sweet pepper). fruit or berries Pie

to Prepare for

for the test dry and liquid mixes. For dry to mix the sifted flour, salt and sugar. For liquid - 3-4 spoons of vegetable oil and very cold boiled water. In flour to pour in water with oil, to quickly knead dough. It has to be not really abrupt, but also not really sticky. 2 / To lay out 3 tests in a form, having lifted sides. To distribute a stuffing and to cover with thinly rolled layer from the remained test. To pin in several places a fork and to put in a heated oven.

Fruit or berries need to be prepared, having cleared of stones, seeds, a rigid peel, large to cut pieces. To powder with sugar, cinnamon, vanillin to taste.

What salads can be served on a fast table - I will tell in continuation.